Bleach―ブリーチ― 52 [Burīchi 52]

Bleach―ブリーチ― 52 [Burīchi 52]

Bleach Bur chi

  • Title: Bleach―ブリーチ― 52 [Burīchi 52]
  • Author: Tite Kubo
  • ISBN: 9784088702919
  • Page: 113
  • Format: Paperback
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      113 Tite Kubo
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      Published :2019-08-23T01:18:54+00:00

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    Training success! And the twists keep on coming with a shock reveal! Wow! Exciting stuff. Nostalgic thrills indeed 😁

    19 January 2013EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!(view spoiler)[Kisuke and Isshin(hide spoiler)]EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!(view spoiler)[RUKIA!! Is that an Assistant Captain's badge I see? Awesome! (hide spoiler)]EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!(view spoiler)[HWOAHHHHHHHH!!(hide spoiler)]That can only mean (view spoiler)[SOUL REAPER CAPTAINS ARE COMING!!! (hide spoiler)]Lots of intrigue and deception going on in Bleach, Volume 52: End of Bond. As I suspected, Tsukishima's powers have turned Ichigo's [...]

    2.5 stars.Wow, you could tell this was the volume that Tite Kubo had to start rushing the story. The direction it was going in did a 180.

    So much deception!!!After we left off with the battle of Ichigo and Kugo Ginjo, (whom Ichigo had wary trust with in the beginning), and Ichigo loses his eyesight, Orihime is contained as to not interfere and help Ichigo. Obtaining his complete Fullbring power, he sees Ginjo's spirit energy and attacks him that way, then makes a huge explosion from releasing the stored soul, which Ginjo contained.Side note: Ginjo quote: "Sorry, I was such a cheesy bad guy." *Me looking back and knowing he really [...]

    Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer. But, what if someone is only pretending to be a friend, in order to use you?------------------- Ichigo continues his training in the videogame-setting, but he can't see what is going on, so he is not completely sure of anything, anymore. If the guy standing before him is his "friend", then why did he do this to his eyes? Who can you trust in this world? And, where is Orihime? Unfortunately, for Ichigo, Orihime is trapped in box, per Ginjo's reque [...]

    This was the frustrating part of the whole Bleach series. Too many battle scenes distracting from the story telling because when Tite is involved in his storyline, it is really good. This volume represents the best the series can offer. This balances the action with the plot. Emotion comes singing out of the pages.Ginjo and Ichigo’s bloody battle has the desired effect: Ichigo completes his fullbring and it’s a really cool one. However, when he gets home, Ichigo confronts one of the more ter [...]

    Parts of this volume I had to read twice to understandbut boy, this was a tough one. The betrayals that Ichigo suffers in this volume felt read and my heart hurt for the majority of it. But then my heart leaped when we see Rukia! Here's the volume in a nutshell: while Ichigo fights Ginji blind, he sees the spiritual pressure. This means his Fullbring is complete and he just needs to build his physical strength. During this time, we find out what the phantom cuts on Orihime and Chad have done. An [...]

    Just in case Spoilers below (view spoiler)[I just finished reading Bleach Volume 52 and I was really disappointed. The previous issues in this story arc had been interesting and if not perfect they were entertaining in an introductory way. But this issue we find out that the “bad guy” has the exact same power as the main villain from the previous story line, in fact at the end of the issue I was expecting Ichigo to find out the bad guy really was Aizen. No really the same power or actually n [...]

    This one broke my heart while reading; it really did. Especially the last two pages where we get to see the extremely rare sight of Ichigo crying. Someone remind me if this has ever happened before; I can't seem to remember ever seeing this.The betrayals Ichigo goes through after finally achieving his fullbringis books literally is giving the message "keep your friends close and enemies closer". Ichigo has to fight friends in this book after their pasts were altered - and since all Ichigo's ever [...]

    Oh my god, why? Why do I keep reading this? (view spoiler)[ More training to bring out the 'Fullbring' which Ichigo loses by the end of the manga and no one even knows what it does! so what was the point of all of that anyway? The main bad guy turns out to be Genjo who has the SAME ABILITIES AS AIZEN. Talk about lame plotting not to mention, oh by the way, Rukia stabs Ichigo AGAIN so Ichigo is a Soul Reaper again.Tsukishima's ability of inserting himself into people's pasts was the only intere [...]

