Scherbenpark Sascha ist lebt in einem Hochhaus Ghetto und hat zwei Vors tze Sie will f r ihre Mutter ein Buch schreiben und sie will Vadim t ten Was es mit Vadim auf sich hat warum Sascha ohne Mutter aber m

  • Title: Scherbenpark
  • Author: Alina Bronsky
  • ISBN: 9783462040302
  • Page: 486
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Sascha ist 17, lebt in einem Hochhaus Ghetto und hat zwei Vors tze Sie will f r ihre Mutter ein Buch schreiben, und sie will Vadim t ten Was es mit Vadim auf sich hat, warum Sascha ohne Mutter, aber mit ihrer Gro tante lebt, wie die Familie durch ein Verbrechen ersch ttert und zugleich ber hmt wurde, und was es bedeutet, in ein Dreiecksverh ltnis mit einem Journalisten uSascha ist 17, lebt in einem Hochhaus Ghetto und hat zwei Vors tze Sie will f r ihre Mutter ein Buch schreiben, und sie will Vadim t ten Was es mit Vadim auf sich hat, warum Sascha ohne Mutter, aber mit ihrer Gro tante lebt, wie die Familie durch ein Verbrechen ersch ttert und zugleich ber hmt wurde, und was es bedeutet, in ein Dreiecksverh ltnis mit einem Journalisten und seinem sechzehnj hrigen Sohn zu geraten all das erz hlt Alina Bronsky mit Herz, Witz und einer Energie, die mitrei t.

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      486 Alina Bronsky
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    Onvan : Broken Glass Park - Nevisande : Alina Bronsky - ISBN : 1933372966 - ISBN13 : 9781933372969 - Dar 366 Safhe - Saal e Chap : 2008

    I have a serious case of review writer’s block. Actually, it's more like review writer's ennui, but I felt compelled to write a little about this one. Do you ever read blurbs on the backs of books? Well, I sometimes do even though the same adjectives are recycled over and over again ad nauseam. If you do, don’t read the blurbs on the back of this one. I am so sick of something being termed ‘riveting’ when it is merely ‘mildly engaging.’ Also, ‘Extremely well-crafted’ should have [...]

    REGOLE DI VITA E DI MORTEÈ bella la storia di Sasha, anche se in realtà è terribilmente tragica: è Alina Bronsky che sa renderla bella. Noomi Rapace, la prima Lisbeth Salander, quella della trilogia cinematografica svedese: Mi hanno deluso, lei e i tre film.Adottando l'io narrante e scegliendo una lingua diretta, senza fronzoli e orpelli - costruendo un racconto teso, asciutto, che progredisce anche durante i flash back.La migliore Lisbeth Salander, secondo me, splendidamente interpretata da [...]

    This started strongly and then petered out. I was interested in the narrator while she was talking about her family and her plans, but very quickly the plot seemed to start turning on coincidence, and I lost hold of the narrator's motivations. The overall theme of the book seems to be: men, what to do about them. They're violent, they're dumb, they're sexually abusivebut they're everywhere and for a straight woman they're also necessary, at least for some things.Sascha, the 17-year-old narrator, [...]

    Sometimes I think I'm the only one in our neighborhood with any worthwhile dreams. I have two, and there's no reason to be ashamed if either one. I want to kill Vadim. And I want to write a book about my mother. I already have a title: The Story of an Idiotic Redheaded Woman Who Would Still Be Alive If Only She Had Listened to Her Smart Oldest Daughter. Or maybe that's more of a subtitle. But I have plenty of time to figure it out because I haven't started writing yet. I had such high hopes for [...]

    I love, love, love the narrator of this story. I fell in love with her instantly and wanted to love the novel too, but I only love the first half. After that, things get weird and oddly violent, yet almost boring at the same time. The anticlimactic ending doesn't help matters either.

    Inhalt: In diesem sehr heißen Sommer ist Sascha siebzehn, und sie hat nur zwei Träume: Sie will ihrer Mutter ein Buch schreiben, und sie will Vadim töten. Was es mit Vadim auf sich hat, warum Sascha ohne Mutter, aber mit ihrer Großtante lebt, wie die Familie durch ein Verbrechen erschüttert und berühmt wurde und was es bedeutet, in ein Dreiecksverhältnis mit einem Journalisten und seinem sechzehnjährigen Sohn zu geraten – all das erzählt sie mit Herz, Witz und einer Energie, die mitre [...]

