Strictly off Limits

Strictly off Limits

Strictly off Limits Welcome to Manning Maine South Carolina At South Carolina s top college a girl named Jade Allen attends a girl who likes to have fun A girl who had her heart stepped on by Layden Malcolm A girl who

  • Title: Strictly off Limits
  • Author: Crystal D. Spears
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 225
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Welcome to Manning Maine, South Carolina At South Carolina s top college a girl named Jade Allen attends a girl who likes to have fun A girl who had her heart stepped on by Layden Malcolm, A girl who slept with her gorgeous best friend with his own reputation Nate the easy lay Williams, A girl who crushes on a stranger from the dorm hallway named Dean Walker a guy whoWelcome to Manning Maine, South Carolina At South Carolina s top college a girl named Jade Allen attends a girl who likes to have fun A girl who had her heart stepped on by Layden Malcolm, A girl who slept with her gorgeous best friend with his own reputation Nate the easy lay Williams, A girl who crushes on a stranger from the dorm hallway named Dean Walker a guy who also has a reputation one with a saying too Walk er on outta there What happens when all four collide and you throw a twin brother into that mix and five collide Jade Allen gets herself stuck in situations with all four men When you re being tugged at which way do you go The best friend who ignored you after some fun The ex boyfriend who cheated on you with a fake bimbo blonde Dean walk er on outta there who she named Mr Chiseled or the twin who is relentless in pursuing her Follow Jade as she mentally curses herself for the situations she finds herself in She refuses to give away her heart again Why can t she have a little fun too Why can t she have a nickname too She quickly learns she s special to all these men and a storm is quickly brewing She learns you can have mind blowing sex on a card table, bathroom stall, a communal shower in her dorm, a Range Rover and a few other places Follow Jade, her men and her friends in Jades College Diaries.Not intended for readers 17 and under.

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    I usually don't read these types of companion novells, but I loved the "strictly stuck" so much and was going through with draws for the second book, so I went against my nature, and I'm glad I did. It was just as captivating as book one. I read "Seize Me" by Crystal D Spears and have been hooked on the this author since. If you haven't given her books a try she is a definite recommend from me.

    This was awesome!Strictly Off Limits is an intro to the next book of the "Jade's College Diaries"- Say Shamrock What?. Needles to say that this is a short story. I really liked Jade. She is super different from all the main female characters I'm used to reading, but that didn't bother me at all. She is a young woman who knows exactly what she wants (ok. She kinda of knows what she wants). And ain't this girl lucky? Four men chasing her ass! Whew! What a dreamI absolutely loved her behaviour towa [...]

    Jade is having a really good time at college. She goes to wild parties and gets nasty with even wilder men. She has “eat me” tattooed in a rather suggestive spot. She has piercings in delicate areas. Her best friend is Nate who she hooks up with and then he stops talking to her. She then starts messing around with Dean who has twin brothers Brayden and Layden, her ex-boyfriend. Jade has sex with one guy on a card table and then a different one in a bathroom stall. Jade's friends start callin [...]

    Alert new author here ! This is a spunky sassy ,funny look in to the life of a young woman love life ! She is witty , charming as she is honest about her feelings as she has choices to make ! This is a fun , hot read ! She leaves you wanting more for sure ! Jades funny lines and spunky self awareness makes this a MUST read ! You will laugh and have WOW moment ! Then u have a GO GIRL moment ! So pick up a copy soon ! ------- let's show this new author some love so she can keep sharing with us ! I [...]

    WHEN IT RAINS, IT POURS.And when I'm talking about it pouring, I mean Jade Allen's life is full of hot men chasing after her. After sleeping with her best friend Nate, she has been wanting for years, on a poker table, he starts ignoring her.(idiot) But when he realizes his mistake, he's too late. She meets Dean "walk- er on outta there". Mr Chiseled. Come to find out Layden on, the cheating ex is Dean's brother. So not only is there those 3, then Layden, Dean & Nate after her, but throw in a [...]

