DROPOUT MACKENNAI have everything I need to live out my dream of being a reclusive songwriter my guitar my notebook and blissful silence At least I did until Jimmy moved in next door He s got bad news writ

  • Title: DROPOUT
  • Author: Jamie Schlosser
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  • MACKENNAI have everything I need to live out my dream of being a reclusive songwriter my guitar, my notebook, and blissful silence.At least, I did until Jimmy moved in next door.He s got bad news written all over him And last time I got with a bad boy, it ended with me pointing a gun and pulling the trigger.Talk about going out with a bang.Jimmy makes me want things I shoMACKENNAI have everything I need to live out my dream of being a reclusive songwriter my guitar, my notebook, and blissful silence.At least, I did until Jimmy moved in next door.He s got bad news written all over him And last time I got with a bad boy, it ended with me pointing a gun and pulling the trigger.Talk about going out with a bang.Jimmy makes me want things I shouldn t want, which means I have two options avoid him or piss him off But no matter what I do he isn t fazed, and I m quickly realizing there s to Jimmy than I originally thought.JIMMYOver the past year, I ve been called a lot of things Slacker Troublemaker Party animal.I thought I was on top of the world Turns out, I was pretty close to rock bottom.Now I have a new title college dropout.But I ve got a chance to redeem myself one summer of squeaky clean behavior at Grandma Beverly s Two months to prove I m not a complete f ck up.And four rules to follow with the gorgeous girl next door Rules aren t exactly my forte, but I only plan on breaking one of them.I want to get back to being one of the good guys.Although DROPOUT is the third book in the Good Guys series, it can be enjoyed as a standalone Due to language and sexual content, this book is intended for readers 18 and older.

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    I loved absolutely everything about this book! You know a book is great when you have a smile on your face the whole time and then is super sad when it's over. That was me with this book! When I first started I knew I would love it, the prologue just pulls you in and I couldn't put it down. This book is about Jimmy ( Beverly's grandson ) and Mack aka Mackenna. Jimmy partied it up too much his first year of college and failed, with his parents sending him to spend the summer with his grandmother [...]

    4.75 StarsJames Peabody Johnson, 19, is fast on his way to becoming a college dropout. Partying, fighting, and bad grades have made his freshman year a bust. But he’s got the summer to redeem himself and Grandma Beverly to keep him on track.“Let’s go easy on the full-name stuff, huh?”Mackenna Connelly, 21, was dealt some rough teenage years, leaving her seeking solitude in the small Midwestern town of Tolston. She’s not looking for a relationship and Jimmy has sworn off women, but that [...]

    4.5 stars, rounded up. Half a star solely dedicated to the cover. #covergasmisrealSafety:(view spoiler)[ - Heroine survivor of violent relationship. both physical and sexual abuse.- OM Drama: Heroine's ex, who was supposed to be locked up for 10 years, got out in three and started threatening her.- OW Drama: Hero's ex, who broke off with him, decided she wants him back and since he's got his act together, he would be ready to run into her open arms. He puts her right REALLY quick. Without insult [...]

    3.5 starsA couple of weeks ago I PMed my GR-friend Kiki:me: Hi Kiki! How are you? Darling, you love to read and always write such awesome detailed reviews I even agree sometimes, and you have so much time *grins* Would you please read a book and write a terrific review, so I could copy it in my review and we're all cool?Kiki: Hey Alex! Are you freaking nuts, you lazy cow??? Since when I need to write a review for you? Of course, darling, you know how I love you yeah *eye roll* and I would gladly [...]

    I am deliberately not rating this due to personal reasons one of which is the age difference. H is 19yrs old and the h is 21yrs old and the immaturity comes across strongly in the H. If I have known about the age difference before then I would not have chosen this book. I was actually enjoying it before it got immature.Here's my ramblings until I DNF'd at chapter 14:•I was just screaming at her to call the police! But I was proud of her for shooting him•His grandmother was a riot!•Their fi [...]