    Ich habe mich nie gefragt, wie sie meinen Plan finden wird. Habe mir nie Gedanken darüber gemacht. Wahrscheinlich möchte ich einfach glauben, dass sie seufzend, aber ohne Widerrede mithilft, die Sauerei wieder wegzumachen, bevor die Kinder kommen. Sie wird verstehen, dass noch mehr Blut für ihre Entwicklung nicht förderlich ist.Alexandra Naimann, genannt Sascha, hat zwei Träume: Sie will Vadim umbringen. Und sie will ein Buch über ihre Mutter schreiben. Es soll heißen: "Die Geschichte ein [...]

    This review was deleted following 's purchase of GoodReads. The review can still be viewed via LibraryThing, where my profile can be found here.I'm also in the process of building a database at Booklikes, where I can be found here.If you read/liked/clicked through to see this review here on GR, many thanks.

    Alina Bronsky created a young heroine that readers connect with from the very first page. Sascha Naimann is 17, was born in Russia and immigrated to Germany as a child. She now lives in a run-down housing complex for immigrants in an non-discript suburb of Frankfurt. She is fiercly protective of her young brother and sister and dreams of killing her stepfather and writing a book about her mother: “The Story Of An Idiotic Redheaded Women Who Would Still Be Alive If Only She Had Listened To Her [...]

    It was "The Hottest Dishes of the Tartar Cuisine" that sent me on a Europa Editions reading binge. This is the latest Europa Edition that I've read, and I must say it wasn't a disappointment. I thought Bronsky's debut novel "Broken Glass Park" was a page turner, and a very quick read. I'm a real sucker for immigrant stories, especially ones written about post communist immigrants living in the West. I've never stumbled upon narratives of immigrant life in Germany, or in any of the Western Europe [...]

    Alina Bronsky's stunning debut novel, Broken Glass Park, is a total first person narrative. The reader hears 17-year old Sascha's voice as she plots murder, dissects relationships, threatens thugs, has sex, and describes her neighborhood's squalor and the drudgery of her life. It's all tell, no show, and surprisingly it works. Yet Sascha's not playing the sympathy card, and her mother was murdered, in front of her, by her stepfather, the man she wants to kill, the scumbag loser she told her moth [...]

    Broken Glass Park has many of the elements I love to find in fiction: believably unbelievable characters, vivid settings, and situations that feel real and relevant. Perhaps it was Bronsky's success in creating settings and people that made her narrative feel weak: I felt the book lacked structure. Though Bronsky packs in lots of events and interesting scenes, I came away feeling I'd read a portrait rather than a novel with a beginning and an end. That's not always a bad thing, I suppose, but I [...]

    Do not read. This book starts so interesting and it just completely loses it once she takes the train to Frankfurt (which would take almost five hours) and gets to talk to everyone at the newspaper right away. It really just went off the rails. I want to say something got lost in translation but this author is supposed to be a wunderkind? Not from this book!

    Just wow such a great book. Alina Bronsky has such a great literary voice. There is so much sadness, anger and pain in this book.English Title is Broken Glass Park, highly recommend it.

    ikinci yarısında hareketlense de başlarda oldukça sıkıcıydıni bir şey yok, her zaman bildiğimiz şeylerin yeniden anlatılması

    kitabisevda/2013/02/caAlexandra Naimann, Sascha. Anlatılmaz yaşanır tarzı bir hikaye, içinize oturan bir olay dizisi. Onun yaşadıkları zevkle okunacak cinsten değil, yüzünüzde gülümseme bırakmıyor. Her cümle daha korkunç bir gerçeğe gebe. Tanıtımdan zaten amacını biliyoruz, ama neden bunu istiyor, neden bu ufacık kızda bu öfke yaşıyor? İşte bunu okuyoruz, onun hıncını tadıyoruz. Seçimlerinden memnun kalmaya biliriz ama ona anlayış göstermemek imkansız. Bel [...]

    Ci sono quei libri che ti fanno pensare: «No, non fa per me, ancora qualche pagina e lo abbandono per sempre sul comodino», e poi ti ritrovi a pagina 50 senza sapere bene il perché, e in seguito a pagina 100, continui a leggerlo in orario di lavoro poiché proprio non puoi farne a meno. Ebbene, “La vendetta di Sasha” è uno di questi.Sasha, Aleksandra per chi ancora non la conosce, è una ragazza di origine russa trasferitasi in Germania, in una specie di ghetto nei pressi di Francoforte. [...]

