All That the Rain Promises and More: A Hip Pocket Guide to Western Mushrooms

All That the Rain Promises and More: A Hip Pocket Guide to Western Mushrooms

All That the Rain Promises and More A Hip Pocket Guide to Western Mushrooms Full color illustrated guide to identifying Western mushrooms by their key features

  • Title: All That the Rain Promises and More: A Hip Pocket Guide to Western Mushrooms
  • Author: David Arora
  • ISBN: 9780898153880
  • Page: 224
  • Format: Paperback
  • Full color illustrated guide to identifying 200 Western mushrooms by their key features.

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      224 David Arora
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      Published :2019-03-14T15:00:44+00:00

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    All That the Rain Promises, and More is a great guide for Mushroom hunters in the western half of the US and is both informative and hilarious. Each mushroom picture is accompanied by a description and a list of key features (including edibility). There are sidebar topics including recipes and a people's tales of epic mushroom hunts. The pictures of mushroom hunters are fairly funny. It seems like each one features a big beard, big hair, or both. The humor is a big selling point for me. I laughe [...]

    Alright, first of all, THE COVER. This pretty much explains it all; this book was compiled by a man who adores mushrooms, is filled with pictures of fungi fanatics wearing caps, dancing through the woods, playing flutes I showed this to my mother who simply went, "Ah, the 60's. And 70's." All this juxtaposed with stories inspired by their extreme love of various fungus, but despite the silliness, this guide does everything it can to be a very serious reference. Identifications are concise yet ve [...]

    This book is the field companion to the stay-at-home-tome Mushrooms Demystified: A Comprehensive Guide to the Fleshy Fungi, but don't let its mycena-thin silhouette confuse you: it's just as packed to the gills with useful knowledge, zany stories, and pictures of crazy mushrooms and crazier mushroom-lovers as its girthy sibling. This book stays in my hiking bag from November to March. I've beat my copy up mercilessly, but the binding and pages are sturdy. Couldn't ask for much more in a regional [...]

    These days I don't leave home without this. Really. This book helped me identify the mysterious mushies growing in the wood chip surrounding the old Victorian I work in. Turns out, it was delicious lepiota rachodes! Any who, there are mushrooms all over my work place (college campus) and I mostly have this bounty all to myself. This book is really handy while I walk around the campus. It literally fits in all (but one) of my jeans back pockets. Any mushroom I find that I need more info on, I bri [...]

    Thank you so much to the Metchosin Mycological Society for recommending this book. Aurora really does celebrate the FUN in fungi. It's a cute little hippy hip book too. His quick key to mushrooms on the inside covers is easy to follow. The book is sprinkled with fun things like this:In a forest feckless fungophile FredHad a thief point a gun at his head"Keep your jewels and gold!"Said the highwayman bold,"I'll take your basket of Boletes instead!" - Charles SuttonI was happy to be reacquainted w [...]

    If you're at all interested in foraging for mushrooms, this is your book. It's very easy to use, very well-written, very informative, and very entertaining. I have used it as not only a field guide, but also as bedtime reading, as a cookbook, and as inspiration for mushroom adventures. The simple key is clear, and the author gives you specific guidelines for knowing (or not knowing) that you've found an edible or otherwise interesting fungus.Combined with some hands-on guidance (whether from you [...]

    The best thing going for this guide is that it fits in a hip pocket. Meant to be brought out to the field, the photos and descriptions make it easy for a novice to determine whether that specimen is tasty or questionable. Easy to identify the easy species, but for more advanced identification, look to his Mushrooms Demystified, conveniently cross-referenced.

    This is the most eccentric little pocket guide to mushrooms I have ever seen. It includes, not only what is edible and not, but which mushrooms make good dyes, with examples as well as recipes for specific varieties of mushrooms. With extra bonus goodies like short stories, memories of long time mushroom hunters and a few poems. It is the most readable and memorable guide I've seen.

    This mushroom reference book is fantastic!! Well organized, excellent pics/descriptions/comparisons as well as personal hunting stories and hilarious photographs. I highly recommend it for beginner mushroom foragers - it'll get you even more excited about mushrooms than you already are, I'm sure.

