Slights STEVIE IS A KILLER But she brings her victims back to life to demand of them WHAT DO YOU SEE Now she s about to find out for herselfAfter an accident in which her mother dies she has a near death exp

  • Title: Slights
  • Author: Kaaron Warren
  • ISBN: 9780007322428
  • Page: 364
  • Format: Paperback
  • STEVIE IS A KILLER.But she brings her victims back to life to demand of them WHAT DO YOU SEE Now she s about to find out for herselfAfter an accident in which her mother dies, she has a near death experience, and finds herself in a room full of people everyone she s ever pissed off They clutch at her, scratch and tear at her But she finds herself drawn back to thSTEVIE IS A KILLER.But she brings her victims back to life to demand of them WHAT DO YOU SEE Now she s about to find out for herselfAfter an accident in which her mother dies, she has a near death experience, and finds herself in a room full of people everyone she s ever pissed off They clutch at her, scratch and tear at her But she finds herself drawn back to this place, again and again, determined to unlock its secrets Which means she has to die, again and again.And she starts to wonder whether other people see the same room when they die Product Description

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    Angry Robot calls this a horror book, and so do the higher-up powers of Barnes and Noble. Who am I to disagree?I bought this book thinking that it would be sort of like a Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer meets Flatliners kind of book. It wasn't what I expected. But that's more than a oh kay because I really loved this book, even if the sparse copy on the back of the book and the blurbs didn't seem too accurate. But, maybe they are accurate and my outlook on the world is a combination of being [...]

    A weird, sick, dark character study that's often disturbing/disgusting, frequently surreal, and definitely NOT for those who have a low tolerance for unsympathetic, misanthropic characters.Stephanie (always known as Stevie or Steve) is a character so fucked up it's difficult to know where to begin. Each chapter of her story describes her life at a certain age, from 18 through to 35. The story begins when she's 18 because that's when her mum dies in a car accident - with Stevie at the wheel - and [...]

    This is an exceptionally well-written book, with an original premise that’s solidly executed, but I could only give it three stars because it is such a dark, depressing, claustrophobic read that never lets up. Ordinarily that’s an amazing thing, but this time the darkness was too much, the unrelenting nature of this story falling in the vicinity of soul-numbingly exhausting. I need some light! some redemption!I will say this: Stevie is a villain like no other I’ve read in a very long time. [...]

    2.5 starsI'm really confused about how to review this book. I can't say I 'liked' or even enjoyed it, it was just too weird. I almost gave up about a third of the way through, it was getting tedious and since 'Stevie' is such a monstrous character, it's impossible to care about what happens to her.(It's at least 100 pages too long) I think I only persisted because I hoped I'd eventually understand what was going on. I never did find out for sure!But, I suppose my persistence is evidence that it [...]

    It'd be weird for me to go indepth and talk about how awesome this is as much as I'd like to, since I'm the editor on a future Kaaron Warren project. But I can't read something like this and say nothing, so with that full disclosure thing out of the way, I'll be brief:This book is everything I love about horror. It is honest and crushing and brutal. Reading it terrible and wonderful because, like all good literature, it shows you something about the world you don't want to think of -- maybe some [...]

    Perhaps one of the most disturbing psychological horror stories imbued with withering decadence and written as a memoir. This story haunted me and froze my blood in a manner I have yet to encounter.A most grotesque mosaic of human debauchery and demoralization, whose beauty lies within the intricacy of its design. It builds painfully slow, but when “Slights” reaches its most potent state you will fear contact with strangers. I have more to say, much, much, but I want you to find all the surp [...]

    Kaaron Warren is simply one of my favorite authors. She is hands-down one of the reasons I chose to write fearlessly, brutally, and honestly. I found this story a few years ago in the library looking for something unique, dark, and my favorite word "honest." When I read Slights it was like reading a memoir of a very deranged girl, which I can find very relatable (wink wink). It is thick with meaning much more than just the story you have at hand. It is about family, life, trust, and the unsightl [...]

