Learning the Ropes

Learning the Ropes

Learning the Ropes In Book Two of Pony Tales Jenny finds herself in the capable hands of Mark her guide and tormentor for the day She becomes accomplished in the art of crawling gets an eye opening tour of the facili

  • Title: Learning the Ropes
  • Author: C.P. Mandara
  • ISBN: 9781780803616
  • Page: 312
  • Format: ebook
  • In Book Two of Pony Tales, Jenny finds herself in the capable hands of Mark, her guide and tormentor for the day She becomes accomplished in the art of crawling, gets an eye opening tour of the facility and suffers regularly with the pain of orgasm denial Finding herself at the mercy of his fingertips, when he demonstrates the complexities of breath play, she panics thatIn Book Two of Pony Tales, Jenny finds herself in the capable hands of Mark, her guide and tormentor for the day She becomes accomplished in the art of crawling, gets an eye opening tour of the facility and suffers regularly with the pain of orgasm denial Finding herself at the mercy of his fingertips, when he demonstrates the complexities of breath play, she panics that each gasp of air may be her last.Displayed, touched, fondled and at the mercy of others, Jenny begins to discover what life as a pony girl might entail, especially when faced with the wicked tongues of several pony boys Getting acquainted with the rather aptly named Red Room and finding herself subject to a thorough spanking is her first discovery into the delicious world of pain and pleasure that awaits her.But there are far devilish torments than spanking to be found at the Albrecht stables

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    I'm loving this Pony Play series!Jenny is tied and gagged for the grand tour of Albrecht Stables"I hate to say it, but you have pleased me, little filly. You may now beg me to stop any time you wish," he said.The words echoed in her brain. She'd rather die. She was a Redcliff and Redcliffs didn't beg. NOTE: You should read The Riding School before starting this book.I'm in love with this delightfully naughty series - No sophomore slump for C.P. Mandara's Pony Tales. We pick up right where we lef [...]

    Genre:EroticaType:Book 2 of 5 from Pony Tales seriesPOV:Third PersonRating:4 Golden CocksJenny Redcliff continued her torturous, sensuous, kinky nightmare at Albrecht Stables, led (in harness) by the dashing Master Mark. He gave her an orientation tour of the facilities and demonstrated the kind of punishment she would receive for disobedience. Her initiation to the world of submission would prove to be a tricky one, mostly due to her upbringing, but she'd already proved that the idea aroused he [...]

    In this second installation, Jenny still believes this whole ordeal is a temporary mistake and is biding her time. As Master Mark continues his tour of the facilities, Jenny is introduced to different rooms and forms of pony training. Jenny learns about the Exercise Room where electro-stimulation is used incase a pony needs some prodding. The Grooming Room provides all sorts of brushes and instruments to keep a healthy and clean pony. The Training room is where fillies learn how to accommodate c [...]

    Dunno, this just wasn't working for me. About half a year ago I read the first book in the series and although it was weird, it was also oddly titillating. It was the first explicit pony play book I had read and I wanted more. Since then though, I've read books that have pushed my boundaries and with the shock value taken away, Learning the Ropes seems oddly empty and silly. I've given this book 2 stars as nothing has changed in the way Mandara writes, this part is consistent with the previous b [...]

    Learning the Ropes is the second installment of the Pony Tales novella series; the continuing story of a young, rich, and spoiled brat named Jenny. The book is a wonderful romp through the world of pony play from a fictional and erotic standpoint.Jenny’s life was one of opulence and elegance; that is until she ended up at what she thought was going to be a weekend getaway at a countryside equestrian manor. Little did poor spoiled Jenny know but it was her that was going to be ridden and her se [...]

    Fantastic. This is the second in the series, a continuation on from the riding school. This follows on with Jenny's training/ introduction into the pony life style. This book focuses on Jenny's corrections and punishments for past transgressions. Again the sexual element in this book is off. The scale. I just couldn't put the book down and can't wait for more. The book is short enough to read in one sitting, but at the same time I just want more!.I'm secretly hoping that Mark keeps Jenny fir him [...]

    "Learning the Ropes (Pony Tales) by C.P. Mandara is an original work of BDSM fiction, unlike anything else I have read in the genre and that is saying something.Jennifer Redcliff finds herself in a whole world of trouble in book two of pony tales, 'Learning the Ropes.' She's taken on a tour of Albrecht and the delights in store for her are somewhat overwhelming. Life as a ponygirl become a little more realistic as she finds herself taking in the 'exercise room' where she will find herself with a [...]

    Great continuation of Jenny's story. In this part Mark gives Jenny a tour of the facility. She gets to visit several of the rooms, including The Red Room where Jenny gets a taste of the flogger and the crop. Jenny is also fitted for a harness, which is well described and very sexy. I love the connection between Mark and Jenny. She has made an impression on Mark that has him doing things that he normally wouldn't do, like allowing her to ask questions and giving her some juice to drink. He hates [...]

    This one was even sexier than the first, but again, I had trouble getting over the fact that her FATHER sold her into sexual slavery. I almost liked Mark in this story, and I wonder about the direction he's going to take with Jenny. I wonder about his willingness to damage the ponies, though; from dragging them to making them crawl on concrete to choking and torture in the dungeon, which sounded pretty vicious. I found myself squirming throughout the story, and I often wasn't sure whether it was [...]

    Pampered Jenny is still in denial. She still thinks Daddy will come rescue her. She doesn't believe Daddy sent her to Albrecht Stables. Mark, her trainer cares not. Mark trains her to his specifications. Ms. Mandara includes more depraved training for Jenny. She's disciplined and gagged as she learns what it means to be a pony girl. The kinky fetishes are pretty hawt. One which caught my attention is breathplay. I have mixed feelings about this one. For Jenny, it was terrifying. For me, since I [...]

