The Shock of the Fall

The Shock of the Fall

The Shock of the Fall What begins as the story of a lost boy turns into a story of a brave man yearning to understand what happened that night in the years since and to his very person While on vacation with their parent

  • Title: The Shock of the Fall
  • Author: Nathan Filer
  • ISBN: 9780007491438
  • Page: 200
  • Format: Hardcover
  • What begins as the story of a lost boy turns into a story of a brave man yearning to understand what happened that night, in the years since, and to his very person.While on vacation with their parents, Matthew Homes and his older brother snuck out in the middle of the night Only Matthew came home safely Ten years later, Matthew tells us, he has found a way to bring hisWhat begins as the story of a lost boy turns into a story of a brave man yearning to understand what happened that night, in the years since, and to his very person.While on vacation with their parents, Matthew Homes and his older brother snuck out in the middle of the night Only Matthew came home safely Ten years later, Matthew tells us, he has found a way to bring his brother back What begins as the story of a lost boy turns into a story of a brave man yearning to understand what happened that night, in the years since, and to his very person Unafraid to look at the shadows of our hearts, Nathan Filer s rare and brilliant debut shows us the strength that is rooted in resilience and love Editor s Note Feb 10, 2014 St Martin s Press have just announced that Where The Moon Isn t will be republished under the UK title, The Shock and The Fall this week in digital format and later this fall in paperback They said that the title change was necessary because otherwise there s a lot of confusion The Shock and The Fall recently won the Costa Book of the Year award, which is UK based but has international renown.

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    Another novel to prove, if proof was needed, how utterly heartless and without pity I am becoming. Sorry, Nathan Filer, I come to rain all over your parade. Well, quite a lot of it.The blurb has these three little sentences:There are books you can’t stop reading, which keep you up all night(Well, I actually was reading this most of last night, but that’s because I had insomnia.)There are books which let us into the hidden parts of life and make them vividly real. (Referring to the world of t [...]

    I always find it hard to write reviews about meh books. Books I love, books I hate, I have strong feelings towards them, but meh What do you say? The book is supposedly revelations of how it really is to be schizophrenic and what life in a mental institution is really like and the author is a mental nurse so he knows. As the book has won many awards I was expecting the writing to be better than competent. Perhaps I was expecting too much having just read the searingly brilliant Man Booker prize- [...]

    I read this for Kimi's birthday tomorrow, Nov. 29! I'm posting it now because I might be too busy tomorrow. HAPPY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, KIMI! PUT A SMILE AS BIG AS YOUR HEART BECAUSE YOU DESERVE TO BE THE HAPPIEST ON YOUR SPECIAL DAY! <3 You can read her awesome review here. Review This is an interesting read that deals with mental illness, more particularly schizophrenia as a result of a boy’s grief over the death of his older brother. It is a daring but successful endeavor on the part of the a [...]

    A heartbreakingly beautiful account of trauma, grief, and mental illness. Still processing so much about this story, but it's one that will stay with me for a while. 4.5 stars

    Find all of my reviews at: 52bookminimum/Sometimes I read books so obsessively that I end up with something like this when I’m finished:Uploaded with ImageShackThen I sit around for a week (or two, or twelve) because I have no idea how to write the review.It only seems fitting that someone like me (who clearly has an undiagnosed mental disorder) would flag the holy hell out of a book about a fellow with a mental disorder. It also seems fitting that I should let Matthew do most of the talking w [...]

    It must be me since reviews of this book were overly positive but I honestly don't know why I took the time to finish reading this novel. I'm baffled by comments that this story could make anyone laugh and cry. It is certainly neither stunning nor a book that one would have a hard time putting down, and I would never recommend this book considering the wealth of options available to readers.The only positive aspect of this novel is that it presents a very realistic glimpse of what mental illness [...]

    It seems that, by pure coincidence, I have stumbled into a number of books regarding mental illness, however, the depiction that this book utilises is purely unique. This book is quite simply unlike anything else I have ever read, that is without doubt or question. The use of various fonts interspersed with simple drawings complement well the inconsistent thought process which Matt's thought process follows. Moreover, the subtle references to past events, without explaining full details, created [...]

