The Kurosagi Corpse Delivery Service, Volume 1

The Kurosagi Corpse Delivery Service, Volume 1

The Kurosagi Corpse Delivery Service Volume Your body is their business Five young students at a Buddhist university three guys and two girls find little call for their job skills in today s Tokyo among the living that is But all that stuff

  • Title: The Kurosagi Corpse Delivery Service, Volume 1
  • Author: Eiji Otsuka Housui Yamazaki
  • ISBN: 9781593075552
  • Page: 228
  • Format: Paperback
  • Your body is their business Five young students at a Buddhist university, three guys and two girls, find little call for their job skills in today s Tokyo among the living, that is But all that stuff in college they were told would never pay off you know, channeling, dowsing, ESP gives them a direct line to the dead the dead who are still trapped in their corp Your body is their business Five young students at a Buddhist university, three guys and two girls, find little call for their job skills in today s Tokyo among the living, that is But all that stuff in college they were told would never pay off you know, channeling, dowsing, ESP gives them a direct line to the dead the dead who are still trapped in their corpses and can t move on to the next reincarnation The five form the Kurosagi Black Heron their ominous bird logo Corpse Delivery Service whether suicide, murder, accident, or illness, they ll carry your body wherever it needs to go to free your soul The kids from Kurosagi can smell a customer a mile away it s a good thing one of the girls majored in embalming

    • Ï The Kurosagi Corpse Delivery Service, Volume 1 || ☆ PDF Read by ì Eiji Otsuka Housui Yamazaki
      228 Eiji Otsuka Housui Yamazaki
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      Published :2019-06-17T14:02:06+00:00

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    Hundreds of people die in this country every day. How many die the way they wanted towith all their wishes fulfilled?If you're dead and need some tending above and beyond the usual after-death requirements, this service is for you. A gang of misfits will help you get what you need, be it vengeance on your murderer, or burial in the field of your dreams. I'm still not completely sure how they turn a profit, but they all seem to be decked out in the latest fashions, Jack Skellington barrettes and [...]

    This was fine. A nice idea and the art was OK without being amazeballs.The translator hasn't shown the sound effects on each page, they're in an appendix at the back, and this was slightly frustrating. However I do like very much that there are FX for: "PORO: parts coming off face," "DO: an organ hitting floor,"and "GEBOBOBO: vomiting blood."Image is for Steelwhisper and Kyn only. NSFW!(view spoiler)[ (hide spoiler)]["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>

    This was just so weirdbut I absolutely loved it? I'll be honest, I first picked this one up because the cover is really intriguing and well designed in my opinion and it also helped that it was on sale via comixology! I didn't really know what to expect going into it as I didn't really do any research on it before picking it up. I ended up absolutely loving it! It was strange and obscure which made it the perfect read for me! I can't wait to pick up the next volumes!

    Quite not bad for the first volume in series, but so far packed with many cliches - corpses with stories, quirky "everyone is special" characters, the idea of a group of students working on something - we've been there, we've seen that so many times, ah. And (view spoiler)[watta hell is that ghost thing (hide spoiler)]? But I know Otsuka can create pretty crazy and paranoid stories with many surprises. I've read his MPD Psycho series 多重人格探偵サイコ 1 till I could recognize who was w [...]

    A van these meddling kids may have, Scooby Doo this is not. Graduating from a Buddhist university with no practical skills suitable for employment a group bands together in hopes of turning their unusual skill set into something profitable (Or at least, that pays the rent)The problem being that their skills comprise of such esoteric talents such as corpse-dowsing, ESP, channeling the restless spirits of the dead.Resolving to help the dead with their unfinished business (for a fee naturally) Our [...]

    Karatsu is a student at a Buddhist college, looking for a job now that he's graduated. For some reason one flyer jumps out at him from the job postings board, one that reads, "Let's go look at some dead people!" Little did he know what he was getting into. With Karatsu's ability to hear the wishes of dead people, the volunteer group meant to pray over the corpses of murder victims is now able to do so much more, and the Kurosagi Corpse Delivery Service is born.Karatsu tells the group what their [...]

    What do you do if you are about to graduate from a small Buddhist college but do not come from a priestly family and therefore have no job opportunities open to you. If you have the proper skills, and a strong stomach, you might join The Kurosagi Corpse Delivery Service. This group sees to it that corpses abandoned in garbage dumps or found in the woods or the trunks of cars make it home to where their remains truly belong. But special skills do come in handy. One is a computer hacker; one is a [...]

    I liked it. Could do without the frequent naked dead female bodies though. Or at least give us some naked male bodies for balance.

    The first volume of The Kurosagi Corpse Delivery Service compiles the first four chapters of this still ongoing Japanese comic. The story follows a group of five recently graduated Buddhist university students working in a company dealing with delivering/disposing the dead according to the deceased's own wishes.I started reading this due to finding the overall concept interesting, as well as for enjoying the cultural differences in funerary practices. Without any prior knowledge of the funerary [...]

    Are you dead on your feet? Do you find yourself struggling to voice your wishes to others? Then check out Kurosagi Corpse Delivery!This manga follows a group of college graduates around as they struggle to put their talents (such as they are) to good use by discovering what the dead want & trying to fulfill their wishes. The group is mixed with one guy who can actually speak to the dead (and sometimes animate them), a woman who is a top rate hacker, a guy who can use a pendulum to discover d [...]

