Diez días que estremecieron el mundo (Biblioteca Pensamiento Crítico)

Diez días que estremecieron el mundo (Biblioteca Pensamiento Crítico)

Diez d as que estremecieron el mundo Biblioteca Pensamiento Cr tico El periodista estadounidense John Reed fue un cronista de la revoluci n sovi tica Lleg a Rusia procedente de Europa donde hab a trabajado de corresponsal de la I Guerra Mundial Conoci a los principal

  • Title: Diez días que estremecieron el mundo (Biblioteca Pensamiento Crítico)
  • Author: John Reed
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 486
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • El periodista estadounidense John Reed fue un cronista de la revoluci n sovi tica Lleg a Rusia procedente de Europa, donde hab a trabajado de corresponsal de la I Guerra Mundial Conoci a los principales l deres bolcheviques y cubri en primera l nea los vertiginosos acontecimientos que desembocaron en la instauraci n del primer estado socialista de la historia De esasEl periodista estadounidense John Reed fue un cronista de la revoluci n sovi tica Lleg a Rusia procedente de Europa, donde hab a trabajado de corresponsal de la I Guerra Mundial Conoci a los principales l deres bolcheviques y cubri en primera l nea los vertiginosos acontecimientos que desembocaron en la instauraci n del primer estado socialista de la historia De esas jornadas que estremecieron el mundo levant acta en este libro.

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    I just finished this one, after meaning to check it out since college. Sometimes you know a book is great even if you yourself have a hard time reading it. That was the case for me in the very well written and detailed personal account of the October Revolution in Russia, as experienced by American reporter and Communist sympathizer, Jack Reed.The excellent movie Reds is based in large part on the accounts in this book. (Warren Beauty producing, directing, writing, and starring as the author, Re [...]

    bbc/programmes/b0978bgqDescription: John Reed's vivid eye-witness account of his time in Petrograd was written in early 1918 and published in the USA the following year. It was an instant best-seller, so much so that in Russia it was some years before Stalin - who is only mentioned twice in the book - felt he could ban it for its portrayal of Trotsky. Possibly naïve, definitely politically one-sided, nevertheless the veracity and impact of Reed's enthusiastic snapshot-style reportage has become [...]

    Due to the various political parties that John Reed speaks of in his impassioned account of the Russian Revolution, it becomes somewhat difficult to follow the flow of events and their importance. An understanding of the struggle at hand in this tumultuous period really only requires the knowledge of two warring factions; the "Reds" (Bolsheviks), and the "Whites" (anti-Bolsheviks). Basically the absolute monarchy of Tsar Nicholas II had come to an end due to severe social and political unrest on [...]

    This is simultaneously a difficult read and a pageturner - a firsthand account of the Bolshevik Revolution from an American observer, dense with details but also providing a historically priceless perspective of one of the most important events of the 20th century. Reed offer details of the factional fighting that took place during the revolution (this is a lot of the book) and the mistakes and unintended consequences that helped generate the final result. This was of less value in my opinion th [...]

    El verdadero valor de este libro consiste en que es una crónica presencial de los hechos ocurridos durante la Revolución de Octubre. Sin embargo, a día de hoy, muchos historiadores dudan de que el autor pudiera estar presente en tantos hechos importantes, sobre todo por la simultaneidad y la distancia entre los mismos, salvo que tuviera el don de la ubicuidad. No seré yo quién incida en ese debate. Supongamos que sí que estuvo.Aunque era un ferviente simpatizante de la causa, se dice que e [...]

    From BBC Radio 4 - 15 Minute Drama:John Reed's classic eye-witness account of the Russian Revolution in October 1917. Dramatised by Robin BrooksEpisode 1: The Coming Storm Autumn 1917 and Petrograd under the Provisional Government is in chaos. American journalists John Reed and Louise Bryant arrive to find the tension between factions is palpable and it's only a matter of time before the situation explodes. But in which direction?Episode 2: On the EveThe confusion in Petrograd continues as the n [...]

    يعتبر كتاب عشرة ايام هزت العالم ، من اروع واصدق ما كتب عن الثورة الروسية عام 1917. ومؤلفة جون ريد وهو صحفى شيوعى اميركى، قد تعرض لكثير من المخاطر وهو يتنقل بين الثوار وجنود الجيش الاحمر ووبين العمال و الفلاحين البلاشفة لرصد اهم واصعب المواقف السياسية والشخصية والانسانية التى ت [...]

