Lunch Lady and the Schoolwide Scuffle

Lunch Lady and the Schoolwide Scuffle

Lunch Lady and the Schoolwide Scuffle Lunch Lady and Betty have been unceremoniously cut from the school budget and the timing couldn t be worse the villains from all nine of her previous adventures are worming their way back into Thomps

  • Title: Lunch Lady and the Schoolwide Scuffle
  • Author: Jarrett J. Krosoczka
  • ISBN: 9780385752800
  • Page: 419
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Lunch Lady and Betty have been unceremoniously cut from the school budget, and the timing couldn t be worse the villains from all nine of her previous adventures are worming their way back into Thompson Brook with a masterfully devious plan Will the Breakfast Bunch still be able to count on Lunch Lady s superhero gadgets and abilities to save the school, or are they on thLunch Lady and Betty have been unceremoniously cut from the school budget, and the timing couldn t be worse the villains from all nine of her previous adventures are worming their way back into Thompson Brook with a masterfully devious plan Will the Breakfast Bunch still be able to count on Lunch Lady s superhero gadgets and abilities to save the school, or are they on their own Don t miss Lunch Lady s swashbuckling finale

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      419 Jarrett J. Krosoczka
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    1.) This series is so much fun! I love how the author takes a known experience (lunchroom) for every child and creates a fun, suspenseful adventure! The graphic novel immediately pulls you in and has a simple, organized layout so it is easy to follow. The pictures have limited color (only yellow) which to me, allows the author to really focus on the storyline. The pictures are still entertaining and interactive. Another thing I liked about this book is that there are not alot of word bubbles nex [...]

    I really love this series. We only have a few at the library, but they are so cute.This one was scary at the start. Yikes! The new school superintendent has made some horrifying changes at Thompson Brook School. The villains from previous stories are now in charge, the cafeteria has been reduced to snack vending machines, and the gym is now just a room full of treadmills. Lunch Lady is at home eating chips and watching tv. Her sidekick, Betty, has to work at Grease Burger. How will the Breakfast [...]

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    Graphic Novel. Grades 2-5.This Lunch Lady kicks butt! This is such a fun story with many puns that will get the kids laughing and wanting to keep reading. Graphic novels are becoming more popular, and this is a good one to have in the classroom. While I currently teacher-assist for fourth graders, I see many of them reading from this series. I started at number 10, and I feel like I missed some of the background knowledge that could go with this book, so I am curious to read the other 9! While s [...]

    Graphic NovelI would suggest this book for children from 2nd grade and up. There are some words that could be confusing, but because of the graphic novel format, young readers can enjoy this story as much as older readers. I am in college and I loved this action-packed and silly book!

    Liked this one the best so far. It had a little more complexity and it was nice to see some characters turn themselves around.

    Graphic novel; Interesting book that features a crime-fighting lunch lady. This is a very funny series that kids will really enjoy reading. Recommended Gr. 3-5.

    Graphic novelFor grades 3rd-5thThis novel would be good to teach when teaching about how to read graphic novels.

    This is the tenth book in the Lunch Lady series by Jarrett J. Krosoczka. We started reading this series this past summer and our girls really like the stories. They are fun, fast reads and I love that the superheroes are women. This is a fun story that continues the story from the cliffhanger at the end of Lunch Lady and the Video Game Villain and the book summary states that it is the finale to the series. The story was an exciting, quick read and I can see the books appealing to both boys and [...]

    Story: 5 starsArt: 4 starsFun graphic novel series for chapter book readers. Lunch Lady and her sidekick, Betty, are a secret crime-fighting duo that serve up breakfast, lunch, and justice. There is a group of three elementary school kids (two boys and one girl) who help Lunch Lady and Betty on their superhero missions. Lunch Lady's ninja skills are complemented by Betty's tech acumen. My favorite part are all the souped-up cooking utensils and food-related gadgets that Betty invents, which are [...]

    Text to self: This book reminds me of day dreams I would have had as an elementary student. We had amazing lunch ladies at our school, I can see these women being superhero's to save us from evil. Most of the lunch ladies we had were mother's to some of the students, which made it even better.Text to text: The message that I got from this book, is there are hero's in the least likely places. Even the women who serve school lunches can save the day, not just with filling the belly's of our childr [...]

    nch ladies against the world! This will be a common review for all the books in the series.This comic book series about a couple of innocent looking lunch ladies acting like James Bond and Q has fascinated my 8-year old and she is devouring the series. I can't help enjoying the books too. The stories are fairly simple, not too much to rave about, but the gadgets are interesting and so are the main ladies.We have read all of the books currently in the series :). And did I mention how much I adore [...]