    All right, Slights has a great premise, an interesting narrator, and Warren can clearly write, but I come out of this novel feeling cold. It's not the good kind of cold you get after reading something supremely creepy, rather the feeling that this should have been so much better. The pacing is horrible, it would have been well served if it was about half as long. Stevie, though an interesting narrator got more and more dreary and whiny as the novel progressed. There are several tedious diversion [...]

    Offhand, this doesn't sound much like horror, and for the first third, I wondered why it had been categorized as such. Certainly it has a focus on death, and Stevie's visits to hell are pretty creepy, but it's not until later in the book that you realize there's a slow descent into darkness, with more than a touch of madness.I've had a hard time reviewing Slights. It's no secret I'm highly character-driven as a reader, and this becomes even more important in a book that uses first-person narrati [...]

    First published in 2009, Australian author Kaaron Warren’s debut full length novel ‘Slights’ followed on from a suitably impressive reception towards her previously published short fiction. The book’s cover purposefully avoids offering up any sort of detailed blurb on the novel’s storyline other than short quotes of praise for the novel and hints as to the general content with the intriguing “File Under: Horror – Real-life Terror/Damaged Lives/Family Secrets/Beyond Death”.The tal [...]

    I’ll start with this: even for a book narrated from the serial killer’s point of view, the creepiness factor of Slights still manages to find its way far over the top. The unsettling starts as a niggle, like an ache mildly growling somewhere behind your eyes; page by page the suspense-tease grows into a full-strength migraine. What’s interesting is that the nature of narrator Stevie (aka Stephanie Searle) is never in question: she’s a lying, self-absorbed sociopath dedicated to casting h [...]

    The beauty of this novel is that you really get to know Stephanie as you build up a history and understanding. It is like meeting a stranger who becomes a part of your life. This girl has an attitude, which is great and entertaining, as she explains her life with great humour.Slights is an enjoyable read, it is very witty and you meet loads of characters that Steve befriends along the way. As this novel develops, you learn that there is a darker side to Steve. This book turns into a horror! This [...]

    There seems to be a great debate on whether or not this is really a horror novel, as it is described on the cover. My take is that it is not. Instead Kaaron Warren presents us with a story of a woman, Stevie, whom is wandering through life, losing everyone whom she can consider friends or family due to her inability to be social. The idea is that when you are close to death, you see all of the people that you have disappointed, cheated, or slighted along the way. Stevie doesn't have much to live [...]

    Do not read the blurb or you will be disappointed!!I think this book is one of those you either feel or don't feel. Read it a few years ago when I was going through a difficult time. Totally got it.Gave it to someone who shares my taste in books and was told it was terrible.Who knew?

    This one didn't work for me. It kept going on and on about the 18-year-old protagonist's difficulty in adjusting to her mother's death and never got to her serial-killing spree as the book description promised. Info dumps abound. Shroud Magazine have this book a good review. I don't see why. Meh.

    Hallelujah I'm done! Perhaps I just wasn't vibing off her Australian/Fiji-ness. Some sentences in the beginning didn't make sense. The main character never grows up (even though she does) And it sounds like you're reading from the POV of a 5yr old the whole time. Doesn't care about anyone, even herself, or even people who try to care about her. The resulting effect is we don't care about any of it either. The main character does a lot of "This is what should have happened" and divulges a whole p [...]

    I had several problems with this book. First, I didn't feel it belonged under the horror genre. The premise made it SEEM like it would be an interesting horror novel, but the execution did not follow through. There were not enough elements, in my opinion, for it to qualify. The next big issue was the pacing. It took far too long for anything to happen, and there wasn't much in the way of plot or character development prior to that. Next, I have to wonder, where, oh where, was the editor on this [...]

    Very, very slow to start, which is probably the main thing that kept me from giving this book four stars. The narrative continually switches back between the now and various flashbacks, which makes any plot, such as it is, very disjointed: it's more of a chronicling of a character's gradual downfall than anything else. If you're expecting a more conventional serial-killer book, look elsewhere.That said, the unconventionality of this book is a strength without a doubt. I was very, very impressed [...]