    Bleach was definitely very interesting to read and different to what I usually read. I enjoyed the whole soul reaper concept and how we find out more and more about the main character as the story goes on.It's a fast read and is easy to understand but gets progressively more difficult to follow parts of the story due to there being so many different characters that can be qualified as important in the progression of the story.I would recommend it for the story line and the graphics but I do feel [...]

    Ichigo struggles to master his Fullbring while Tsukishima infiltrates himself among Ichigo's friends and family. When Ichigo confronts the rogue Fullbringer, will he be able to do so without harming his closest allies?This is a really fun, though daunting, chapter to read. One of the most painful plots for me is the isolated-in-a-crowd where the protagonist is no longer believed to be the hero by the general public. Tite Kubo does a strong job in plotting out this arc, though it seems to be comi [...]

    Miért adtam ennek a kötetnek három csillagot? Talán azért, mert végre feltűnt egy shinigami. Vagyis Rukia.Komolyan, nevetséges ez az arc, nevetségesek a képességek és a karakterek is.És nevetséges Ichigo jelenlegi szintje. Amiket eddig művelt, ez ahhoz képest teljesen lealacsonyító. Egy ember nő oktatja ki a harcról, azok után, amilyen harcokban részt vett? No comment…Ja, és Ichi fullbring öltözéke is totál nevetséges. Ez volt az első gondolatom, amikor megláttam. [...]

    FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(view spoiler)[RUKIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! With shorter hair (KAWAII~) and THE FUKTAICHO BADGE OF JU-SAN BAN TAI! O.O RUKIA STABBING ICHIGO WITH A KATANA!!! *dreamy eye reflecting that distant scene when Rukia first stabbed Ichigo with a sword* (hide spoiler)]AND THEN GUESS WHO SHOWED UP?(view spoiler)[KUCHIKI BYAKUYA, ABARAI RENJI, HITSUGAYA TOSHIRO, ZARAKI KENPACHI, AND MADAROME IKKAKU!!! (hide spoiler)]Told you good things happen when Ichigo can "see" again. XD

    This was quite turn of events!!! for the first time we saw him we had doubt but he kept pushing in the right direction the whole time but boom it was all a scam!!!And it was a disturbing ability coming out from the complete hypnoses of Aizen and now the altering of people history!!! I didn't like seeing Ichigo at that condition we went through a lot and not once we reached that moment of despair :/ :/ :/ And Boom again he got his Shingami powers back with the help of <3 of Rukia :)

    To me, i think i liked the series better before when Ichigo had his soul reaper powers and had to defeat Aizen. With the Captains and the soul reapers, it made it more action pacted, funny, and awesome compared to now. But i still love the series now and i know it'll go back to how it was!!!!!!! Ichigo will get his powers back i just know it!!!!!! :D

    The training of Ichigo continues in small spaces and this time in a computer game and the use of pixels is a nice touch because it looks like a 1990s Gameboy which is um current. Anyway Tsukishima has 'attacked' Ichigo's sisters and as a consequence isn't sure who is on his side. Meanwhile hat-and-clogs and Ichigo's old man are up to something

    Okay, NOW we're getting somewhere. The new story arc just got really interesting with a nice twist regarding the bad guy, plus (view spoiler)[the unexpected arrival of Rukia at the very end, OMG! Perhaps that means ever MOAR soul reapers in the next volume! YAY. (hide spoiler)]

    This is an amazing series, better than the anime. The end was quite moving, I'm looking forward to reading the next volume. Oh, and don't start here. That would be silly.

    Xcutions true colors are finally revealed. Ichigo's finished fullbring was a bit of a let down, it is not as cool as his past bankai. I love the return of Rukia, Renji and the other soul reapers.

    I would have rated this 4 stars for the action and build-up into creepy with Ichigo, but the last few pages made it into a 5. I can't wait to see what happens next!

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