The Cost Of Her Innocence

The Cost Of Her Innocence

The Cost Of Her Innocence As the prison gates close behind her newly free Beth Lazenby vows that they are also closing on her past Until she encounters the merciless lawyer who helped to wrongfully imprison her all those year

  • Title: The Cost Of Her Innocence
  • Author: Jacqueline Baird
  • ISBN: 9781460898369
  • Page: 125
  • Format: ebook
  • As the prison gates close behind her, newly free Beth Lazenby vows that they are also closing on her past Until she encounters the merciless lawyer who helped to wrongfully imprison her all those years ago Still convinced of her guilt, Dante Cannavaro is stunned when his anger boils over into passion There s no chance he ll allow Beth to escape especially now she s caAs the prison gates close behind her, newly free Beth Lazenby vows that they are also closing on her past Until she encounters the merciless lawyer who helped to wrongfully imprison her all those years ago Still convinced of her guilt, Dante Cannavaro is stunned when his anger boils over into passion There s no chance he ll allow Beth to escape especially now she s carrying his heir With a proposal that is of a command than a request, will Beth ever be able to prove her innocence or will she be forever beholden to her enemy

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    Oh, dear. Talk about tepid. The set up was fine. Hero is a hot shot lawyer who put the framed-on-drug-charges heroine away for three years. She got out after 18 months, changed her name and hair color and went on with her life. Four years later she runs into the hero again at his half-brother's party. He doesn't remember her, but he's so attracted he dumps his fiance and runs a background check on her. He realizes who she is - so in order to keep his half-brother safe he threatens to expose her. [...]

    Worst. Hero. Ever.If I could truly hate a fictional man, this'd be the one. He steals over a year of her life by prosecuting her in a case where she was pretty obviously set up. When they see each other again, he's attracted to her, but threatens to ruin her life and the lives of INNOCENT people she cares for unless she stays away from his half-brother. Never mind that they weren't even dating or anything. In the act of intimidation, he forces himself on her. Does she give in? Yes, but AFTER she [...]

    Loved the angst and the chemistry between hero and heroine. My only problem was the ending was too short. They deserved more happiness after what they went through especially poor heroine!

    I finished the book more than 48 hours ago and I still feel very conflicted. (view spoiler)[Dante was the reason she ended up in jail and not only lost 18 months of her life but forever was known as a drug dealer convict. Upon seeing the picture of a beautiful/model type 18 years old girl, he decided the boy who was in the car with Jane must be innocent because it is obvious the boy who happened to be the head of the law firm son was infatuated by a fast talking, promiscuous femme fatale. He cam [...]

    3.5 starsJane has been an innocent 19 y old when she was wrongly convicted to 3 y of prison as a drug dealer. Dante was the lawyer who presented her to the jury as a heartless femme fatale who uses her beauty to lure young men to their doom. But Jane is not a pushover. When she got out of prison, she continued with her life becoming Beth, a successful accountant in London.8 years later, she has the misfortune of meeting Dante again and its not a surprise that she still hates him after all these [...]

    Initially, the plot sounded similar to The Judas Kiss with the h wrongly sent to prison after being set up as a drug dealer and the H was responsible for putting her away. I was rubbing my hands because this setup just screams with the promise of angst. That other book, the Judas Kiss, was seriously a trainwreck of crazy with a heroine completely obsessed with getting revenge. She got plastic surgery and went straight for him after her release; she made him fall in love with her and got engaged [...]

    I don't know what's wrong with me. I read this because it was advertised as a serious wallbanger. It was up until the halfway mark when they married and he was a decent husband and so forth. After that, it was pretty boring. I think my threshold for crazy has gotten way out of control. I either need counseling or I need to go off HPs for a while.

    Ella estuvo presa un año y medio porque unos narcos le pusieron una trampa. El abogado que la manda a la cárcel, no sólo por pruebas sino por puro prejuicio, es el protagonista de la novela.*Sighs*Por lo menos esta autora no decayó en ningún momento, sus heroínas siempre fueron esa mezcla de mujer que querés matar y a la vez le tenés lástima. Todo lo contrario a Lynne Graham, que viene en picada desde hace mucho.Este tipo de historias, generalmente, terminan en Caso Cerrado o en Investi [...]

    it would have been a 5 star for me if there had been more groveling in the end. beth should have been depressed and not ready to take him back. that would have put him in his place and served him as a good lesson for jumping to conclusions and thinking cheaply of others. that apart, it was a formidable bookr got boring and had the right pace. cute one:-)

    Why did I stick with this one until the end? Why? This was time I will never get back and it was wasted on this blackmailing, sexist, asshole pig of a hero! First, he helps get her sent to prison for something she obviously didn't do. Then he treats her like crap when he runs into her again, threatening her and the people she cares most about just so she will stay away from his brother. She agrees to move away so he will leave her alone, but he doesn't leave her alone! She tries to kick him out [...]

