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Mobile Library

Mobile Library Bobby Nusku is nearly alone in the world He spends his nights meticulously archiving the traces his long absent mother left behind He spends his days plotting with his only friend Sunny trying to co

  • Title: Mobile Library
  • Author: DavidWhitehouse
  • ISBN: 9781476749433
  • Page: 278
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Bobby Nusku is nearly alone in the world He spends his nights meticulously archiving the traces his long absent mother left behind He spends his days plotting with his only friend, Sunny, trying to contrive ways to protect himself from neighborhood bullies and an abusive father But the stories they tell and the realities they live are painfully far apart, and when SunnyBobby Nusku is nearly alone in the world He spends his nights meticulously archiving the traces his long absent mother left behind He spends his days plotting with his only friend, Sunny, trying to contrive ways to protect himself from neighborhood bullies and an abusive father But the stories they tell and the realities they live are painfully far apart, and when Sunny is forced to move away, Bobby fears he has no one else to turn to.Then Bobby encounters two outcasts like himself Rosa, a girl with a red tricycle who collects names in her notebook and whose disability invites the scorn of the same bullies that haunt Bobby and Val, her mother, a lonely divorcee who cleans the town s mobile library for work They connect deeply, filling the gaps in each other s lives, but the bond between the older woman and young boy also draws the town s suspicion and outrage, as rumors begin to fly about the nature of their relationship Val loses her job, Bobby is beaten severely by his father, and, with worse sure to follow, they abscond with Rosa in their sixteen wheel bookmobile, embarking on a picaresque adventure that comes to rival those in the classic books that fill their library on wheels.

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    This book surprised me. I read the synopsis ages ago when I added it to my “to-read” list and randomly picked it as my next read based on the book cover. I think this worked out well for my reading experience since I didn’t really understand what was going on or where the story was meant to be taking me. It keeps me guessing. Without giving too much away, this story was about a bunch of misfits who did not really fit into this world. We were taken on an adventure, along with the characters [...]

    “A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies The man who never reads lives only one.” – George R. R. MartinHooray for books. Hooray for the families they integrate us into, the adventures they take us on, and the lessons that they teach us. Hooray for every laugh or cry that they elicit. Hooray for the whole experience that a journey through words brings. “Books are nothing until they’re opened.” our Author implores, “Stories aren’t stories until they’re told…”Mobile Li [...]

    Mobile Library reminds us that stories never end—they keep on going.Mobile Library is the story of Bobby Nesku, a skinny boy who feels unloved and alone. His mother is no longer home after a terrible car accident. Bobby waits for her to come back by cataloging any scraps he can find of her. He spends the rest of the time trying to avoid his abusive, neglectful father and the bullies at school who like to beat him up. Another lonely kid named Sunny Clay befriends Bobby and promises to protect h [...]

    4,5 ☆Dieses Buch hat mich in vielerlei Hinsicht positiv überrascht. Ausgehend von Klappentext & Cover habe ich eine leichte, charmante Road-Trip-Geschichte erwartet und erhielt soviel mehr!Der Roman behandelt sehr viele ernste und traurige Themen. Der Hauptcharakter Bobby ist ein kleiner Junge, welcher aus einer schwierigen Familie kommt. Die Mutter hat die Familie verlassen, der Vater schlägt und / oder vernachlässigt ihn und in der Schule wird er ziemlich brutal gemobbt. Bobby lernt d [...]

    When I was a child I eagerly awaited the fortnightly visits from the bright green Mobile Library bus that parked just outside my door, so I couldn't resist this title. Mobile Library by David Whitehouse is the big hearted, quirky story of twelve year old, Bobby Nusku, abused by his drunken father and bullied by his schoolmates. His only friend's attempts to defend him end in disaster and Bobby is alone again, pining for his missing mother, until he meets Rosa, and her mother, Val. Val, the clean [...]

    1,5 stellineQuesto libro non mi è piaciuto per niente.Credo che questa sia l’unica cosa che sono in grado di dire sul romanzo. E questo è dovuto al fatto che questo libro è confusionario, per cui arrivata alla fine ero completamente persa: se c’era una morale nella storia, io proprio non l’ho capita.Quando ho finito di leggere il libro sono subito andata a controllare le recensioni positive, e tutte parlavano di speranza e di una seconda possibilità, di una vita migliore eccetera eccet [...]

    I wanted to like this book a lot more than I did. The more I think about it, the more I can't put my finger on anything I DID like, but I certainly didn't hate this book.Some things I didn't like: what was the POV? I thought it was third person narrative, but then very occasionally, it would switch to a different person's narrative. The narrator would change from paragraph to paragraph, and at least a couple of times it changed mid-paragraph. I definitely wouldn't call it omniscient - we didn't [...]