    American journalist and socialist John Reed wrote about Russia's 1917 October Revolution presenting a first hand account of all the events whilst being on assignment for a socialist politics magazine called The Masses, however due to this magazine's forced closure another magazine The Liberator published his articles. Reed was able to interact with Bolshevik leaders and got much information from officials apart from his experiences and was therefore able to present his account both dramatically [...]

    Ήξερα, φυσικά, τη Φήμη αυτού του βιβλίου ως ένα από τα καλύτερα βιβλία που περιγράφουν την οκτωβριανή επανάσταση αλλά διαβάζοντας το δεν μπόρεσα παρά να εντυπωσιαστώ. Πρόκειται για ένα βιβλίο που πραγματικά σε βάζει στην καρδιά των γεγονότων, με μία γραφή σχεδόν μυθιστορημ [...]

    9 OCT 2017 - a recommendation through Bettie. Many Thanks. Give a listen here - bbc/programmes/b0978bgq23 OCT 2017 - a very good listen-to.

    John Reed, a young socialist from Portland, Oregon, went to Russia in 1917 as a journalist to report on the unfolding revolution. Russia was in great turmoil, with widespread opposition to the war, a struggling economy, and shortages of basic necessities. The government was barely in control of the situation, and political influence was fractured among many political parties ranging from the far-right to the communist left. Reed was a revolutionist, and so supported the position of the bolshevik [...]

    Dopo circa 100 pagine mi arrendo. Ne avevo sentito parlare benissimo, come uno dei migliori libri sulla rivoluzione russa, ma non riesce a coinvolgermi. Ci sono troppi dettagli, troppi nomi di leader di partito, troppi partiti e comitati e sindacatic'è troppo e ci si perde nei minuziosi dettagli. Inoltre, in quei giorni le vicende cambiavano da un giorno all'altro, c'erano alleanze, poi rotture, nuove alleanze, e non riesco a star dietro a tutto. È molto giornalistico, un po' troppo per i miei [...]

    The classic account of the October Bolshevik revolution that was supported mainly by the urban working classes and the large mass of sympathetic sailors and soldiers who were fed up with war and wanted peace. Even though a politically one sided work, John Reed wrote with enthusiasm and passion showing the events that took place mainly in Petrograd during the fateful days.

    4.6 stars Ten Days that Shocked the World talks about American journalist and socialist John Reed experience in Russia during October revolution and Bolsheviks seizer of power ( Bolshevik literally means "one of the majority", derived from Russian ) in 1917, Russia. Even though i'm familiar with the Bolshevik revolution and its events, Reed's narrative writing captured the country's situation during a hard time vividly, it was informative with quotations from newspapers, documents, eyewitnesses [...]

    في هذا الكتاب يقدم جون ريد نظرته لأحداث الثورة البلشفية التي صادف وجوده في روسيا وقت اندلاعها عام 1917 . ينجح ريد في نقل حالة التخبط السياسي و الاجتماعي قبيل و خلال الثورة فيقدم من خلال محاوراته و تجاربه الشخصية نماذج لكل الاطراف الفاعلة في الازمة بدأً من العمال و الفلاحون و ال [...]

    1917 in Red Petrograd and the revolution is reaching boiling point; soon civil war will erupt and comrade will kill comrade. There is a naive hope and joy at the heart of this account, enough to almost melt my cynical old heart. Almost. The best parts are when Reed leaves the endless debates and decrees of Smolny and gets down among the workers and peasants of Moscow. Yet in hindsight, a lot of this seems misplaced. The prose is ungainly, even ugly in places, but it is the interminable rhetoric [...]

    Now that the dust has settled on the Soviet Union (though not, alas, on Russian expansionism) I think the status of the October Revolution of 1917 as the most extraordinary event of the 20th century has probably if anything been enhanced.How in the name of Sergei Eisenstein did a small group of revolutionaries representing solely the needs of the proletariat where the population consisted of 80% peasantry and all the real power lay in the hands of the aristocracy gain the upper hand with barely [...]

    Özellikle belgelerle anlatması iyiyidi. Tabi benim gibi fazla bir bilginiz yoksa siyasi ve geçmiş tarihi olaylardan yer yer sıkılabilirsiniz.Onun dışında yazarın analtımı ve bakış açısı okunmaya değer.