    So, the cover, yeah, that happened. My husband told me about this book and I borrowed it from the library. When I checked it out, I thought I must have gotten the wrong book. The cover is ridiculous. It features a guy in a tuxedo holding a trumpet and a giant mushroom with a crazy grin on his face. Don’t let this stop you. The book is genius. Very well done and super helpful.

    This is a fun guide to hunting mushrooms in the Western US. Lots of tips and information presented in an easy-to-read conversational style, interspersed with wacky pictures, little stories and essays. I'm no mushroom-hunter but I expect this would be useful to anyone who was.

    Excellent field guide, small enough to pack with good photos and basic info for edibles as well as other fungi IDs.

    This is a fantastic reference for mushrooms of the Pacific Northwest. There are lots of photos, and it really is perfectly pocket-sized. It's definitely quirky-- but in the best way possible.

    This little book was not only informative but highly entertaining. I've never been on a mushroom hunt before, but now I want to go.

    Great little guide to mushrooms, with many detailed photos and descriptive text, helped me identify many of the mushrooms I am seeing pop up all over my area of Oregon. Also proved to me that I had *not* yet found my mushroom holy grail--a chanterelle! The book lists about five types, and even some "false chanterelles" that are not edible. Good to know!

    A wonderful guide to western mushroom hunting. Most creative natural history guide I've ever seen. Very entertaining and whacky humor, beautiful kooky photos of mushroom people.And unlike every other mushroom guide I've tried, I can actually follow the key in this one. In my "read" shelf, I'm reading and rereading sections every week as I run across mushrooms. Not tired of it yet.

    I picked this up from the library to preview it and now I know that I need to add it to my own library. I take people on nature walks sometimes on the college campus where I work and I know my native plants but I've been trying to learn to identify fungus. This is going to provide me with hours of entertainment once I add it to my own bookshelf.

    this book I have used as a reference mostly, and I do not own it, I go and check it out of the library. Aside from it being a reference for identifying mushrooms, their are also amazing photos, interesting people, and some funny stories. Worth owning. If you are interested in mushrooms, or learning more about them.

    This is mostly a reference book, so I'm really only reviewing the roughly 1/4 of if that I've actually used. If you ever plan on going mushroom hunting on the west coast of the US, I highly recommend this. Not that I've ever read another mushroom hunting book. But it's entertaining and, as far as I can tell, pretty intelligent and effective as a field guide.

    A cult classic. A trusted friend in the woods. The book that keeps on giving. Expertly assembled, it reminds me of John Muir's "How to Keep Your Volkswagen Alive" for its combination of hard reference with whimsical fun. I've gotten my money's worth a hundred times over with my battered, notes-in-the-margin infested copy. Thank you David Aurora!

    The strength of this book is in its anecdotes collected from mushroomers and scattered throughout the guide. Some are duds but most are quite amusing. I do find the descriptions slightly inferior to Audubon, but those in most nature guides are.

    This book was the beginning of my love affair with mushrooms, a perfect, simple little pocketbook with awesome photos. This is really the only book I regret losing, and I can't wait to find it again in a store.

    A great source for people looking for mushrooms on the west coast. It doesn't have every mushroom. Mushrooms demystified is more comprehensive but it doesn't fit in your pocket "All That the Rain Promises, and More."

    Awesome, if geared toward California -- it doesn't have Oregon's state mushroom, the Pacific golden chanterelle! This is the only field guide that also counts as pleasure reading for all of its bizarre stories and observations.

    Excellent photos and descriptions. I really enjoyed all of the additional information like cooking and preserving tips, what mushrooms can be used for dyes etc. I liked the page annotations to Arora's Mushrooms Demystified for additional information.

    Good for carrying around while going on mushroom forays on the pacific northwest coast. Not exhaustive, but gives enough basic information, until you can key mysterious mushrooms out in Mushrooms Demystified- David Arora's bible sized mushroom guide.

    This is an excellent guide to the mushrooms west of the Mississippi. Small enough to throw in your bag with out lugging you down and very detailed. I would like to get his other book that is even more comprehensive.

    I should finish reading this book, but I keep putting it aside for other projects. It contains good 'field-guide' type info, but I got it for the title, and the language inside doesn't disappoint. NB: despite the title, it won't fit in your hip pocket unless you fold it.

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