Axiomatic Axiomatic is a collection of Greg Egan s short stories that appeared in various science fiction magazines mostly Interzone and Asimov s between and Contents The Infinite Assassin The Hu

  • Title: Axiomatic
  • Author: Greg Egan
  • ISBN: 9780061052651
  • Page: 240
  • Format: Paperback
  • Axiomatic is a collection of Greg Egan s short stories that appeared in various science fiction magazines mostly Interzone and Asimov s between 1989 and 1992 Contents The Infinite Assassin 1991 The Hundred Light Year Diary 1992 Eugene 1990 The Caress 1990 Blood Sisters 1991 Axiomatic 1990 The Safe Deposit Box 1990 Seeing 1995 A Kidnapping 1995 Learning to Be MeAxiomatic is a collection of Greg Egan s short stories that appeared in various science fiction magazines mostly Interzone and Asimov s between 1989 and 1992 Contents The Infinite Assassin 1991 The Hundred Light Year Diary 1992 Eugene 1990 The Caress 1990 Blood Sisters 1991 Axiomatic 1990 The Safe Deposit Box 1990 Seeing 1995 A Kidnapping 1995 Learning to Be Me 1990 The Moat 1991 The Walk 1992 The Cutie 1989 Into Darkness 1992 Appropriate Love 1991 The Moral Virologist 1990 Closer 1992 Unstable Orbits in the Space of Lies 1992

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    Hugely original ideas, not every story is a home run but there are enough 5/5 stories here to make this very recommended for any fan of hard science fiction. The concepts are extremely unique even 20 years later. Very similar to Ted Chiang’s writing. I have no idea why Greg Egan isn’t a household name in SF.“As the unknowable future becomes the unchangeable past, risk must collapse into certainty, one way or another.”“We think of our lives as circumscribed by cultural and biological ta [...]

    Excellent collection of sci-fi short fiction, told in the key of Philip K. Dick but with much better characters and dialogue. Some of the ideas presented in this collection are haunting and seem day-after-tomorrow possible; Egan seasons his stories with just the right amount of science and technology to give the reader a sense of realism amidst the unfolding dystopia.

    Greg Egan, el hombre de las ideas. ‘Axiomático’, calificada como la mejor antología de relatos de ciencia ficción de los últimos 20 años (tal vez junto a ‘La historia de tu vida, de Ted Chiang), es una obra imprescindible para el aficionado. Cada uno de sus relatos contiene ideas que darían para varias novelas. No había leído nada parecido desde la Trilogía de Marte, de Kim Stanley Robinson, que incluía capítulos plagados de ideas. Tipos como estos te hacen pensar si no se habr [...]

    Axiomatic is an absolutely incredible collection of hard science fiction short stories, comparable to Ted Chiang's best work. Reading this book meant being bombarded by idea after idea, challenging my imagination as well as thoroughly taxing my scientific knowledge. The biologically-leaning stories were the easiest to comprehend for me, as I have tertiary biological education. High-school physics (and my history of reading sci-fi) was enough to arm me for the rest of the stories, although some c [...]

    brilliant. every story is literally amazing and his voice is one of a kind-- so calm, understanding, intelligent, and rational, while still being fun (not funny but actually fun). there's a part of me that wishes he could actually land an ending, but i'm not sure it's even really possible in this mode. so don't wait for the big cathartic moment; i think he probably sees catharsis as a low-level trapyway, i'll certainly be reading this book again. as well as all his others.

    Axiomatic è una raccolta di racconti di fantascienza cyberpunk, o post-cyberpunk, ambientati spesso sui fondali polverosi di un noir (poliziotti, investigatori privati, situazioni “muscolari”) che nei momenti migliori prende la strada dell’assurdo, dell’imprevedibile perché improbabile.Il cyberpunk si trova nel tema ricorrente del potenziamento dell’umano, in virtù del quale l’uomo vive la propria mente e il proprio corpo come una realtà biologica aumentata attraverso dispositivi [...]

    If there's a common thread in this collection of short stories, it's "what makes me, me?"From the opening story, in which a man travels the multiplicity of parallel universes, assassinating the people who cause breaches between them; to a pair of tales involving the use of neural implants to change what a person believes; to the stories about the Ndoli Jewel: a device that everybody has implanted in their skulls at birth, that learns everything they do, and is eventually used to replace the brai [...]