    Short, sweet, sexy and just what I liked. I will now go to bed dreaming of three brothers and a best friend. Maybe I can be like Jade, I really wish I could be like Jade. Drink up the Jade Water I hear it is really tasty! Now I bought the other books and I will say the Smile cover is hot too!So from a chick lit book that is what I would say juicy, should there be a message? I think not. We read authors like this because thet satisfy a need. As for Jade, she is clearly described, as well as her r [...]

    I really enjoyed this book, but i did think it was way to short. I did like how it got straight to the point and i mean straight to the point lol. I cant wait to see who Jade picks and how she deals with her shamrock loves.This story is about a girl who is in college and keeps giving her heart away to the wrong guys who keep breaking her heart. But when she sleeps with her best friend things take her for a world wind when people from her past come back into play. You have 4 guys trying to win Ja [...]

    Oh. My. G-d.It takes author Crystal Spears a little time to work up to the erotic parts of her novella, "Strictly Off Limits" - the first paragraph simply leads up to some graphic (and admittedly quite hot) sex in the next two paragraphs.Jade Allen is torn between an attraction for four - yes, 4 - different guys on campus. She is trying her best not to lose her heart to any of them, at least not yet - her innocence, however, is entirely another matter. I liked Jade (and not just because I knew w [...]

    A very quick, and steamy readL is the epitome of sexiness. No, really though. Just a couple of sentences in, and it becomes increasingly obvious that the readers will be hot and bothered for the rest of the book.Shamrock, much?Jade is one lucky gal for having four ─ four ─ fantastic, almost-too-good-to-be-perfect guys chasing after her. It made sense for her to be torn between them. But how on earth did she get these boys to be hot on her tails, anyway? Is it her hazel eyes? Or is the tattoo [...]

    Let me begin by saying WOW! Holy HOTNESS!! Mind blowing sex on card table, bathroom stall & communal shower in Jade's dorm. Writing about this is making my panties WET!! Throw in pierced penis, tattooed pussy and pierced nipples is just icing on the cake! Jade Allen's college life is full of lust is all I can say. She has a huge problem. That problem is she has 4 intensely hot guys crushing on her and she not wanting to give her heart up again to anyone after what happened with Layden. Layde [...]

    I really enjoyed this book! It was a quick read and definitely had some steamy scenes. Who wouldn't want to read about hot guys with piercings and tattoos?! It is about a girl named Jade who is in college. She has her heart broken by her ex Layden, and then goes on to sleep with her best friend Nate only to have him start ignoring her. But it doesn't end there. She meets another sexy guy Dean, and then her ex and Nate want her attention again. Oh and let's not forget the twin that wouldn't mind [...]

    Jade’s life is a complete mess. She has four guys who want her and she doesn’t know who she wants. The guys are not making it an easy choice; they want her and don’t intend to give her up so easily. The crazy thing is that all of the guys know each other some in more ways than one, which makes this book a fantastic read with hot sex scenes. This book will definitely keep you interested and is worth reading. Yes, it ends with a cliffhanger but I am dying to know who she will choose. This is [...]

    I received this book for an honest review.This was an incredibly hot short story into the life of a college aged woman who is just realizing for the first time that she is a wanted woman. Nothing fake on this one, well besides her nails. I loved that part!! LOL We go from one hot scene to the next, living life, finding eroticism and being with more men then she can handle. And what a cliff hanger at the end!!! You will definitely want to finish this book all in one sitting.

    What a spicy read!! I can only imagine how dorm life would be. Jade has run into a little bit of luck or a whole lot of trouble you decide. Her friends call her "Shamrock" because of all the attention she is getting from 4 totally delicious guys. I was caught up in the book so much that I could not believe it was suddenly over. Can't wait till the next book comes out!

