Nyctophobia An original thriller from bestselling author Christopher Fowler that reinventing the haunted house story There are two things you need to know about haunted houses One there s never been an actual au

  • Title: Nyctophobia
  • Author: Christopher Fowler
  • ISBN: 9781781082119
  • Page: 216
  • Format: Paperback
  • An original thriller from bestselling author Christopher Fowler that reinventing the haunted house story.There are two things you need to know about haunted houses One, there s never been an actual authenticated haunted house Two, it s not the house that s haunted, but the person Callie is a young architectural student who marries Mateo, a wine importer, and moves to aAn original thriller from bestselling author Christopher Fowler that reinventing the haunted house story.There are two things you need to know about haunted houses One, there s never been an actual authenticated haunted house Two, it s not the house that s haunted, but the person Callie is a young architectural student who marries Mateo, a wine importer, and moves to a grand old house in Southern Spain Hyperion House is flooded with light, it also has a mute gardener, a sinister housekeeper and a sealed, dark servants quarters that nobody has the keys for And although initially happy, and taking care of Mateo s daughter, Callie can t help being drawn to the dark empty rooms at the back of the house, and becomes convinced that someone is living in there Uncovering the house s history, she discovers the shocking truth As Callie s fear of the darkness returns, she comes to understand the true nature of evil.

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    This book was really quite incredible, the way the tension and creepiness factor slowly oozes through the words as you read on had me hook, line and sinker. Don't make the mistake of thinking because the first 20% is slow to boil that it's not a great book. There is so much stuff to come. Hold on to your hat, turn off the light, and whatever you do, don't look too closely in the corner.Newly-married architect Callie and her wealthy husband Mateo move to Hyperion House, a grand old home in southe [...]

    4.333333 Stars rounded down to 4:Gothic at its best!There is a haunted house, or is it?There is a crazy Lady of the House, or is she?There are some weird as folk locals, or are they normal and our protagonist weird?Confused yet?Good, you are meant to be.That very confusion is what kept me turning page after page after page. This was my first book by Mr. Fowler, I had never heard of him before I stumbled across this wonder of a story.At only 300 pages or so this was a short read but Mr. Fowler ha [...]

    Reminiscent of Shirley Jackson's THE HAUNTING OF HILL HOUSE in the best possible way, with a touch of John Fowles' THE MAGUS for good measure, this story of a woman fighting to keep her family and her sanity in a house of light and dark, easily earns its place in my top five favorite haunted house novels. Highly recommended.

    I'm painfully on the fence on this book, I really can't decide whether I loved it or hated it. Actually hate is probably too strong a word, but I am conflicted about the ending of the story.The troubled Callie marries a much older Spanish man and moves with him to a house in his homeland which is drenched in sunlight but which hides a dark secret. Gradually she uncovers those secrets, possibly as the the cost of her sanityThe tension builds slowly in this story (perhaps a little too slowly for m [...]

    This is the creepiest book I've read in a long, long time: Callie, a young architect with a so far troubled life, moves into a huge lonely house in the Spanish countryside with her husband Mateo and her stepdaughter Bonnie. The house is built so that the front lie always in the light and the back rooms, which are locked, lie always in the dark. With the family are living a housekeeper and a mute gardener. Mateo has to do a lot of travelling and thus Callie is often left alone with the other thre [...]

    The brightest light casts the darkest shadowsFowler spins the haunted house tale into something unexpected.a fresh take on a classic archetype, balancing modern style with pitch perfect "old school" pacing that raises the creep factor exponentially. Highly recommended!

    A newly wed couple move into a house that turns out to be not quite what it seems. Sounds familiar, doesn't it? It is anything but. Christopher Fowler is a superb storyteller and he puts an entirely new spin on the "maybe we shouldn't have moved into this damn house" tale. What makes this book an easy five stars is the pacing. Horror is completely ineffective without being used in a seemingly natural pace. It is never too subtle or too much and is always at the right time. Oh, and be prepared: F [...]

    I am really torn in two with this read! In fact I first drafted a review a day after I read it, but now, several days later, the final thing that had been bugging me about it suddenly clarified itself in a “lightbulb moment”.There are parts that I really loved but others just left me rather confused at first. Callie and husband Mateo have bought their dream home in Spain and are moving in and life should be perfect, with the two of them still in their honeymoon period. Callie even gets on we [...]

