Like It Happened Yesterday

Like It Happened Yesterday

Like It Happened Yesterday Has anyone ever asked you What were the best days of your life That one period of your life you always wanted to go back to And live that life one time When asked this I closed my eyes and went back

  • Title: Like It Happened Yesterday
  • Author: Ravinder Singh
  • ISBN: 9780143418801
  • Page: 344
  • Format: Paperback
  • Has anyone ever asked you What were the best days of your life That one period of your life you always wanted to go back to And live that life one time When asked this, I closed my eyes and went back in my own past And I thought of the days, when life s most complex choices had a simple solution of Akkad Bakkad Bambey Bo of the seasons wheHas anyone ever asked you What were the best days of your life That one period of your life you always wanted to go back to And live that life one time When asked this, I closed my eyes and went back in my own past And I thought of the days, when life s most complex choices had a simple solution of Akkad Bakkad Bambey Bo of the seasons when rains were celebrated by making paper boats of the times when waiting at the railway crossing meant counting the bogies of the train passing by When I opened my eyes, it seems Like it Happened Yesterday Like it was yesterday that I broke my first tooth and fell in love for the first time Like it was yesterday, when I was about to lose my friend, and suddenly he became my best friend I look back and it becomes a journey full of adventure It makes me laugh, it makes me cry and I know I m here because I was Come, hold my hand, and take this trip with me It will be yesterday for you, once again Note This book is in the Hindi language and has been made available for the Kindle, Kindle Fire HD, Kindle Paperwhite, iPhone and iPad, and for iOS, Windows Phone and Android devices.

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    The first thing I felt while and after reading this book: I wish if it had never happened, I mean the book – Like it Happened Yesterday.‘I TOO HAD A LOVE STORY’ was Spontaneous and Sincere, ‘CAN LOVE HAPPEN TWICE?’ was Deliberate and (overly) Dramatic, and here comes the worst – ‘LIKE IT HAPPENED YESTERDAY’, a Forced and Failed attempt. It seems somebody has made Ravinder Singh to write this book on the gunpoint.Narration falls flat though it is something that I’d expected from [...]

    To be honest, I was never Ravinder Singh's fan. I liked only a final few pages of his first book- ITHALS. Over all, that book was a decent first attempt, with no much competition from other books. His second book was a big let down. Today, he is one of the most celebrated Romance-Fiction writers of India, and I, a naive author, look up to him Somehow, there was an eagerness within me too see how Ravin will bounce back, considering his anthology was not appreciated either! That's why I thought of [...]

    I was travelling while i chose this book to read and i forced myself to read till the end and compelled to hv passed my time in the train. The writer has lowered down the expectations and his own level which was developed via his first book. A dissapointment and unrecommended, Indeed!

    A third book from the author and a very highly anticipated one. He's a celebrated author after all. A lot has been said in the first two novels about love and its loss and then loving again. But this time its completely different. It's a journey into his past. It's a journey into our childhood memories. It's a sweet and a pleasant story narrated by him. Ur mind gets refreshed by reading it as u can relate urself with the situations that we might have found ourselves in our young times. It's smoo [...]

    Picked it up only because an unread book on my shelf wouldn't let me rest in peace. It took me less than two hours to skim through the whole of its incoherent content. The fact that authors like Ravinder Singh find their place among best-selling authors brings to light the pathetic state of Indian literature today. A string of ill-narrated diary entries woven into a 'novel', which also sells across the country. Wow.If authors like Ravinder Singh could place focus on the quality of writing and th [...]

    After reading two books on Ravinder’s love life, I was expecting this one to be a love story too. I thought maybe this will be a school love story and every second I would be expecting him to be falling in love. But that’s not what this book is about; this is a story of a boy- from his birth to the time when he qualifies for the college. It’s about all those little moments which we all have lived and even forgotten about.I have read some of reviews in which the people have actually critici [...]

    nicely arranged incidents of childhood. rite from the 1st bicycle to first crush and first movie in theater to 1st position in class, all have been placed very carefully and nicely. Not a great novel but a light onewhich would bring smile to your face.

    A good book, perhaps could have been a lot better, if more emphasis is placed on childhood and teenage memories rather than spending too much time on Puberty and sexual attractions. But I Love end, it is motivating and refreshing. Overall not a bad read

    Big disaster. not want ti give even a single starBook is just like pages from my old diary entry . writingfelt wasted my money n time

    A story all about childhood days and I found it bit funny initially but got bored soon. This is the 2nd book by Ravinder Singh that I've read. 1st one was "I too had a love story" and trust me that was far better than this one. Don't read it if you really want to save your time. :/It is ideal for all those who are new into reading.

    Like It Happened Yesterday is a wonderful and fictional journey through Ravinder Singh's childhood. From vaccinations to final exams, the book is filled stories that almost all of us can relate to. The book is popular in metropolitans and B-towns alike.Like It Happened Yesterday takes you through a series of first times, both good and bad. You might find yourself getting lost in your own childhood adventures. Be it the first day of school, the first time you lost a tooth or the first time you ma [...]