    4.5/5I was planning on reading this during the week of the 100th anniversary but I couldn't help myself. A bit biased? Sure.Bonus material: October: Ten Days that Shook the World (1928)The End of St. Petersburg (1927)

    Ten Days that Shook the World is a compendium of eye-witness reporting and translated (except for some illustrations) source materials from this pivotal point in the Russian Revolution. The book was penned by John Reed, a socialist journalist from the United States, who was the subject of the Warren Beatty movie, Reds. One must confess that this book wasn’t exactly what it appeared to be from the cover illustration. Said cover illustration on my aging copy had two revolutionaries with rifles i [...]

    I gave this a go after the Arabist noted that no one had yet to write the 'Ten Days that Shook the World' of the Arab Spring: arabist/blog/2012/8/28 I'm not sorry I read the book, byzantine, unfocused, and sentimental though it was.Reed was clearly immersed in the history of all the players as the October Revolution came to a head- he jumps in midstream and gleefully recounts the intrigues of Bolsheviki, Mensheviki, Mensheviki Internationalists, Cadets, Left Socialist Revolutionaries, provisiona [...]

    Reed reportedly wrote this in ten straight days, and it shows: it's very much a stream of consciousness, liberally stuffed with unwieldy verbatim quotations from pamphlets and speeches of the era, and festooned with ellipses to the point of there being four or five ""s on many pages.It's an interesting read as a personal (and unreservedly biased) account of the Bolshevik rise to power, but if you want a more readable, more coherent and more structured account, I'd recommend "Six Red Months in Ru [...]

    هذا العنوان الذي أعطاه الصحفي الأمريكي جون ريد لكتابه "عشرة أيام هزت العالم" يعتبر الكتاب من أهم الوثائق والمراجع للثورة البلشفية في روسيا عام 1917 فهذا الكتاب بحدة وكثافة مدهشتين يسترجع لنا أحداث الثورة والمشاهد المعاشة الصادقة تجعلك كأنك عايشت الثورة بكل أحداثها وتفاصيلها [...]

    I can't say this was an easy read (unlike other works that focus more on the execution of the Czar and his family), but it is probably the most comprehensible and concise volume on the Bolshevik coup - a very complicated event. Of course, for a casual reader like myself I was still a little overwhelmed with a plethora of Russian names and various left/right political groups and factions representing everything from the elite armed forces to peasants groups. This is not to say there were not part [...]

    Ένα από τα πλέον κλασικά έργα για την Οκτωβριανή Επανάσταση, το οποίο ακόμα και σήμερα, 100 χρόνια μετά, αξίζει να το διαβάσει ο κάθε ένας. Στο βιβλίο παρατίθεται το πως βίωσε ο συγγραφέας τα γεγονότα , και ενώ δείχνει να γνωρίζει σε βάθος την πραγματικότητα στη Ρωσία και παίρν [...]

    A very interesting, dense, complicated book. Trying to remember the names of all the councils, groups, parties, etc, is a bit of a chore. But it is an important book, that helps understand what happened in Russia in that time period. And it is now a classic.But be aware that this is very one-sided. I knew it would be, but it is almost funny sometimes how much of a propaganda tool this book is.

    John Reed's book, whilst not the most historically accurate account, is a fantastic rendering of the Bolshevik Revolution. Reed captures wonderfully the uncertainty, the activity, the tension of a country in revolution. If you're at all interested in Russian or Soviet history, or revolutions in general, definitely read this. Be sure to take what Reed says with a few liberal pinches of salt, but definitely read it nonetheless.

    In 1917, there were two revolutions in Russia. The first, in March (March by the Gregorian calendar, February by the Julian calendar used in Russia at the time), toppled the Tsar and established a provisional government under social democrat principles. The second, in November (Gregorian calendar), toppled the provisional government and set up a communist dictatorship under Vladimir Ulyanov’s (Lenin) Bolsheviks. This book is an eyewitness account of the Bolshevik revolution written by an Ameri [...]

    İnsanın tarihte giriştiği en heyecan verici öykünün ilk on gününü anlatan müthiş bir eser. Belgeler, tarihin o döneminde sahne alan kişiler, örgütler, partiler, gazetelerle ilgili çok detaylı bilgiler içeriyor. Bu belgesel anlatı aynı zamanda bir edebi eser. Bolşevik Devrimi o kadar güzel sahnelerle resmedilmiş ki, okurken zaman zaman tüylerim diken diken oldu.

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