    When Stevie dies she goes, not to a world of light and love but ‘the dark room’ where those she has slighted wait to torture her. Psychotically knowing that hers is the only reality, she takes her victims to the brink of death, so she can ask then to, ‘tell me what you see.’ When they don’t see the dark room they are of course, lying. She is slighted, they deserve to die. She takes a job in a hospice so she can be with the dying as they take their last breath, she makes several attempt [...]

    I am actually lost on what to say about this book. It is alot of "disturbing nothing". I have not quite figured out yet what to take from this book. A young girl pretty much grows up, going through life with a dark, morbid yearning for death, and what happens when you reach that point. Along the way discovers that she is pretty much alone, kind of an outcast, and will never really be remembered or loved accept when she is in her dark room after she dies. The book takes you through each of her ye [...]

    What is up with me picking the most confusing books lately???? Just one after the other LOL.Well it started out ok, but the more I read the CREEPIER this book got. The narrater went from one topic to another constantly and it was made to be her life i guess (chapters were numbered by her birthdays after a while) But she had this disgusting need for just awful things and she was someone I would not want to be friends with. I could not make myself like the girl. FOR ANYTHING!!! Well I would check [...]

    This was an unusual book. I can't say that I enjoyed it, but it was interesting. The main character was a pretty horrible person and the pacing of the story was a little slow for my taste. The narrative was a bit jumpy and sometimes I wasn't sure if things were real or not. That said, I did finish this book and I definitely thought about it after I was done.

    i really enjoyed this book. the clues she fines threw out and how it all comes together at the end. just when you think that its over it gives you one more surprisee storys about woman who you can tell isnt all there in the head, after her cop dad is shot and dies on the job when she is little she is left with her mom and older bother and while they grow up normal theirs something not quite right about them. latter in life at age 17 while out with her mother they have a bad car accident and her [...]

    Chilling and ominous- echoing the brilliance of Poe's finest narrators, Slights delivers a probing narrative that keeps you on edge from start to finish. This strong, character driven work explores the depths of madness in unforgettable detail with prose as inspired as it is disturbing.

    "Nightmares are only horror movies in my brain and I love horror movies." (178)Stevie (short for Stephanie) is a mess. Her fearless and loved father died on duty while taking down a criminal (he was a police officer) when she was a child and things had not really been right ever since.And of course they become worse when Stevie kills her mom in a car accident and Peter, her older brother, distances himself from her through his work and his own family.Stevie is definitely an anti-hero. From the m [...]

    Slights by Kaaron Warren is a disturbing book. This should not come as a surprise to people familiar with the author’s other work (or anyone who read the quote from Russell Kirkpatrick on the cover).Stevie (short for Stephanie because her parents were expecting a boy) is a psychopath in the literal sense of the word: she lacks empathy, consideration, is obsessive and fairly self-centred. She is not a sympathetic character, but she is fascinating.After a car accident which kills her mother and [...]

    After a car accident (which leaves her mother dead), Stephanie has an unusual near-death experience. There's no tunnel, no lights, nothing that's been heard of before. Stevie (the name she's referred to more often throughout the story) finds herself in a small dark room, surrounded by people she has slighted throughout her lifeople who apparently want revenge, and as they begin to scratch and poke her, she comes back to the land of the living. But despite the creepiness of the place, Stevie find [...]

    This is a powerful first novel by Australian writer Kaaron Warren. This novel is marketed as horror, but as I read I had a strange feeling. This novel felt like the kinda of novel that is sold as literary fiction, when we damn well know its horror. For example American Psycho by Bret Easton Ellis or in Science Fiction Mary Dorian Russell’s The Sparrow. Those are books that are clearly genre but we have to explain, argue and debate those titles into genre as if it’s a ghetto.Slights feels lik [...]

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