    This book is frikking UNBELIEVABLE. the hero is an absolute jerk asshole mysogynist and the heroine keeps on "smiling" as he insults and puts her down and practically brands her a slut. consider this: "For a moment Beth was speechless and simply stared at him. ‘You would actually ruin Clive Hampton, a man respected by all who know him, simply because you think I am a criminal low-life after your brother and his money?’‘I don’t have to think. I know you are an ex-con, and I know you used [...]

    I finished another book last night that was a bit icky in terms of the sexual sadism content. I really didn't want to go to bed with thoughts of abuse and rape in my head. So I picked up a quick fix, crappy romantic read to send me off into the land of nod thinking a little better about the world.Well, it didn't quite work that way. The female lead in this was sentenced to 3 years of jail time for drugs. Convicted pretty much on the slyness of a cunning lawyer (although of course it was a set-up [...]

    Dante believes that Beth is after his younger half-brother for money. He means to keep that from happening and it doesn’t hurt that he is attracted to her. Dante uncovers her secret. That he had prosecuted her – on a set-up – years earlier. He threatens Beth to get what he wants and even gets a little extra on the side. Not a quick get-away though as he is caught because of his failure to suit up!Yes, it’s one of those books. It wasn’t bad, just don’t question some things because one [...]

    Por qué cinco, porque es de esas historias que te hacen ir en montaña rusa, quieres gritar, reír, llorar, volver a reír y suspirar cuando todo acaba, y aun así no dudarías en volver a subirte en ella, si, es una historia romántica pero es muy buena, quizás es un cliché Harlequin, dramas, amenazas, amor, odio, pero me encanto.

    4 1/2 stars I'll give to this Books. There was a moment when the story turned a bit tired and flat. But I love Beth. She did what she had to do and didn't looked like a victim. She was strong and very down to earth, so determined and powerful. One of the most wonderful heroines that I have the pleasure to read

    I did think this novel was well written and overall very good. However I feel the heroine gave in to the hero and let him takeover her life on one too many occasions because of fear. I like my heroines strong, so unfortunately this novel wasn't the best, for my personal preference.

    The story is about the heroine who is accused of a crime she didn't commit and the hero is the one prosecuting her and claiming her to be a 'femme fatale' just because of her looks god ! I hated the hero! He destroyed her life definitely not a trust worthy lawyer that's for sure ! And one of the parts I cringed out was when he was like while they were having sex 'oh your actually a redhead?' Along those lines honestly I don't understand the fascination made me thinking of that saying 'if the [...]

    This book was pure schlock, well-written schlock, but schlock nonetheless. I agree with several other reviewers on their opinions of the hero and the heroine. It had so many of the Harlequin/Mills & Boon cliches, it was ridiculous. There was nothing surprising here. However, I did give this book an extra star for at least being memorable, which I will chalk up to Jacqueline Baird's writing. So if you need something ridiculous to pass a few hours, read this. If you want something better to re [...]

    It infuriates me how heroine easily let the hero control her from the start . after everything that happens to her because of him. yes, she's feisty but not enough.

    very angsty book, the heroine walks out of prison after serving 18 months of a 3 year sentence for a drug crime, set up by a friend, convicted by a hot attorney who played her was how it all began, now she has been out for several years changed her name and tried to get on with her life, until the bad penny (well one of them ) comes back into her life. spoilershero is a vain, selfish, egotistical moron who thinks with his little head not his big one. He went after her as a young girl because he [...]

    These types of love stories make me cry. Again, I cried when she was describing her heartache. How she ended up where she was every time she tried to help somebody. And I cried buckets when I decided not to write it down. It's too much of a spoiler. But this has a formula I like. I didn't have to read the gist to know its good. It's a Jacqueline Baird book, why else? I've never read one written by her that disappointed me Also, I like how the interaction between hero-heroine was like 90%. You wo [...]

    The more of this book I read, the angrier I got. I just cannot understand stories like this where the main characters hate each other but because they are physically attracted to each other it doesn't matter. (view spoiler)[ And somehow a near death experience turns her hate to love? Please. He has given her no reason to fall for him and vice versa. If he is so convinced that she is a drug-dealing man-eater (in spite of all evidence to the contrary) why/how can he think he loves her? How can she [...]

    The Cost of Her Innocence by Jacqueline BairdBeth Lazenby was sent to prison for drugs in her possession. During her time in jail she was helped by Helen Jackson, who later died of cancer.Upon her release she runs into the prosecutor who put her there, Dante Cannavaro who still believes she is guilty. However he falls for Beth and soon she is pregnant.What to do?? Beth still protests her innocence. She leaves town to think things over. Dante is furious and tracks her down. Was Beth really guilty [...]

    I really enjoyed this - the poor heroine starts off released from prison for a crime she didn't commit, and gradually proves her innocence to the lawyer responsible for her initial conviction. Lots of emotional conflict which makes the ending particularly satisfying.

    I needed about 50% more groveling. You can't just wrap up that much trauma in the last 10% of the book

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