    Won my copy in a Giveaway. The story revolves around a promiscuous young woman and her sexual adventures. Well written sex, but that's all it is. The writer is good, and could have done a great book just with the subject matter in this short novella- I feel cheated of the author's full potential as she has a great writing style. Worth the read, but I wish it had been more developed.

    ok first off wow this short book was a very steamy catching book full of yummyness. this book had me gripped from beginning to end with it's wonderful yummyness. if you haven't read this book yet then you are missing out.

    Holy Hotness, I just finished Strictly Off Limits (Jade’s College Diaries 0.5) by Crystal D. Spears and I loved it! Yep, a love triangle like no other….Seriously, Jade I love her and her little hussy self! Did I mention she has 4 HOT SEXY guys chasing her and she can’t choose just one. So, there’s Nate her playboy best friend who she has had a thing for since freshman orientation, but they were never more than friends. Then the twins with their dark skin, jet black hair, and charcoal pie [...]

    College guys and hawt hussies!So I have to say great work for just taking a MASSIVE leap and just outright publishing the book before it was edited, I like the way Jade is such a head strong young woman who dose not give a crap about anyone and what they may think of her. I like that Jade is not the shy type and interested in trying new things .I like a hot head female character but boyoooo does JADE HAVE A POTTY MOUTH LOLJade is hot, young and wanted by not onet two but four farking hawt colleg [...]

    I was lucky enough to be given a copy of this book by the author and, as I was reading the first couple of pages, I was not sure and then the story just exploded! Yes she is a self confessed hussy, yes they all probably drink to much, get to many tattoos and piercings and probably take drugs but it is FUN!! You cannot help but grin as you read about Jade and her "terrible" dilemma of being caught between 4 hot guys - reading this was like a breath of fresh air. I am now anxiously awaiting the se [...]

    This novella is a dream come true, that ends in a total cliffhanger. Which one will she choose? And will she be happy with her choice? I cannot wait to see. This book is very well written. I particularly enjoyed the diary entries at the beginning of the chapters. Totally HOTT, Totally fun and totally emotional. A must read.

    Hot hot hotThis book is so hot you need to check for scorch marks when your done! I mean I feel bad for Jade but then Is all like can you imagine 4 incredibly hot guys all chasing after you? Great story line and even better writing. I am officially hooked to the Jade Diaries. So if your looking for a quick steamy read pick this one up!

    So the author knows how to write a great hot scene, the rest of the story needs work. There's lots of editing errors, and a lot of the non-sex scene story line needs work. There's no development. Nothing to hold your interest. I found myself skimming through it just to find the hot parts. I think some editing, and content filter would help make this more successful.

    This book needed editing badly. It was very difficult to understand from the massive amounts of technical errors and lack of punctuation. This series could be interesting, but I wouldn't be able to read another book with a similar amount of errors. Once it's edited, I'll probably reread it so I can know for sure how I feel.

    Jade is finding out how to have lots of fun in college. Reaching her sexual peak she takes on two going for three brothers and her best friend. This story was very hot, however I didn't like some of the vocabulary. Magic stick, jade water and the non stop hey b when referring to a friend. Other than that it was a great quick read. WaAR

    I loved this book. Just finished 2 engrossing stories and was looking for something fun and sexy.Jade Lynn Allen has tats and hoods and 4 hot guys chasing her. Yeah it's an ongoing story but isn't that starting to be the norm? At least her series is ok because it is written in a diary format so you know it is ongoing. Really liked the each of the characters

    When I first started this book I wasn't sure about it, but the more I read the harder it was to put it down. I can't wait to read the rest of the series. I want to find out more about Jade and her men.

    SoL and Strictly Stuck have been on my kindle forrrrr-ev-errrrrr. I opened SoL and could. not. stop! I'm excited for the entire series to be put into one book. I'll wait and wait for it. I know it will be great! :)

    I loved this novella . This is going to be a great series I cannot wait to read more about Jade" shamrock" and her hot fan club.

    I'm very sorry to say that I didn't like any characters at all or the story. There is nothing too much about Jade to be in love with. She is just another bitch. And the guys? Oh, please. Pathetic.

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