    Purchased the ebook in 2013. But had a chance to read it only last week. Not sure if it's a real story. But enjoyed it except some areas. May be he is trying to be genuine which is a quality for writing a biography. He is good at narrating and attention-to-the detail. Ex: Narration of Mahabharat intro speech of every episode will take you to the mid 80s. I feel the book is cut-short and I wanted more throughout the school life. At some point in time, I felt like reading my own diary. When I was [...]

    I have only one word for this book "POOR". I think any Ravinder Singh fan who must have read this book must have seriously lost any respect he/she had for him. There is not much to expect from the story, no thrill,No big heroic work. The flight of excitment I got from reading the back page of the book had crashed after reading the first 2 chapters.There is no effort on the authors side to make this book interesting. I had to drag myself to read the chapters.This book is a waste of time, money an [...]

    i give it 3 stars for helping me to remember all the memories of my school daysquick to read and things have been told in a proper way and explained in detail.ere were some funny moments written which made me bust in laughter but some imp. chapters didn't required that much importance which was given!! this novel will certainly make you cherish your school days and would be a enjoyable read but still something was still missing to make this novel a perfect one!!

    A nostalgic trip down memory lane. Far far better from the author's previous works. Deals with the time of innocence to the journey of growing up. A boy's experience put in simple words which enriches the reading experience. All descriptions could be pictured, enjoyed and one could connect to them. Kudos to the writer and the editing team. A great deal of care has been taken to bring out a quality product. All will have an easy and fun time reading.

    Utterly disappointing. Immature writing, no story. The message the novel is trying to convey is commendable but the author fails to deliver it miserably. Its time ravinder singh starts writing stories which are not inspired from his real life and put the thinking cap on and come up with some interesting stories.

    this book reminds me of a quote by f.Scott Fitzgerald goes like this," That is part of the beauty of all literature. You discover that your longings are universal longings, that you're not lonely and isolated from anyone. You belong"we can relate to it completely and very few books does that. it gives a nostalgic feeling from the beginning to need. A must read by every 90's kid.

    As the writer of the book is Ravin, loved the book. coz he is my favourite. luv u Ravin. but i felt that the book was quite boring on some parts. still good, simple, sweet and would bring a smile on face.

    Ravinder - I am not sure if you are ever going to see this review, but if you do, please do consider the feedback for your future writes. I happen to have read two of your books, first was "can love happen twice" followed by "like it happened yesterday". I would say can love happen was okay kinds, in spite of being over age for reading love stories, i would rate it as good enough, perhaps because of its simplicity and usually tragic love stories gather sympathy as most of us can relate to some c [...]

    Its a good book to read if you are ready to know and accept the bitter truth and reality of life in one's life that could happen. That doesn't mean its a sad story. Its about the ups and downs of an ordinary person with little things bringing happiness into his life. You can learn from his experiences and make your own morals.

    It's writer's childhood experience, I admit. But some part of this book were really fiction. Just what can happen in imagination. But things relation with brother, those magazines, crush on your teacher are some facts of real life.

    # [spoiler]Its a good book which take us that one period of your life you always wanted to go back to?And live that life . more time.#[spoiler]

    Blog,I am on a spree, writing spree today. Its my second review in last 1 hour and no, i am not that vella sitting idle before my machine at work as you would have already pictured me to be. So diary how you been. Long time huh?. Well, i kind of am getting back to norms with reading these day, though cant spend more than an hour daily, but that hour is turning out to be very blissful with the books i have been reading. The recent one being, Like it happened Yesterday by Ravin singh. Damn this gu [...]

    I loved this book for its simplicity. It took me back to my childhood days at some places. It's a lovely book written by Ravin, where it enables us to think of our childhood days of what are all the funny things we did as same as the author narrated. If you take up this book without much expectations you are sure to enjoy and experience some really evergreen moments of our childhood. This book relates us to our transformation phases from childhood to adulthood. Very innocently narrated by Ravind [...]

    A very simple writing. I wonder why he can't think outside his life events. Just a time pass read and nothing exciting to remember out of it. 2 star because the events resembled my own school days, not for his writing or the story. Any one can write this kind of book within couple of days. I pick his books when I am bored and no mood to read anything. When I recall the time spent reading his books, there is always blank and nothing else. He has shown absolute no sign of maturity since his first [...]

    Ravinder Singh has once again brought in an honest book to book lovers of the world. A very impressive piece of work which very humbly unfolds the beautiful moments of childhood. Very few people live them day in day out and almost everyone of us yearn to get back to those wonderful days, if we have a chance to go back in time.This book chapter wise brought out the childhood memories of Ravinder Singh, who hails from a poor Punjabi family, settled in Odisha state of India. His parents sacrifice a [...]

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