Battle Royale

Battle Royale

Battle Royale En la Rep blica del Gran Oriente Asi tico est prohibido el rock esa m sica decadente Los j venes crecen en un estado totalitario y controlador que promueve la competitividad Como medida de control de

  • Title: Battle Royale
  • Author: Koushun Takami José C. Vales
  • ISBN: 9788408113119
  • Page: 164
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • En la Rep blica del Gran Oriente Asi tico est prohibido el rock, esa m sica decadente Los j venes crecen en un estado totalitario y controlador que promueve la competitividad Como medida de control de rebeliones, la administraci n pone en marcha el Programa cada a o, 50 clases de distintos institutos son elegidas para luchar a muerte en la BATTLE ROYALE.Los alumnos eleEn la Rep blica del Gran Oriente Asi tico est prohibido el rock, esa m sica decadente Los j venes crecen en un estado totalitario y controlador que promueve la competitividad Como medida de control de rebeliones, la administraci n pone en marcha el Programa cada a o, 50 clases de distintos institutos son elegidas para luchar a muerte en la BATTLE ROYALE.Los alumnos elegidos son aislados en una isla Las normas del juego son estrictas no pueden escapar, no pueden contactar con el exterior, y solo puede quedar uno.Todo est permitido para sobrevivir.Empieza el juego.Empieza BATTLE ROYALE.

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      164 Koushun Takami José C. Vales
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      Posted by:Koushun Takami José C. Vales
      Published :2019-09-10T08:47:31+00:00

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    I came across this book after reading “Hunger Games” by Suzanne Collins which was claimed to be a “Battle Royale” rip-off. Needless to say, I was curious…I have to admit, similarities between these two books are undeniable. They both are based on the same idea of teenagers forced to participate in a deadly game where only one person wins and lives. However at the same time these books are completely different. I believe you can enjoy and appreciate them both equally. If “Hunger Games [...]

    There's this rumor that Suzanne Collins ripped off the idea for "The Hunger Games" from "Battle Royale". After reading the supposed original, I could say that the plot for both books are pretty similar but Koushun Takami's novel is of a different league. I also don't see the need to compare them to each other. Like, why would I compare Jollibee to McDonald's? They're kinda similar but they are way different from each other, and I love them both (Only Filipinos will understand this analogy but th [...]

    So unputdownable it's ridiculous. Took a 4-hour plane ride i intended to sleep on and instead read all 624 pages of this; and while I'm a fast reader, even I'm not THAT fast usually.Basically, as everyone else is saying, it's a book about one class of Japanese junior high kids put on an island with a small bag of supplies, a random weapon (grenade? crossbow? Uzi? fork?), an exploding tracking collar, and orders to kill, kill, kill. Nice fascist dystopia world you see around the edges of this pla [...]

    I first read this story in Manga form a few years ago (one of only two manga series I've enjoyed) and I quickly became addicted to these characters and their individual stories. Whilst reading Battle Royale, you go on an intense journey into the minds of nearly all 42 students and discover what it is about them that enables normal high school kids to kill their classmates - or decide not to.I'd recommend reading the manga before or instead of the novel for a few reasons. For one, it makes it a l [...]

    I FINALLY FINISHED. WOW.In my opinion, this book could (and should) have been way shorter. The only reason this book is so long is because the author felt it necessary to go into tons of detail about each character's backstory before killing them off. I can see why some people might like that, but it didn't work for me.I really enjoyed the ending though, so I'm glad I pushed through! I also loved how brutal this book was, both in terms of the violence and the way the characters interacted with e [...]

    Before reading this book, I believe Ms. Collins, author of The Hunger Games, had ripped off Battle Royale, and after reading BR the novel, I continue to believe THG is a rip-off. For example:(1) different bags of weapons and food given by the government(2) the battle filed gets smaller everyday(3)(view spoiler)[two 'winners' in the end instead of just one (hide spoiler)](4) The backstory of a former winner who had lost a girl he loved in a previous game(5) said former winner doing what he could [...]

    A busload of Japanese teenagers is kidnapped and dumped off on an island, where they are forced to fight to the death until one student remains, all in the name of The Program. Which of the 42 students will survive?I remember hearing about the film version of Battle Royale ages ago but never managed to watch it. Seeing that a lot of people compare The Hunger Games to Battle Royale, I figured I should give it a shot and I'm quite glad I did. Battle Royale is The Hunger Games with more gore and wi [...]