    Nyctophobiais an almost perfect exemplar of mediocrity. It's definitely not bad -- the plotting is decent; the writing is clear -- but it is not good either. More or less a haunted house novel,Nyctophobiastarts out strong, at least by the standards of the haunted house horror sub-genre, by putting our haunted house in Spain and making it a modern dwelling full of light. If ever there seemed to be a less haunted house in terms of architectural design, I don't know what it is. We even get an Engli [...]

    I can't decide if I want to give this two or three stars, but I am giving it two because I genuinely disliked almost every character presented to me. Callie is the most clueless and naive excuse for a protagonist I have ever met. She seems to make decisions based on absolutely nothing, with no regard for the consequences. She seems to know nothing about the man she married, and throws herself into whatever whim next crosses her mind. Her character read like a teenage girl. Which, is not necessar [...]

    3.5 stars. I liked this book but there were some things mentioned I would have liked to known more about.

    This story is partly about things done to escape a phobia of darkness and something, a house built for a beloved to protect her from that fear. Callie and her husband but this beautiful home that is both stunningly filled with light and, at the back, dark. It functions like a camera obscura, but Callie can't help but meddle with the dark miniature rooms and defy the housekeeper who came with the house. She chases things in the dark. But what is there? What is real? The ending is very puzzling an [...]

    Review: NYCTOPHOBIA by Christopher FowlerI chose to review this as an ARC because I am such an admirer of Christopher Fowler (so far, specifically ROOFWORLD and RUNE), but at first (perhaps because the core of the story occurs in Spain), I didn't cotton to it as I'd expected. I thought I was reading a cross of Daphne du Maurier with Sarah Rayne. As I persevered, the tale grew on me. Eventually I realized that I held a story truly terrifying (I expect it will come alive in my dreams). If you're e [...]

    ARC for review. I was so excited about the first half of this book, a delightfully spooky story about a house haunted bynlight? It was both creepy and interesting, but the cracks started to show about halfway through as the strain of creating a believable relationship from an unlikely pairing (although I want a Mateo for myself!) and some of the stupid acts of the heroine diminished its effectiveness a bit. The end redeemed the book a bit (no spoilers here) and overall it was a page turner for m [...]

    Nyctophobia is slow to start but, it builds to a much faster pace. There are some genuine scares in here and the ending is good and creepy. Not what I expected and that was a good thing.

    Are you Afraid of the Dark?? 3.5 starsNyctophobia - defined as the "extreme or irrational fear of the night or of darkness"Nyctophobia is a haunted house/ghost story. It's about a newly married family that moves into Hyperion House, a new house they just bought in Southern Spain.  "There are two things you need to know about haunted houses. One, there's never been an actual authenticated haunted house. Two, it's not the house that's haunted, but the person."The first three quarters of this [...]

    I finished Chris Fowler's NYCTOPHOBIA Thursday morning and raved about it all weekend. It's a genuinely creepy, thoughtful, effective haunted house novel. Fowler is aware and respectful of his predecessors in the genre--particularly Rebecca, Jane Eyre, and The Haunting of Hill House--without being encumbered by their presence. There are unexpected revelations that make perfect sense but are thoroughly unpredictable, and the writing is fine from start to finish. At one point as I was reading this [...]

    Clever, very clever this little story will keep you thinking the whole time. You may work it out at the end or it will take a few hours and WHAM! Now the plot cannot be discussed as a wrong word could spoil a third of the book.The ending is superb with a good chance that you dear reader, like me, could add the paragraph at rhe end that does not need to be written to understand.A five star thumbs up for this.Oh best 10 page opening sequence ever before the book starts. Love the flickering light b [...]

    A gradually unfurling psychological thrillerThis was my first experience with Christopher Fowler and it will certainly not be the last. Nyctophobia was a highly enjoyable read that turned out to be a page-turner till the very end. The plot devices might be a little clichéd but Fowler manages to keep you guessing as the storyline slowly plays out. This is one of those books where new pieces of the overall puzzle will emerge on each subsequent read

    This book was the worst kind of disappointment for me. The story was very cool and held so much promise but the author seems utterly unable to deliver that promise. The book reads completely unedited. Typos and grammar mistakes abound and so many words used completely inappropriately I lost count. The dialogue was abysmal. I physically cringed. I very nearly did not finish and upon finishing I immediately regretted wasting my time. Such a disappointment.