    Onvan : The Shock of the Fall - Nevisande : Nathan Filer - ISBN : 7491433 - ISBN13 : 9780007491438 - Dar 310 Safhe - Saal e Chap : 2013

    Such an engaging read, straight into my favourites for the year!- This novel follows the story of a young man named Matthew. We are told of the tragic death of Matthew's brother during childhood and how he blames himself for its occurrence. As the reader we are unsure as to whether Matthew is actually guilty of the death of his brother or whether it was just a tragic accident. Nearer the end of the novel we discover the real story as to how his brother died. - The other vital element to this nov [...]

    4.5 starsNathan Filer’s debut stunned me and left me speechless. It’s been a long time since I read something so beautifully written. Where the Moon Isn’t is a story told by Matthew Homes, a mentally ill nineteen-year-old. It’s a metafictional novel, as Matthew constantly and intentionally exposes himself as the author and communicates openly with the readers. He provides excuses when he’s unable to explain something or offer further details. He makes constant remarks about his mental [...]

    I have never read anything quite like this book before, it is a unique experience traveling along in the mindset of a mentally ill young man. I remember going to the theaters and seeing the movie "Beautiful Minds", I loved this movie, was completely blown away. That is how I felt at the end of this book. First time book for author Nathan Filer, and since he was a mental health nurse in previous years, he knew what he was writing about.Matthew, our unreliable narrator, has a voice that is very re [...]

    Nathan Filer's Debut Novel The Shock of The Fall is haunting and very real insight to death and mental illness.I was recommended this novel and was assured it was a good audio book as I struggle with audio as opposed to reading and I have to say the narrator is excellent and he totally draws you into the character of Matthew to such an extinct that you feel it is actually Matthew narrating the story.Matt Holmes is a 19 year old schizophrenic struggling within the mental health system who decides [...]

    I read the majority of this book within the last 24 hours. I just couldn’t stop reading and even neglected some of the stuff I should’ve been doing instead. Oops. But good books have the ability to make you forget everything around you, and The Shock of the Fall did just that. ‘I’ll tell you what happened because it will be a good way to introduce my brother. His name’s Simon. I think you’re going to like him. I really do. But in a couple of pages he’ll be dead. And he was never th [...]

    قطعا تو لیست بهترین کتاب هایی قرار میگیره که امسال خوندم و قراره بخونم. داستان روایتی پراکنده از یک بیمار روانی هست. متیو همراه بردارش از خونه خارج میشه اما تنها بر میگرده. بعد از اون اتفاق همه چی برای خودش و خانواده اش تغییر می کنه. احساس گناه ناشی از اون حادثه و شرایط زندگیش تو [...]

    Just no. I didn't find this book "engaging" or "deeply moving" or "inventive" at all. These were words used by reviewers from the Daily Telegraph, The Times and some other another author. The book was not "compelling" either, I've read more compelling stories on the back of the washing powder box. Were the other books vying for the Costa prize that awful? This, I have to find out. I must admit the part I liked the most was when we got to the core of the story, the death of Simon. The writing was [...]

    Many parts of "The Shock of the Fall" that aim to evoke sentimentality and sorrow, fall a little flat. The narration is a bit yappy a lot of the time but that being said there are some nice quotes and occasional tenderness throughout the book. The plot was often gearing towards how Simon died, which really could have been told from the very beginning seen as the story was told from the perspective of Matthew (who was a witness) but instead it wasn't revealed till the very end. I acknowledge that [...]

    Nathan Filer is a registered mental health nurse as well as a performance poet and his real-life experience is evident in this, his debut novel. The story is narrated by Matthew, a nineteen year old schizophrenic who recalls the sudden, tragic death of his older brother, Simon – a death which he believes he caused.The use of mixed formats, different fonts interspersed with occasional line drawings cleverly mirrors the ebb and flow of Matthew’s mental illness. Likewise, the narrative flits be [...]

    One of my more unique reads this one, I was wary of the hype around it, but really enjoyed reading it. I love the way the book is written, for a debut novel it's quite exceptional, it's an emotion stirring book and thought provoking too. It's essentially the story of a young man's descent into mental illness, from childhood events to trying to live as an independent adult and on to life in a mental health care facility. What is spectacular about this book is how immersed in our main character yo [...]