    Not to be confused with what Michael C Hall does in Six Feet Under (that's all I know about funeral practices), the Kurosagi Corpse Delivery Service doesn't bother itself with the conventional world of undertakers and those other people who dress in black in funeral homes. It's an odd mix of CSI and the Ghost Whisperer, minus the hot girl. The characters can be described as weird, and nothing much beyond that. It's a bit like a competition of 'draw the quirkiest character you can think of', and [...]

    I enjoyed this manga - sadly the library only has the first vol, and apparently there are 11 to date so I've asked them to purchase more *crosses fingers*. It's offbeat, gothic humour and the banter is great. The characters are a bit different and that's a lot of the appeal of it. One can talk to the dead, another communicates through a glove puppet on his hand who he says is an alien, another has studied embalming, another is a dowser, can't find water but great at finding dead bodies.I enjoyed [...]

    Reread in preparation for the September manga episode of The Comics Alternative: comicsalternative/manga-re. This is one of the first examples of manga I really got to know, so I have a fondness for this series. It's like Scooby-Doo meets Rockford Files meets Stephen King.

    That was all sorts of strange. I wasn't sure about it at first but it's growing on me. Will probably get Vol. 2 from the library.

    With Halloween so close by I picked up the first 5 volumes of a manga series called the "Kurosagi Corpse Delivery Service" at the library. The premise is that this group of students who recently graduated from a Buddhist studies college have no job prospects (which feels very very familiar). They gang up together to form the "Corpse Delivery Service" using their "religious" skills - one can dowse and locate bodies, one can speak to the lingering spirit to hear their last wishes, and they team up [...]

    A great first volume and I'm going to be reading more of this manga.The main story is quite self explanatory in this first volume: a group of bhuddist students play paranormal detective and look for the dead to give them their last wish, which is usually either a trip home or revenge.No character building just yet, but with these kinds of stories you don't tend to get to know main characters on a deep level.Art style was good, and I appreciated the attention to detail on the rather morbid scenes [...]

    This is the story of five Buddhist university students (and one foul mouthed puppet) who serve the needs of the restless dead. Episodic format. Character development, if any, is for the dead. This covers some of the same subject matter as Mitsuhara Mikazu's 'The Embalmer.' I would say the storylines are less trite, though the art is not quite as nice (though, it must be said, my taste runs towards the positively florid). I think the audience here is presumed to be male, where 'The Embalmer' is c [...]

    Cinci ciudati indeplinesc ultima dorinta a celor morti. Premiza e suficient de generoasa pentru a permite autorilor sa amestece in acelasi volum critica sociala, drame familiale, povesti de groaza si o doza sanatoasa de umor. Personajele sunt memorabile (favoritul meu e ventrilocul a carui papusa e un extraterestru cu gura spurcata), povestile sunt cel putin OK, doua chiar remarcabile.1. less than happy - Romeo si Julieta, doar ca Julieta e abuzata iar dragostea lor merge dincolo de moarte, la p [...]

    Being sick is a great excuse to try totally left-field reading material, like this cheerfully deranged Japanese manga series about a clique of Buddhist students who decide to start a side hustle to capitalize on their very PARTICULAR talents involving death. Basically one dude can find dead people, one can talk to them, and the rest I'm not even sure what they do! But imagine sort of a gory death-obsessed Japanese version of Scooby-Doo? They even have a dope-looking van with a black heron logo ( [...]

    "Great potential for the volumes to come"A continuous series of stories following the interesting theme of a few young individuals, whom among themselves having respective talents related to the deceased, working together on a business of bringing the dead (due to unnatural ends) to their desired destinations. The manga started out flipping between boring (sorry, I have to be honest!) and horror (glory depictions). Fortunately, it got way more interesting when it came to the third stories or so. [...]

    Pretty neat manga recommended to me by the staff of Chicago Comics a little short for my taste but any buddhist mystery story is going to get a good ranking in my book.

    light-hearted read on horror. the murderers get their just desserts. irony abounds but seems to lose steam near the end. wish it was a full story rather than episodic.

    Pretty good, kept my interest with the characters and stories. Read kind of like short stories, some more cliched than others. The main characters each have their own skill, some more supernatural (like divining for corpses or talking to corpses) and some just regular skills (like tech/info wiz or an embalming degree). Their personalities all differ from each other, so it ends up being a nice mix of introverts and extroverts.Plot-wise, some jobs are quicker but some stem into a bigger organizati [...]

    The Kurosagi Corpse Delivery Service where your body is their business, consist of five misfit Buddhist university students that take it upon themselves to search out dead bodies and deliver them to specified locations to free their soul for a price of course.The members of this group are Kuro Karatsu who speaks to the dead; Makoto Numata, a dowser who finds the deceased; Keiko Makino who preserves them with her knowledge of Mortuary Science; Yuji Yata who talks to aliens via a hand puppet and A [...]

    Not only did I get completely drawn in by the art style and content, but I'm now in the process of binge reading this series. If you are a fan of the horror genre or supernatural abilities, you will probably find this enjoyable. It has plenty of horror elements, while also still having a fair bit of comedy. So far, it also brings to light a lot of interesting ideas/problems/thoughts about the dead and what humans do with their own once a person passes. I also immensely appreciated that the edito [...]

    Funny and creepy and sometimes really disturbing. I really want to finish the rest of the series (at least what's out right now)!

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