    Honestly I want to say 2.5 - 3.5 stars.I saw another reviewer state they had a love/hate thing going with this book. Same for me. I was so drawn in at first. Loved the whole feel of the book. It kept me wanting more. But then maybe half way thru, I just started to not care at all & almost decided to ditch the book altogether. But, since I already was somewhat committed (barely but just enough), i decided to see where it went. For me, not far. Didn't really get the ending but then again, not [...]

    Depending on your point of view, I suppose I am either the perfect or the worst ever candidate to read this book. Ever since I can remember I’ve always had “issues” with the dark. To give you some context, I have been known to walk/talk and, on one memorable occasion, scream while asleep. I also regularly wake in the pitch black utterly convinced that there is some else in the room. Sometimes these night terrors are so vivid I am unable to even open my eyes, I am literally paralysed by fea [...]

    Book Review originally published here: iheartreading/reviews/Nyctophobia is the best horror book I’ve read in 2014, and I doubt I’ll find a better book any time soon. The writing was exquisite, rich in detail, atmospheric and haunting. The book started out slow, and I expected to find a rather standard haunted house story, but this is completely different, and utterly, utterfly terrifying.I had nightmares about this book last night, and I don’t think they’ll be the first. I don’t mind [...]

    Fowler lays this book out with all the haunted house elements one can imagine – the young impressionable girl, the loving but disbelieving older man, the mute gardener, the stern housekeeper, etc. The first twenty percent or so is rather slow going, but soon enough the tension starts to ratchet up and you find yourself wondering how everything is going to end. Callie’s nyctophobia – better known as fear of the dark – was a very relatable element for me. Honestly, I wouldn’t have been a [...]

    I know Christopher Fowler mainly from some of his incredible short stories that appear quite regularly in Best New Horror. (If you haven't done so already, please track down Norman Wisdom and the Angel of Death). An autographed copy of his latest book (bought at London's Forbidden Planet) seemed too good to pass up even if the blurb implied a rather done to death narrative.And sure enough, if you are a longtime horror fan, they are cliches aplenty: the disturbed narrator with a tragic, violent p [...]

    Nyctophobia is a fear of the dark (or darkness) and is the perfect title for a novel, don't you think? Paired with an appropriately dark and spooky cover, Nyctophobia by Christopher Fowler ticks the box in a number of genres, including: science fiction, urban fantasy, supernatural and mystery of the highest order.I'm still reeling from this book. I adored it, it was a five star read right up until the ending. This book had me in its grip, but it ended one sentence too soon, argh!! I haven't stop [...]

    This book has a number of things that I enjoy, mainly an unreliable narrator and an ambiguous ending. I like psychological stories that make you question if all of the events of the novel actually happened, or if they are just the imaginings of a deranged mind. "Nyctophobia" leaves the reader with a lot of questions and no clear answers, so if you are put off by that type of story this one is probably not for you.I enjoyed this novel, but there really isn't anything new here in regards to haunte [...]

    4.3/5He quedado muy sorprendida con este libro. Tiene un inicio lento donde la trama se va desenvolviendo poco a poco. La protagonista sufre de nictofobia, miedo a la oscuridad, por lo que cuando comienzan a suceder hechos extraños en su nueva y misteriosa casa, comencé a dudar de si todo era imaginación de ella o realmente había algo raro con este lugar.Me encantó como el autor logró transmitir las dudas y miedos de la protagonista al lector, hubo escenas donde sentí el miedo de Callie. [...]

    2 Star Rating ★★This ended up being quite a difficult read for me as I found it very slow paced, there was so much build up to pretty much nothing in my opinion.I found each character quite annoying and fairly dim to be honest as who really buys a property without seeing half of it? Not a lot of the storyline made a lot of sense and there were quite a few errors in the writing which was pretty distracting.It wasn't all bad as there were a couple of chilling scenes but unfortunately they were [...]

    I am not sure I read the same book other's have who gave this a pretty good rating. Nyctophobia was filled with contrived coincidences and improbable plot twists. I had no feelings at all for any of the characters in this book. This book is not scary or even suspenseful in that old fashioned Gothic way. So many plot errors. Nothing is explained, it just "is". Lazy writing for sure There was no care taken here by the author to create a book that makes sense. This is a really bad one and I don't r [...]

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