    I read the first hundred pages of Battle Royale and fell asleep. That night I dreamt that I was in The Program. (I remember fleeing a pretty intense gunfight and thinking nonsensically: dammit, at least I'm getting good exercise.)I hardly thought about it until the next evening, when I began to read again and only finished as the sun rose. You cannot know gunfights or car chases until you've read Battle Royale.It's fantastical, it's pulpy, and it's brilliant. I wish it had been written with more [...]

    42 children forced to kill each other. Around 15 year old children forced to become violent and merciless killers. Only one can survive this brutal bloodbath. It's all about strategy and being emotionless. Who will prevail?The premise was not new to me, but the execution was spectacular. Not only did the author managed to impress me with the plot, but he also managed to make me feel sympathy toward some of the characters. I'll be honest and say that it would be impossible to feel sympathy toward [...]

    For the last, oh, 200 pages of this book or so, I kept thinking about what I'd say in my review. I never know how I'll start a review, but this time I kept thinking of possible opening lines. But, like Lays potato chips, I couldn't stop at just one, so here are my top 3, in no particular order: 1. There once was a book of ellipses which occasionally had words in between them 2. I'll never read the phrase "That's right" the same way again. 3. I see dead people. Finally. Like many people (I assume [...]

    This is more like a 4.5 out of 5.I loved this book so much. Such an original twisted story. I got a little confused over all the japanese names but luckily once they started to die off I got to grips with who a lot of them were. I love books that have some short chapters and some long chapters.The student count at the end of each chapter.Loved shogo. Also LOVED the end. Even though I seen the movie years ago i had forgot what happened.Brillant

    Whenever I think of this book, I picture Takami sitting down with a piece of paper and making a list of dozens of cool, violent ways to kill a person. Poison! Jumping off a cliff! Lot of guns! Strangulation! An exploding head! Falling off a roof! And my personal favorite, splitting open a head with a machete like it is a ripe watermelon!Then he goes about the task of writing a book that incorporates each and every one of these deaths.And are you concerned that you will never keep up with all the [...]

    I picked this up based on the fervor over "OMG The Hunger Games so totally ripped this off." And for the first half of this book, I agreed: I thought I knew exactly where BR was going, and how it would get there. It's the story of 40 teens who are instructed to kill each other until only one remains, and are each given a bag containing food, water, and a weapon--some as great as machine guns, others as worthless as forks. Early on some alliances are made, then broken; people are betrayed and kil [...]

    Everything about this book makes me throw up a little bit in my mouth. I say again, "yuck yuck yuck," both to the absurd violence and the shallow emotion of this story. Every time the plot turned toward something interesting, it was quickly replaced by a turn toward Lame. I get why SO MANY people compared The Hunger Games with this book (which is the reason I picked Battle Royale up in the first place) because of the basic Lord of the Flies, kids-will-be-kids premise. I, however, found Battle Ro [...]

    3.75/5absolutely this book like the hunger games or the hunger games like it but of course has different things and I think i loved the Hunger Games more

    "Lord of the Flies" meets "The Most Dangerous Game" meets the gruesome, bloody stylings of Quentin Tarantino on acid who killed Stephen King and tossed his body into BTK's backyard.I have read this book twice in the last two years both times within two days and I can guarantee that I'll read it a time or two (or three) again in the future (NERD!). The very thought of being 15-year-olds and being thrust into a situation where you have to kill or be killed, your best friends become your enemies an [...]

    First off, if you go shopping for Battle Royale based on my review, you need to look for Battle Royale: Remastered. I stayed away from this book for years because of reviews from friends that said the translation was broken. All too often, translations are rushed due to the piece's success in the original language or an upcoming film adaptation. Recent fuckery would include the first Stieg Larsson book, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, which remains one of the worst translations I've set eyes on [...]

    This review may also be found on A Thousand Little Pages.I think it's been about five minutes since I read the last word of Battle Royale. My heart is still pounding abnormally fast, and every few seconds, I have to take a break from typing to watch the French countryside rushing by outside the train window instead.* The view is strangely soothing, and I definitely need some calming right now.So. Battle Royale. Was. Epic. Dare I say it? It was better than The Hunger Games, and The Hunger Games i [...]

    Cult novels are hard to resist. Lord of the Flies. Naked Lunch. A Clockwork Orange. Fight Club. Startling. Brutal. Original. Compelling. They frighten me to death, yet I love them. It's that kind of complicated.I picked up Takami's Battle Royale mainly because the guy in the bookshop opened his mouth and said 'cult novel'. Just two little words and I was immediately consumed with the need to know why. gives the following plot outline:"The novel and manga Battle Royale takes place in an alternate [...]