    "I’ll always know it’s you."Well, it's OFFICIAL! I hereby decree that Jamie Schlosser is the reigning diva of sweetheart romances!! DROPOUT (The Good Guys, bk 3) was so swoony I think I OD'd on awwww-worthy feeeeels! Ultimately, for me, every topnotch romance has a tantalizing hero at its epicenter and holy friggin GodMs. Schlosser’s heroes are positively DREAMY!!! They are just so handsome and adorable and chivalrous and gentle-hearted…not to mention sexy as sin!! And omgeeejor GIRLCRUS [...]

    3.5 stars. I adored Trucker, reeeeally liked Dancer and kinda liked this one.I have a feeling that my current lack of reading time may be the culprit behind my lukewarm feelings regarding this book.I also went into it with super high expectations, so there's that too.Still, I couldn't bring myself to focus on the story. I liked it, on paper, but I wasn't into it 100%. I didn't buy Jimmy and Mackenna's first interactions and the way she allegedly tried everything to push him away I don't know, in [...]

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    Smitten is the word that best describes how I feel about this book and seriesjust smitten with it. I was so excited that Beverly's grandson got his own book, because I absolutely love her character. Maybe one of my favorite characters ever, she's tough as nails, straight forward and ornery as all get out. Mackenna aka Mack is a songwriter who has had a rough go of it and Jimmy is staying with his grandma to help her out with the house maintenance and work some things out for himself. When these [...]

    Dropout by Jamie Schlosser a fantastic five-star read. This is the third book in the Good guys series, but they can all be read as stand alone. But all books are set in the quiet town Tolson, Illinois and we do see the other characters from the other books pop up in this book. So if you haven’t read them then you will get spoilers, but also it won’t matter, you will fall in love with everyone at Hank’s Auto Shop, and everyone at the knitting club, but most especially you will fall in love [...]

    I have been following this author since the start of this series and each book is better then the last. With fresh plots, memorable characters and enough swoon to knock you off you feet I was really excited for this book. Jimmy was one of those heroes that says all the right things and makes you swoon from start to finish. Mackenna was so strong! I loved her ambition not only in what she does but also in her life. The secondary characters rocked! I loved seeing the past characters and getting to [...]

    Actual Rating: 4.5 StarsThere is nothing I love more than finding a new to me author’s books to love, and let me tell y’all, I loved every unputdownable bit of Dropout by Jamie Schlosser. This book was fantastic. Fan-freaking-tastic. I could not put it down, I did not want to put it down one bit, and I just loved every single moment I got with these characters as they shared what they did. Jamie Schlosser hooked me into this story from the very first page of that unforgettable and heart raci [...]

    I loved Jimmy's book! I'm very new to Jamie Schlosser but I've read all 3 books within 4 days and I'm hooked! I wonder why I didn't find her sooner! If you like sexy, strong men and a heroine that develops throughout the book then this one is for you. I think of all the good guys, Jimmy is my fave ! A definite 5 star read for Jamie ❤️

    Marie's Tempting Reads ARC Review:Dropout is the third book in Jamie Schlosser's SUPER IRRESISTIBLE Good Guys Series and is my new favorite! Jimmy is an absolute SWOON worthy man that left me falling in love with this bad boy turned good boy right away. He has a charming grin, a sexy attitude, yummy tattoos and the way he cares for both Mackenna and his grandma, Beverly just made my heart all fluttery. Oh, speaking of that entertaining spitfire, Beverly is still my favorite foul-mouthed, sassy o [...]

    I voluntarily reviewed an ARC.Dropout is the third book in the Good Guys Trilogy. For starters, the meet-cute between Jimmy and Mackenna is laugh out loud funny and totally unique. I'm seriously trying to figure out how Jamie Schlosser thought up something like that! I won't spoil it, but the way things happen upon their first encounter lends itself to a rom-com vibe of sexual tension. This sexual tension rockets into Jamie's hottest book so far! With nipple piercings, all kinds of ink, and his [...]

    4.5 stars!! I can not get enough of Tolson, Illinois!!!This book can be read as a stand alone but I do recommend reading the first 2 "Good Guys" books!! I love all these guys!!This is Mack and Jimmy's love story. Mack lived a horrible past and now she is a recluse. She works from home, rarely leaves home and her only friend is the 80 yr old neighbor. Until some tatted up, nipple pierced 19 yr old walks into her life. Something happens to herose walls they start to crumble. Jimmy has hit an all t [...]