    Axiomático está considerada hoy en día como una de las antologías de relatos más importantes de la Ciencia Ficción de las últimas décadas. Ciencia ficción Hard. Muy hard en algunos casos.Mi experiencia con este libro ha sido curiosa: para empezar, no soy un gran consumidor de este tipo de literatura salvo en su versión menos dura; para seguir, llegué a él con respeto y temor reverencial por todo lo que había leído al respecto y las innumerables referencias que existen. Sea como sea [...]

    He necesitado unos días para decidir qué era lo que quería contar sobre Axiomático, porque creo que una reseña al uso quedaría muy superficial para lo que implica este libro.Lo primero que debo decir, y que valga de aviso/sugerencia, es que son relatos que exigen concentración si quieres sacarle el máximo partido. Hay tramos de ciencia ficción hard, aunque creo que son sobrellevables con un poco de ganas. Bien. Sin entrar a spoilers, ¿qué vas a encontrar en el libro de relatos de Egan [...]

    Who are you, really? It isn't always easy to tell, especially when you live in a society where 18-year-olds routinely have their heads scooped out like melons and replace their brains with computers. Sure, the computer does everything the brain did and it is less likely to malfunction, but what if something does go wrong, just every now and then?This is the premise of one of an interesting collection of stories by Greg Egan. Most of the stories have something to do with the way technology shapes [...]

    Esta es la primera vez que leo una novela de Greg Egan y tengo que decir que la experiencia ha sido más que satisfactoria.Axiomático esta compuesto por una colección de relatos, todos ellos de enorme calidad, que se podrían encasillar dentro de lo que se denomina ciencia ficción dura (Hard SciFi).Como decía, el libro consta de 18 relatos, algunos mejores que otros, pero todos con una gran capacidad de provocar en el lector momentos de reflexión que te acompañan durante varias horas despu [...]

    Aquesta antologia m’ha obert els ulls cap a una Hard-SF que mai m’havia plantejat llegir. Estic confús, i sobretot, espantat per algunes històries molt creïbles però horrorífiques. Inicialment volia posar-li sols 4.0/5.0 perquè Egan utilitza una narració molt similar en tots els relats; però els conceptes són tan bons, i tenim aquí relats tan originals, que no puc treure-li el seu mèrit Que parlem de contes escrits fins el 1992!Volia quedar-me amb la simple recomanació, però per [...]

    Leer a Egan es pasarse la Ciencia Ficción en modo Dios. Acabarse el Dark Souls. El final boss para el que se inicia en el género. ¿Has leído a Egan? Si ¿No te ha gustado? Bueno no pasa nada, no te preocupes, es casi normal. Yo tardé 16 largos años en pillarle el punto. Pero si acabas pillándole el punto y te acercas a esta recopilación de relatos cortos vas FLIPAR como pocas veces. Porque ara bien o para mal, no hay otro tío como Greg Egan. Ponte un casco porque te va a reventar la oll [...]

    William Gibson said the future is here just unevenly spread about. Perceptive and imaginative science fiction collects pieces of future lying about in our world and crafts interesting mind blowing stories based on concepts and nuggets of the science we know. Greg Egan's collection of short stories explores the consequences of ideas we speculate upon in his fictional worlds. They are a great example of the genre on step ahead of people right now. Really enjoyable.

    Amazing collection of short stories. My first reading of anything by Egan. Complicated ideas but extremely well written and alot of fun. At times quite in depth with his knowledge of the scientific topic but it challenges the readers ideas and perceptions which I love about Scifi.

    I have always been amazed at Neal Stephenson for being able to write Snowcrash and The Diamond Age in 1992 and 1995 respectively. I am now equally amazed that Greg Egan wrote this in 1995. In fact, even more, because while the first two books were novels and dealt with a smaller number of concepts, this book is a collection of short stories, and except for a (connected/repeat) couple, are unique concepts. Imagine, 18 stories with ideas that would still be regarded as science fiction!In addition [...]

    Axiomático es una recopilación de relatos con la que he disfrutado tal como si fuera "Yo, robot". Cada relato es una posibilidad futura de lo mas enrevesada y en mayor o menor medida incluso plausible. Desde ciencia ficción enmarcada en la biología,los avances tecnológicos pasando incluso por los universos paralelos.Cada relato te deja ganas de que continuara y sobretodo te deja un rato pensando y con ganas de contarle a alguien lo que acabas de leer e imaginarte si eso fuera posible. Te pl [...]