    I started reading these because I was checking out popular children's graphic novels. I enjoyed the school setting and the food gadgets. I kept reading because I could easily read one while the kids played at the library and never have to actually check them out. When I realized there were only ten, I knew I'd finish the series. (I did read almost twice as many Babymouse after all). This final volume was such a pay off! All the villains return and its an epic battle just a bit like the Battle of [...]

    Whether you are new to the series or a faithful reader of all ten books, Lunch Lady and the Schoolwide Scuffle written and illustrated by Jarrett J. Krosoczka is a riveting romp of a ride right down to the final panel. I read it in a single sitting, closed the cover and started it all over again. These books have brought guys and gals into the reading community for nearly five years. I applaud you Jarrett J. Krosoczka for the quality of your writing and illustrating and for being an integral par [...]

    My kids have discovered a new series, the Lunch Lady. Colin LOVES the humor and graphic novel format. Cadence devours them because they are there and they are fun. I enjoy the irony and wit and was amused by the tongue-in-cheek references about cutting school funding in this particular adventure-- arts, library, and even P.E. (replaced by treadmills) and the cafeteria program (replaced by vending machines)! I think we all get a kick out of the onomotapeia (Boof!) and crazy cafeteria related acce [...]

    This book ignited a reading passion in me that reminded me of being a child. I am so sad that Lunch Lady is over, but I am so happy that this series exists. My students love these books even more than I do. I loved the visits from past villains and happy the librarians joined the good side! The messages in this book were very meaningful for our students - the importance of fine arts classes, the ability for characters to change over time (Milmoe), the importance of a healthy lunch, and the impor [...]

    genre: superhero/graphic novelsummary: Something fishy is going on with the new substitute. It's up to the lunch lady to find out. Armed with fantastical gadgets (such as the spatula-copter & lunch tray lap top) and her intense fighting skills, the lunch lady searches for the truth, beats down the bad guys, and lives to serve tater tots another daytes: the librarians!!! in this are kick-assfor kids who like: graphic novels, captain underpantsage group: age 7+ (obviously a fun read to book fo [...]

    I'm sorry to say that this is the last in the fabulous Lunch Lady series. But it sends the series out with a bang as Lunch Lady faces off with all of her previous adversaries. This time it's going to take more than Betty and her awesome inventions to save the day. I loved the fact that the kids help save the day as well as the role that the librarians play in the book (I love their powers even if they tend to use them for evil). This is a delightful superhero series for younger readers who aren' [...]

    Did I just read in the above description that this is the final book in the Lunch Lady series?!? Please, say it aint so!!!! Maybe, possibly “swashbuckling finale!” refers to the conclusion of the story-line/cliffhanger from book 9?? Well whatever the case this was another exciting over the top comic book adventure with the lovable Lunch Lady, her faithful sidekick Betty, the Breakfast Bunch and many other students and staff of Thompson Brook Middle School. This is THE must have series for el [...]

    Lunch Lady and Betty return after their lunch program was shut down by an evil new superintendent. All the school's teachers have been replaced with criminals that Lunch Lady had previously locked up. The new superintendent is on a mission to power a laser on the school's roof which will destroy the moon. The Breakfast Bunch catch wind of the plot and reach out to Lunch Lady and Betty to help stop them. With help from the kids, Lunch Lady, Betty, the Breakfast Bunch, and the schoolkids save the [...]

    With Lunch Lady and Betty gone (the school lunch program has been replaced by vending machines) the kids soon discover school is a dark place. All their teachers seem to have been replaced as well-and by some pretty sinister characters with a dastardly plot. It will take both lunch ladies, the entire schoold maybe some unexpected help to save the day this time. What a hoot! I want a pineapple mace!

    An action-packed, gadget-filled ending to the comic book adventures of Lunch Lady and her sidekick Betty.There's so much good going on in this book: the way the Breakfast Bunch rallies the whole school behind Lunch Lady is awesome, the twist/backstory on the villain is a great read, and the many, many inventive gadgets were my favorite, as always.Highly recommended series for grades 3-5, boys and girls alike.

    Who doesn't love the League of Librarians that show up in this one to help the lunch ladies fight back against evil teachers who rose up to be the Superintendent and principal and want to eliminate the lunch ladies and the librarians? Fighting back, our students from Thompson Brook School take back their own school and are back to eating their delicious pepperoni pancakes with gravy.

    Loved this one! Don't know what I'm going to do without anymore Lunch Lady books. I can honestly say I think this was my favorite. One of my students was close to tears, when I told him it was the last one. But then asked if the author has written any other books. Told him all about the Platypus Police Squad.

    This is a strong final chapter to this graphic novel series, one that will not only entertain its intended audience of elementary school readers but may also have their parents chuckling at some of the antics and the cleverly designed devices used during the "schoolwide scuffle". Read our full review, here: mysteriousreviews/myst

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