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EPDM rubber roofing requires little maintenance, and will comfortably keep the elements at bay.

Where choices were once limited to felt and dangerous tar, EPDM roofing offers a brilliantly simple, contemporary solution to the issue of covering your flat roof.

Here are some of the benefits:

Our most recent system is a single membrane one piece rubber system which is adhered directly to the decking and has a life expectancy of 40 years. It requires no heat and is designed to withstand extreme temperatures.

EPDM Rubber is also used as a cover for waterproof roofs. One of its beneficial properties are that it does not pollute any rainwater that may run off of it. This is especially important if the building in question plan on using the water for sanitation or hygiene purposes. Hence why houses that have rainwater harvesting systems use this type of roofing.


  • EPDM rubber is easy to install
  • It offers great thermal properties
  • It has incredible durability and life
  • Single ply rubber is 100% waterproof
  • It stretches across almost any shape

If your felt roof is leaking and in need of repair or you need a completely new roof installed, here at roof guard we are the experts. Our dedicated team specialise in the installation, maintenance and repair of felt roof systems and, as our work is all fully insured and guaranteed, you can be sure of the highest possible results when you call upon our assistance.

Whatever your individual specifications, you can be sure we will have the ideal flat roofsolution for you and our wealth of experience guarantees a result you will be more than happy with. So for more information and to receive a free quote, contact the professionals at roof guard today!


Old felt roof removed (cracked & leaking)

Laid 18mm smart ply board



Finished New Felt Roof

Roof Guard specialise in quality flat roofing systems that are guaranteed for 20 years. Unlike traditional roofing methods which often come apart overtime, GRP is strong and durable, cost effective, and maintenance free.  There are no seams, no joints and no welds so its completely watertight .

Glass reinforced plastic is lightweight. It has a high strength to weight ratio, and with excellent thermal insulation properties it will keep your room or garage warm and dry.

Not only does it look good, it also comes with a 20 year guarantee and is maintenance free.  In our experience a professionally applied fibreglass roof will last moor than 40 years. Compared to an average life expectancy of bitumen based materials, the life expectancy of a fibreglass roof is far greater than other flat roof products making it a cheaper option on a year by year basis.

Witch ever flat roofing option you choose be it GRP fiberglass, EDPM rubber or felt, all our flat roofs come with a 20 year garantee, for your total peace of mind.

We have been fitting new flat roofs since 1987 all our team are fully trained, hard working and full committed to the task in hand, you can be assured you have chosen the right roofing company for your job.

here at roof guard we are a little diffrent we pride ourself on customer satisfaction, thats why we do not require a deposit or part payment, you will only pay when you are completley satisfied with the job.