    4 1/2 Stars!Dropout is book three in The Good Guys series. It can absolutely be read as a standalone. The prologue starts with Mackenna's POV and it had me hooked. After reading it, I couldn't wait to see what happened and I was a little grumpy that chapter one switched to Jimmy's POV so I had to wait a little bit to see what happened to Mackenna and Jaxon. Mackenna is an amazing girl that has gone through a lot. Her first relationship with Jaxon was a not healthy. She has moved on but it still [...]

    Dropout was a sweet romantic comedy about young love & one hilarious Grandma. Adult choices affect our lives far more than childhood choices do and the mistakes we make as adults are harder to correct. Jimmy is at a crossroads in his life after failing his freshman year of college he vows to himself and his parents to turn it all around. The one thing he didn’t expect is Mackenna “Mack” to walk into his life. Mack has dealt with her share of horrible situations and she is just starting [...]

    DNFI had a funny feeling about this but I borrowed it anyway. Wrong choice, I am not liking either lead.I'm sure that Jimmy will prove to be sweet but I don't care what anyone thinks, to me he was a ho. I'm tired of that. I looked up some other reviews and last 10% drama with his ex? No thanks.

    I absolutely loved this book and this series.Mackenna and Jimmy's story is lovely, I once again found myself smiling throughout the whole book. They are great characters and the book is beautifully written.The books are all standalone's but I really think you'd be missing out if you don't read the first two books too.

    This is the third book in the Good Guy Series and my first book by this author. I thoroughly enjoyed the love story between Jimmy and Mackenna. It's set in a small town and these two characters find love in each other. If you are looking for a sexy, sweet romance, this is it. The characters are so real and Jimmy lived up to his "Good Guy" image. I read this book in one sitting, and the characters and story left me with such a good feeling. I already downloaded Books 1 and 2.

    I absolutely love the chemistry between MacKenzie and Jamie; her storyline was very good and I loved her personality as well.I also enjoyed how patient and caring was Jamie towards her, after knowing what had happened to MacKenzie.However, there was unnecessary drama towards the end of the book and in my case it ruined how good the story had been.I'll still be waiting for the next book in the series.

    This was a sweet new adult romance w/ a heavy topic & yet the author wrote a great H. It's young romance, but I liked it. Surprised me. Don't let the name of the book fool you. He's a good guy. This is a good beach read w/ 2 likable leads and a sweet epilogue. I've loved this whole series so far. This is a good author. Great supporting characters, recommend.

    This is the third book in the Good Guys series; however, each book can be read as a standalone. You see characters from the prior books here and there but nothing that won’t make sense if you didn’t read the prior books. While I’m reading a series that can be standalones, I am always trying to figure out who is going to be next in line for their own story. This one got me though cause this small town was limited on some Good Guys and hot ones at that. I love how the story played out and ho [...]

    5 stars!Dropout is the third book in the Good Guys series by Jamie Schlosser and yet again another fantastic read! This book could be read as a standalone but in all seriousness the first two were brilliant so I would highly recommend reading them first. Those characters do appear in this book as secondary characters so it’s good to know their stories too. Having read all of this author’s books she never fails to amaze me with her talent for writing romance! Not only is it sweet and heart-wa [...]

    Note to self:- Dual POV- Prologue: 3 years ago: Mack’s ex boyfriend Jaxson is trying to break into her house. He was abusive during their relationship and now that they’ve broken up he’s been stalking and threatening her. She shoots Jaxson - not sure if she get him or if she missed if he’s dead, injured, alive? It just switches to Chapter 1.- Chapter 2: Mack is moving to Tolson; Jaxson is in jail.- Mack is Beverly’s neighbour (beverly is jimmy’s grandma)- Jimmy gets a job at Hanks Au [...]

    I really liked this book, and I like this entire series. It's a little flowers and rainbows at times, but sometimes that's exactly what you need. Jimmy is only 19 at the start of this book and Mack is 21. I'm honestly just not a fan of books with heroes under say 25. There's a degree of natural immaturity that I don't enjoy reading. Lived it, don't need to go back. One of the reasons that I actually LOVE all the swoony heroes in this series is because yes, they're a little immature (like they sh [...]

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