    This revenge novel opens with a Russian girl who wants to murder her step-father, who killed her mother and her mother's boyfriend two years ago. Many details of European life for a Russian immigrant living in Germany are translatable to an American audience, and this becomes a fast paced coming of age story.One of the things I really liked about Broken Glass Park was the voiceof 17 year old Sascha, who is tough and vulnerable and funny andpassionate and insightful and moody, within short time f [...]

    »Ich finde es nicht gut, wenn jemand sein Leben verplempert«, sage ich mit einer Schärfe, die mich selbst überrascht. Aber Felix hört nicht zu, er tippt.Und dann sehe ich, wie in einem Fenster auf dem Bildschirm ein Text entsteht.»Und du? Lebst du dein Leben?«, lese ich. Er schiebt mir die Tastatur zu. Ich denke kurz nach und tippe: »Ich bin etwas völlig anderes.« Und nochmal groß: »VÖLLIG ANDERES. Komm nicht auf die Idee dich mit mir zu vergleichen.«Dies ist eines der Bücher, das [...]

    A stunning novel, everyone should read it. This is Alina Bronsky's first novel. Her second, The Hottest Dishes of Tartar Cuisine, is also excellent. They have a lot in common: gritty stories of Russian emigrees in Germany told by unforgettable narrators. But they also show the range of Bronsky's imagination and voice not least the fact that this one is narrated by a 17 year old girl and Tartar Cuisine was narrated by a grandmother.Broken Glass Park is a coming of age story with nothing whitewash [...]

    Alina Bronsky's Broken Glass Park is one of the most thought-provoking works of literature I've read in a long time, and with her remarkable ability to communicate emotion with precision and intent, Bronsky creates just that - literature Throughout the entire novel, there are no wasted words in Bronsky's writing and her dialogue is both poignant and raw. I am so delighted that this book was translated into English (from the German) and with such a strong debut, I'm looking forward to what Alina [...]

    Ich mochte das Buch wirklich nicht besonders. Die Handlung hat einfach so mega willkürlich gewirkt und die Handlung der Protagonistin selber, hat sich mir oft nicht erschließen können. Ich persönlich habe Sascha nur als anstrengend, missgelaunt, zickig und arrogant wahrgenommen. Vielleicht kann ich auch einfach nicht tiefsinnig genug denken und habe die tiefere Botschaft oder was auch immer hinter dem Buch nicht verstanden. Ist alles möglich. Aber ich war doch ziemlich froh, dass das Buch n [...]

    About 100 pages into this wonderful debut novel. Just realized there are no chapters, which could be another reason it's hard to put this book down, the first being that it's a captivating story with a bevy of characters, especially Sascha, the protagonist, who are truly fleshed-out and real. Great translation. Can't wait to know how it ends, but, at the same time, don't want it towonderful book, rooting for Sascha and her family and a hopeful but not sentimental ending. Recommended.

    I read this over a weekend in Birmingham (where I was visiting my parents). Alina Bronsky was speaking on the following Monday night in DC (where I live). My flight was cancelled in Birmingham Sunday night. After a very hassled long day at three airports on Monday, I went straight from National Airport to the reading. That's how much I liked this book.

    Just finished this book. It moved me to tears and put me in a coma for several hours to follow. Gritty, raw, totally brutal, and utterly brilliant coming-of-age tale of a teenager living on the fringes of society. Wish the author didn't write under a pseudonym-- would love to know who she really is!

    Europa Editions always brings something different - this is a rough, authentic, Russian immigrant experience taking place in Frankfurt. I loved the fearless lead character, a 17 year old girl dealing with revenge. Reading this book was like taking a shot of adrenalin.

    Interesting book, but not a huge fan. It was very random and disjointed, both the story and the narrator's actions. Despite everything she'd seen and gone through, I didn't fully understand her motives. Overall, very depressing.

    I love reading translations. It illustrates how different cultures shape our morals and politics, and also how amazingly similar we all are! Anyway, this was a precious and unique book, a long stream of consciousness that quite carefully revealed the truths of this young girl's life.

    Sharp, spunky Sasha makes her way in the world, coming to terms with her mother's murder. Unputdownable. The first book-in-a-day I've read in a long time.

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