    E.T.A.: So, I watched the movie today online. (It's everywhere). If you saw the movie, you still don't know the book. Totally different! The movie is even more like the Hunger Games, but it doesn't scratch the surface of the book. It also is not true to the book at all. Even character names were changed. Read the book instead! ;-)****************************************(Back to your previously scheduled book review):Holy Massacre, Batman!If you feel like the Hunger Games was way too sweet, touch [...]

    I heard about the movie before I read the book, so I knew that the premise was a combination of Lord of the Flies and automatic weapons. I just didn't expect the violence to affect me so deeply. I guess I've never been exposed to extreme violence in books where my imagination comes up with images. I definitely discovered a new closet of images with this book.I started this book on a long subway ride home. I was so engrossed by the book I missed my stop by five stations. I will admit there was a [...]

    I'm a huge fan of dystopian books, where the future is bleak and infinitely dangerous and if you're gonna survive, you better check your morals at the door. With reality TV everywhere we look these days, and the UFC a mainstream pastime, it's easy to imagine a Survivor where tribe members voted out don't go home, but are executed instead. I figure society's perpetual blood lust is never as deeply buried as we think (or hope). Stephen King describes Battle Royale as "an insanely entertaining pulp [...]

    There's room at the top they're telling you stillbut first you must learn how to smile as you killif you want to be like the folks in the hillThe above lyrics written by John Lennon kept playing in my head over and over while reading Battle Royale and it's really no wonder. A bunch of 15-year-old students are thrown into an island with the mission to kill each other until only one remains. This is actually the predecessor of all the similar books and movies that have been popping out the last co [...]

    Wow. The movie was pretty full-on, the book perhaps more so (the book came first). I finished reading it last night and it's still revolving around in my head.The gist of the plot is this: in an alternate present-day Japan, 50 grade 10 classes from across the country are forced into the Program, a Government-run initiative designed to subdue the population. The students in these classes are gassed while on a "study trip", and wake up in isolated locations - in this story, a tiny island - with co [...]

    El libro en el que esta basado los juegos del hambre.Para resumir juegos del hambre pero con sangre, en el libro de los juegos del hambre de todos los niños que entran, no vemos la muerte ni de la mitad, en Battle Royale veremos todas las muertes, algunas de ellas muy sangrientas con su toque "Gore", me gustaría recalcar que la historia califica mas de "Gore" que de realista, por si alguien buscaba realismo en este libro.Básicamente cogen una clase escogida al azar y se tienen que matar entre [...]

    In a terrifying way this TRULY the most realistic portrayal of 9th grader emotions I've ever read. I might argue this should be considered YA, and brilliant YA at that, but considering the amount of folks who are determined to keep this book, and the movie it derived from, banned, I might want to keep my mouth a bit more shut. A surefire way to get me to pay attention to something is to tell me how often it's banned. That was the original reason I sought out the film (and an all-region DVD playe [...]

    If you enjoyed The Hunger Games Trilogy by Suzanne Collins, I suggest you should try this book. I don't know why they kept comparing this book to The Hunger Games when they are totally way too different from each other. Battle Royale combines a awesome dystopian, dictatorship government, and oh, you know, just a bunch of Junior High School students killing each other for entertainment. You will find yourself attaching to many of the characters just as I did. Some of the highlights in this novel [...]

    Okay, this book has a premise that you can't beat: 40 school children are set on an island with exploding electronic collars and are ordered to kill each other. Each child is given a backpack with one weapon and sometimes that weapon is good (hand held machine gun) or bad (a violin). BOOM! POW! Can't be beat! Except for the writing (or perhaps the translation) is so bad that one can hardly get through the chapters without at least fourteen eye rolls and maybe one dry heave. Plus gigantic amounts [...]

    When Stephen King wrote that Battle Royale was "an insanely entertaining pulp riff" I believe he meant to place the emphasis on "pulp". Battle Royale will never be mistaken for classic literature. However it may be one of the finest pulp action novel I've ever read. By pulp, I do not mean to be condescending, after all I'm sure one of my favorite novels, The Count of Monte Cristo was the 19th century version of pulp action. Indeed, Battle Royale shares what all great pulp novels have in common; [...]

    This is a brutal, powerful book.Set in an alternate timeline in which most of Asia has been consolidated under the rule of the "Republic of Greater East Asia", the story revolves around a class of secondary school students (all around 14 or 15 years of age) who are abducted and dropped on an island off the coast of their hometown as part of their government's vaguely-titled "Program" -- a survival scenario in which they are forced to fight one another to the death. The last student standing is p [...]

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