    Wow, what a wonderful read! Learning the Ropes by C. P. Mandara can change everything you know about yourself. While reading, your only desire becomes to live Jenny’s deeply exciting adventures. Or maybe, you want to be one her masters. Anyway, if you haven’t tried anything related to BDSM, your next sexual experiences will be very different…In this tale everything seems perfectly balanced. You can’t find unnecessary words. Mandara’s crystalline talent is in every single line. Descript [...]

    Once again CP Mandara has left me totally intrigued and sad at the short length of her novellas. I need more story! I really just can't figure this series out . . . while one some level I know what it going on, on the bigger picture I am so darn intrigued and confused. And I cannot figure out anyone's motivations, which may or may not be driving me mad ;) Basically, this one just keep building my intrigue and I really want to read more so I can figure out the big picture. Mark is a character who [...]

    In the sequel to 'Learning the Ropes' Jenny gets a tour of the delights and more *ahem* specialties of Albrecht stables. This BDSM tale of dominance and submission gets a bit more intense than the first book in the series. Now that Mark Matthews has Jenny for a trainee, he has quickly learned how to get her trained to his liking. (I loved the dungeon scene.) Can't wait to see if Jenny makes it to a fully fledged ponygirl in the next story!

    Overall rating: 4 stars Plot: 7/10Ending: N/AWriting: 8/10Hero: 9/10Heroine: 9/10Humour: 7/10Steaminess: 10/10HEA: N/A

    “Horsie-land was becoming all a little bit too much for her…”***Warning, contains sexual content***What's It About?Master Mark has a fondness for disobedient ponies, and he gets his fill with new trainee, Jenny. In this installment of Pony Tales, Jenny gets a tour of the hotel, which includes an exercise room, a training room, the red room, and to her horror, the dungeon.Demeaned and humiliated, Jenny finds herself both wanting revenge, and feeling aroused, but never getting the release sh [...]

    And we continue!I have got to say, Jenny is handling this situation a LOT better than I think I ever would. Maybe, maybe not. Way to still have a backbone kinda. This book we get introduced to all the ins and outs of the pony girl farm/hotel/training center. I would possibly faint if I saw rooms like the Exercise, Training, Grooming and Red Room in real life. Or be really turned on. Not sure. Nonetheless!Jenny gets her first look at another living breathing pony girl in this book as well, which [...]

    Learning The Ropes (Pony Tales, #2) by C.P. Mandara continues in sexual style with Jenny's journey into the perfect BDSM mistress. Again, short and sweet, the sex still lingers way beyond the last desperate gasp from this reader.In this offering, Jenny learns the pain of denial when all she desires is her next orgasm to the point she would die if she doesn't tingle. She endures breath play which leaves her breathless and faint. She is put on display to be used at the others' mercy and discovers [...]

    Yum! In the follow-up to Christina's first Pony Tales book, uptight socialite Jenny continues her journey into "ponyhood" at the hands of sadistic trainer Mark. Like the first book in this series, this sordid little story involves a lot of elaborate and teasing "pony play" but turns the simmering heat up on the action. The highlight has to be a scene in which Jenny finds herself bound and blindfolded, being simultaneously teased and tormented by the relentless hands of many anonymous strangers.T [...]

    Poor Poor Jenny, still thinking her Daddy will rescue her from this bad place. She's still thinking there is a way out. In this book Jenny is really learning what it means to be a pony girl. She is humiliated and fears for her life. I can't wait to see what happens next. Will Jenny continue to be with Mark most of the time or will other trainers take over? How will Jenny find out Daddy not only will not rescue her but that he actually sent her there? Will there be acceptance of her new place in [...]

    Very quick read and this is like no book I have ever read. The combination of having no consent and pony play may this book out there for me.What I found interesting was that because there was little character development I wasn't attached to the characters so it made the story easier to read. I am not a fan of books that are simply a fantasy that is written out. I like books that combine the character's development with the story. There is a. Hint in this story that there is more to come so I a [...]

    Main Character:Jenny - Spoiled daughter of a wealthy manSynopsis:Jenny gets quite an experience as she is taken on a tour of the facility.My Thoughts:Same thoughts as with the first bookokay short story. Jenny doesn't inspire a lot of sympathy but I have to wonder that any place would think it is okay to force an adult into a situation they don't want without risk of being arrested and sued out of existence.

    The sequel to The Riding School is even more naughty than the first book. Jenny's in for the works with a trip to the red room and the dungeon and I love the abrasion edge play. We have a little more BDSM in this one, as she receives her first spanking and bondage play session. All in all, the editing is first class and the story is shaping out to be a sinfully sexy read. Master Mark is an alpha male to die for!!! Dark erotica that's daringly different. Yum.

    Learning the ROPES, PONYGIRL style! Got to love a Master who has his trainee crawling on all fours for the introductory tour. Learning the Ropes is another short, but is crammed pack with goodies. A bit of breath play, some spanking, a tour of the dungeon - and Jenny gets her first pony-girl harness. Add in a feather or two and a spot of naughty fun with some pony-boys and phew! Feeling hot, hot, hot.

    In this volume we get a guided tour of the Albrecht Stables as seen through the eyes of Jenny and Mark albeit from a different point of view. The possibilities for playing at the Albrecht Stables are limitless. Both the characters of Jenny and Mark are deepened. Well written, fun and very hot.Highly recommended for lovers of roleplay, BDSM and fine erotica.

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