    این پراکندگی روایت ها خیلی اذیت کننده بود به نظرم، مخصوصا که علاوه بر پراکندگی، بعضی جاها روایت هایی تعریف میشد که فقط زاییده ذهن متیو بودن و تو باید خودت اینو میفهمیدی که این روایت ها واقعی هستن یا نه!و از نظر من ترجمه خیلی بدی بود، نمیدونم من اشتباه میکنم یا واقعا اینطور بود. [...]

    The Shock of the Fall ili Where the Moon isn't (ovaj drugi naslov je svakako bolji) je priča o Metjuu, koji je sve samo ne još jedan od običnih književnih junaka.Odmah u startu čitaoci su svesni da on nije jednostavan, da je nešto drugačije u njemu, njegovom načinu razmišljanja i da je pritisnut mnogim bolima, tugom i krivicom.U priči koju on priča, tj. piše na kompjuteru ili pisaćoj mašini (što je pisac ostvario promenom fonta), čitaoci putuju napred-natrag kroz Metjuov život i [...]

    We are selfish my illness and I. We think only of ourselves. We shape the world around us into messages, into secret whispers spoken only for us.3.5 stars. This was upsetting, but very insightful. To describe the descent into schizophrenia in such a vivid and moving way, you must have some experience with this illness in real life. So it made perfect sense when I read that the author has been a registered mental health nurse, working in psychiatric wards, for more than a decade.I think what I li [...]

    I have never read anything like this book before, such an engaing and interesting read that deals with mental illness, schizophrenia to be more precise , as a result of a boy’s grief over the death of his older brother, Simon , who had the down syndrom .A heartbreaking yet a very beautiful/strange story that my mind is still processing , I'm squite positive that this book will stay with me for a while.I feel helpless and at the same time devastated

    Matt Homes is a young man from Bristol with schizophrenia, writing out his life story which centres around the death of his Downs Syndrome brother when they were children. As Matt’s narrative progresses, we learn there’s more to his brother’s death than he initially lets on and that this is why he carries around feelings of guilt. The Shock of the Fall is a character portrait rather than a narrative driven book - unfortunately, for a character piece, I never really felt like Matt had much [...]

    youtube/watch?v=xIgZQCurta-metragem inspirada no livro "O Choque da Queda"Ler é um pouco como ter uma alucinação." (Pág. 92)** Spoiler Alert**"Devo dizer que não sou boa pessoa. Às vezes tento ser, mas nem sempre sou. Por isso, quando foi a minha vez de ficar de olhos fechados e de contar até cem fiz batota." (Pág. 9) – assim começa “O Choque da Queda” romance estreia do escritor inglês Nathan Filer. Matthew Holmes tem nove anos e magoou-se num joelho enquanto brincava, no parque [...]

    Maybe it's because of my profession -- I work in marketing for a scholarly publisher -- but this book could serve as an interesting study in how book marketing works in the trade publishing world. I spent a lot of time looking at how the original British title -- The Shock of the Fall, a line repeated throughout the book -- and the original British descriptive copy became Americanized. The copy that accompanies the British edition (on GR at least, which tends to be fairly faithful to jacket copy [...]

    "There was the shock of the fall and the blood on my knee and Simon had carried me. He carried me all the way to safety, all by himself, because he loved me."This book left me speechless. It was so honest and gave a very real insight to both death and mental illness. The first thing that came to my mind when I started reading this book was that it somehow reminded me of The Catcher in the Rye by J D Salinger. I'm not sure why. After reading this blurb, I picked up the book immediately:"I’ll te [...]

    For a debut novel, The Shock of the Fall was freaking awesome. Hell, for a however many numbered novel, this book was pretty spectacular.This book follows Matthew and adult mental illness and very real family connections. It shows how mental illness can affect everyone's lives and how the person with the illness sees themselves, their family, and life/society. It was raw and bitter and beautiful to read.Filer did just a fantastic job at giving Matthew an original and very genuine voice. I may no [...]

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