    Bon, je n'arriverai pas à tout faire en un coup : les nouvelles sont trop denses, et je sors trop chamboulé de chacune pour pouvoir me permettre d'attendre la fin de cette lecture. Voici donc mes avis sur chacune des nouvelles qui composent ce qui est pour moi un authentique chef d'oeuvre.L'assassin infiniJ'ai à peu près compris la base de cette histoire : dans un multivers connu, c'est-à-dire où on sait que c'est un multivers, il existe une drogue permettant de "voyager" dans les univers [...]

    Great stuff. My favorite author as a kid was Isaac Asimov, and his Foundation and Robot novels gave me a permanent appetite for books that try to take ridiculous ideas about the future as seriously as possible, factory-farmed MFA-approved "literary" qualities be damned. The average story in this collection of 18 is twenty pages long, but each one has an absurd number of nutcase ideas per page, and it's wonderful. There's no way I can summarize all of the stories so I only want to talk about two, [...]

    *Axiomatic* collects many of Greg Egan's early stories, first published primarily in *Interzone* and *Isaac Asimov's Science Fiction Magazine* in the early 1990s. It is a great introduction to Egan's SF.The short story format suits Egan much better than the long-form novel, because it allows him to flesh out one or two incredibly provocative, disturbingly logical, frighteningly implied-by-the-trajectory-of-our-species ideas with some elegance. A lot of these stories deal with deep questions abou [...]

    Un libro con un puñado de relatos realmente brillantes junto a otros que me han dejado indiferente. Abre con uno de mis relatos favoritos "El asesino infinito". Es difícil para un matemático no emocionarse ante el espectacular dominio que demuestra Egan de las complejidades del infinito. El problema es que junto a relatos de gran nivel, como "El diario de cien años luz", "Aprendiendo a ser yo" o "Hacia la oscuridad", se encuentran otros que no pasan de ser una buena idea alargada demasiado, [...]

    4,7Un libro muy interesante, con una calidad muy alta en todos los relatos. Algo que sorprende porque incluso en recopilaciones de distintos autores que en teoría sería más sencillo poder tener todos los relatos muy buenos lo normal es que varios flojeen, y no sucede con esta compilación de Greg Egan.En cuanto al libro la mayor parte de los relatos se construyen planteando una tecnología y las implicaciones que tienen, es más un libro de filosofía sobre el ser que de ciencia ficción en r [...]

    Egan is evidently a remarkably clever author. And he's got a clue. It makes for a most satisfying read.Looking at the publication dates, I've got to say he was ahead of his time as well.There are naturally a few duds among these stories but enough really good ones to make up for them.Peeking at the other reviews, I noted with interest that some people loved stories I hated and vice-versa so I'll play the game: my faves are The Hundred-Light-Years Diary, The Safe-Deposit Box, Seeing, Learning to [...]

    A heady collection of hard sci-fi short stories mostly revolving around themes such as identity, free will, and the nature of consciousness. Egan's prose isn't the greatest, but his ideas are so unique and fascinating that the pages fly by. Some of these stories will blow you away. Highly recommended.

    I've only read some of this guy's stuff online, and once his short fiction appears in affordable versions i will snap it up. A hallucinatory, mind warping, and terrifying combination of Triptree jrTed Chiang,Ballard, and Borges. Hard Science and painfully realized concepts that will effect the way you view each moment of your life.

    Greg Egan is one of the many authors whose work(s) I haven't explored yet. But as this anthology appeared in several lists the past few years, I decided to give it a go and only after having read a few reviews to be sure I wouldn't buy a pig in a poke. Kevin's review (see here) and advice ultimately convinced me to buy the book. For the French readers (pour les lecteurs/lectrices français[es]): Mathieu's review.This anthology contains 18 stories (I won't go into detail), which appeared between [...]

    I've often thought it would be a lot of fun to write up some philosophical thought experiments as short stories; and this is exactly what Egan has done - addressing philosophical questions about personal identity, time travel and parallel worlds, as well as the implications of potential future science and technology. He clearly understands the scientific concepts used, and the detail makes the stories feel authentic. I particularly loved 'The Safe-Deposit Box' for its emotional impact, and 'Seei [...]

    A pesar de degradar mis funciones cerebrales un 25% después de los primeros relatos, me declaro fan de esta compilación que nos invita a cuestionarnos sobre la integridad de la consciencia y la identidad del Yo.El diario de cien años luz, la caja de seguridad y aprendiendo a ser yo, de mis favoritos.4 estrellas… comparando con Stories of your life.

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