    5 SterneAuf den ersten paar Seiten dachte ich noch: Naja, ganz nett. Aber meine Begeisterung für dieses Buch nahm wirklich mit jeder Seite zu. Die Geschichte war so bewegend und mitreißend, die Charaktere so echt und originell und liebenswert, dass man sich dem Sog der Handlung einfach geschlagen geben musste. Es steckt auch viel Lebensweisheit und manchmal sogar Poesie in dem Buch - ich habe mir jede Menge Zitate markiert. Ein Underdog, der sich für mich als waschechtes Lese-Highlight entpup [...]

    One of the best books I have read so far this year. A real gem. I fell in love with the main characters, who are so beautifully drawn. It's surprising, clever, moving, simply gorgeous. A treat for book lovers, and tale to give hope to those whose lives are touched with sadness.

    Bobby Nusku escapes his small town in a stolen library-on-wheels. By day, Bobby and his best friend are hatching plans to turn Sunny into a cyborg to protect him from bullies and his abusive father, but when he suffers a freak accident, Bobby must face the world alone."There were no windows, yet there were thousands of windows, in every book on every shelf."Whitehouse's writing is really nice, and Bobby puts a lot of thought and detail into everything. With 'The End' actually placed at the start [...]

    2,5 *Ich hatte recht hohe Erwartungen an den Roman, aber am Ende hat er mich doch ziemlich enttäuscht. Eine klassische Roadtrip-Geschichte mit ein paar Außenseitern eben. Ganz nett, aber wirklich nichts Besonderes.

    Bookaholic ConfessionsI was drawn to this novel immediately, possibly because I work in a library and I especially love stories that involve libraries and books, but also because it sounded incredible. I was desperate to see how this story would play out from the synopsis – I couldn’t quite imagine it at first, it sounded delightfully crazy, but when you actually come to read it everything makes perfect sense and this group of people running away in a mobile library doesn’t seem so strange [...]

    Questo romanzo non mi è piaciuto per niente.Già inizialmente mi ha lasciata un po' scioccata e perplessa soprattutto quando il protagonista, Bobby, sembra finalmente essersi fatto un amico, Sunny, che per difenderlo decide di spaccarsi più parti del corpo per diventare un robot, cosa che solo una mente malata potrebbe fare, e senza una ragione concreta di fondo. Cosa che mi ha lasciato ancora più scioccata è che dopo l'ultimo incidente dove si è volutamente fracassato il cranio ed è rimas [...]

    I loved this book. I loved it within the first few minutes of reading and it loved it even more when I finished the final page. Bobby Nusku, a young boy with an abhorrent and abusive situation at home with his father, tries to keep his absent mother close to him through archiving the bits and pieces of her left behind. He keeps her hair. He cuts the tags out of her clothing so she’ll remember what sizes to wear when she comes back. He is very lonely, but for his best friend Sunny—a boy who b [...]

    The Mobile Library is a kind of absurdist novel, but one with heart. Bobby Nusku's mother has left, his father beats him, and his classmates bully him. He has no friends until a boy name Sunny befriends him and they hatch a plan to turn Sunny into a cyborg who will protect Bobby. Meanwhile Bobby also befriends Rosa, a disabled girl who lives on his street. Her mother Val takes Bobby under her wing and the three of them eventually run off in the mobile library Val was hired to clean until the cit [...]

    I truly loved this book in all honesty. Some say it's a tad bit dull but it was just great for me. Despite the story being told from a vantage point of an early teen coming from a troubled family and being bullied his whole life, this is categorized as general fiction instead of YA.The writing is good in a sense that you do feel like you're taking an adventure with Bobby Nusku and his awkward group of book-loving misfit. The best part of this book for me were the book quotes! Lots and lots of th [...]

    4.5*Well what book-lover isn't going to love a book about books set in a mobile library! Not manybut this book is so much more.  More than books I hear your question, yep this book's basis and what prompts the whole mobile library adventure is utterly heart-breaking!I can't remember who recommended this but it was quite some time ago (well over a year) and I honestly thought I was picking up something light and fluffy given its delightful cover.  Oh how I was taken in! At the root of this book [...]

    This is a book with a heart, the kind of fairy tale that doesn't try to polish the rough edges. I daresay it is all the more beautiful because of it. Slightly absurd, somewhat far-fetched, this book grows on you slowly, luring you in with detailed character portraits before turning into a near-magical journey that sees the characters through confrontation, redemption, and salvation. Add to it a stellar cast - Bobby Nusku, Val Reed, Rosa Reed, Bert, Joe, Sunny - of slightly broken characters, and [...]

    One of the random books I picked from library but didnt disappoint at all.Very good read and the subject is very apt to be made as movie targeting 8-20 year olds.

    3.5-4⭐️ read. Just a lovely story with lovely characters and a mobile library I wanted to run away in! I'll be checking out other work by this author 👍🏻

    Der kleine Bobby hat es Zuhause nicht leicht. Seine Mutter ist fort, sein Vater ist streng und dessen Freundin hat ihn nicht gerade ins Herz geschlossen. Kein Wunder das er bald viel mehr Zeit mit seiner neuen Freundin Rosa und deren Mutter Val verbringt, als Zuhause zu sein. Doch das ist dem Vater gar nicht recht und er verbietet seinem Sohn sie zu besuchen. Kurzerhand beschließt Val den Bücherbus, den sie wöchentlich putzt, zu stehlen und mit Bobby und Rosa eine Reise quer durch England zu [...]

    Mobile Library is a book that reminds me of children's classics, not only for the fact that some of them make an appearance in the book but because it's got all the factors that a tale for children should have: wit, charm, a bit of sadness and lots of ridiculousness.Family is where it’s found.Family doesn’t have to be a father, a mother, a son or a daughter. Family is only where there is love enough. For them it was there, in that unlikeliest group of people the Boy, the Queen, the Princess [...]

    Quick disclaimer: I read more non-fiction than fiction, so this was a test case for me for the new year. And if we're basing fiction in 2015 off this book, it will be a good reading year.This is one of those books that, as you're reading it, makes you think you too could be a good novelist—Whitehouse writes like a good bartender makes a drink: with a blend of ingredients so good, you can't tell you're getting drunk. There are a few kitschy elements here and there, some clever, some not, but no [...]

    Misfits band together into a merry family, hurtling across western Europe in a stolen mobile library to escape injustice and incarceration. I don't understand who this book is written for, it seems infantile and wildly inappropriate all at once. It's the literary version of gratuitously violent cartoons where characters get anvils dropped on them, are pushed off cliffs, and otherwise bruised and bloodied, without apparent consequences. I could not get past the gruesomeness of 12-year old Bobby a [...]

    When I began this book I found it really tough to read. The story was good, the writing was good, but the subject matter was just so heartbreaking. Bobby Nusku is an only child, living with his father and his father's girlfriend, just waiting for the return of his mother. His father is abusive when he's not being neglectful. Bobby is on his own with only one friend in the world and constantly having to fend off three horrible bullies. Bobby builds a fantasy world in his mind, with the help of hi [...]

    Picked this up on a whim from the New Fiction shelves at the library. And SWEET JESUS I am glad I did. Equal parts whimsical, poetic, funny, and touching, this is a story about a young boy's quest for a real sense of "family," instead of the abusive father and absent mother he was born with. Plus, the way he connects his own story to the stories he reads in the mobile library is so beautiful (and funny--did I mention the author did a brilliant job at balancing "comedy" and "tragedy"?) My one com [...]

    Mobile Library didn't stick with me nearly as much as I had hoped. I pegged this one as a hidden gem and, yes, it was definitely enjoyable while reading, but now that it's said and done, I'm having a hard time remembering just what was so special. Don't get me wrong: this book is truly lovely and packed multiple punches, but it's not one I would revisit. The stay was great, but I'm not saddened to move on to the next book.For the full review and more, head over to The Pretty Good Gatsby!

    I'll qualify that single star rating by saying that I looked this book over to see if it had been shelved wrong, and should have been placed in the YA or children's section, since I have no idea who this author is. Nothing on the dustjacket gives a hint that this is a kids' book (besides the cover design) so I'm not sure. If it is, then I'd say 3/4 stars and I think it would be an appealing story for maybe a middle school reader, since it has kind of a 12 yo underdog pov.If this was supposed to [...]

    Si può dire che ho avuto come la sensazione che il libro fosse costantemente avvolto da un'aura nera come la notte. Non sono riuscita a sentire la speranza che credevo di trovarci, non ho visto raggi di luce a illuminare il cammino.A lettura ultimata, credo anche di aver capito il messaggio che l'autore voleva trasmettere, a me però non è minimamente arrivato. Recensione completa su Reading is believingclicca qui per leggerla !

    Received as an ARC from the publisher. Started 10-28-14. Finished 11-1-14. I would put this book in the same category as A Man Called Ove by Fredrick Backman---emotionally lost souls who get "found." This one caused a different emotional reaction from me than the other book. This time I wanted to cheer out loud; the good guys win.Easy to read but it stays with you for a while. You may rethink your definition of "family." Blood relation is not always the best factor. I'll have a whole new respect [...]

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