The Driver's Guide to Hitting Pedestrians

The Driver's Guide to Hitting Pedestrians

The Driver s Guide to Hitting Pedestrians A pocket guide to the twenty three most painful things in life written by the most well adjusted man in the universe Does it make you sad to be alive Boo hoo You re living all wrong My name is Anders

  • Title: The Driver's Guide to Hitting Pedestrians
  • Author: Andersen Prunty
  • ISBN: 9781936383795
  • Page: 421
  • Format: Paperback
  • A pocket guide to the twenty three most painful things in life, written by the most well adjusted man in the universe Does it make you sad to be alive Boo hoo You re living all wrong My name is Andersen Prunty I am happiest while napping I am a man with tennis shoes They get older every time I put them on This is how I deal with the pain of being alive Now is ourA pocket guide to the twenty three most painful things in life, written by the most well adjusted man in the universe Does it make you sad to be alive Boo hoo You re living all wrong My name is Andersen Prunty I am happiest while napping I am a man with tennis shoes They get older every time I put them on This is how I deal with the pain of being alive Now is our chance to deal with our pain together You ll thank me later Love and euphoria, Andersen

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    Why?????Why did I even read this?Okay, so that cover, and the title had me from the beginning. Probably so much that I ignored the bizarro fiction shelf. And these stories were pretty bizarre and disturbing. I am still trying to comprehend what I've read.There were two though.The Balloonman's Secret was kind of adorable, falling more into the magical realism/fantasy genre. Bob, the Balloonman has a thriving balloonstore, the go-to store when you needed ballons, whether for a wedding, a birthday [...]

    The Driver's Guide to Hitting Pedestrians is a collection of short stories by Andersen Prunty.Andersen Prunty is swiftly becoming one of my favorite authors due to his versatility, something that is nicely illustrated in this short story collection. The stories contained within are absurd, hilarious, disturbing, thought-provoking, or a combination thereof.There are twenty-three short stories in this collection and they're all very different. You get the tale of a driver in a gruesome game where [...]

    *sorry, didn't mean to write a damn essay*In an interview he did near the end of his life--and I’m paraphrasing here--Jorges Luis Borges said the task of the artist is to transform stimuli from the external world into symbols, into things that “last can last in man’s memory.” The emphasis in this idea is not mimesis but rather transformation—i.e. the creation of something that, though it refers back symbolically to the raw materials from which it was constructed, is itself something en [...]

    A random collection of lock and load short stories by Andersen Prunty, extremely short stories, with the longest being 13 pages long and the shortest being 1-2. It was a trip a true bizarro trip. I think I expected more from Prunty though. I loved 'Zerostrata,' and 'My Fake War' was great, but this collection of short stories left something to be desired, it almost felt like a tease. At times some of the stories were disturbing, bizarre, and a couple were pretty darn funny. Hitting Pedestrians i [...]

    Instead of explaining this collection with a series of words (surreal, funny, bleak, odd, etc.) I have decided to just go for broke and talk about each story, because I have never done that before, and today is a new day, with a new sun, and I ate a french dip while reading this book.1. "The Driver's Guide to Hitting Pedestrians": this story explains the rules of a new sort of "game" in which drivers earn points by hitting pedestrians. He who hits the most peds, gets a cash prize. This story was [...]

    I've read some of Prunty's collections of horror stories and I enjoyed those I didn't enjoy this at all. I liked the general concept of a few of the stories, but that's it. I reached the end of most of the stories just wondering why they had even been written down. I felt like he had some strange dreams, wrote them down and published it. This book seems to have quite a few good, even great, reviews so there is an audience for this, but I'm missing whatever it is that those people liked so much a [...]

    I first discovered Andersen Prunty a few years ago at a convention where I picked up a copy of his novel Zerostrata. I was blown away by his prose style, his handling of the material, but most of all by his sublime understanding of dream logic. I became an immediate fan.In this wonderful collection, The Driver’s Guide to Hitting Pedestrians, Prunty’s surreal narratives weave in and out of logic without ever feeling forced. That’s the gift Prunty provides us: His dream logic doesn’t ever [...]

    My favorite stories in this bizarro compilation by Andersen Prunty were The Driver's Guide to Hitting Pedestrians, Lost, and The Cover-Up. Nice work Prunty!

    Andersen Prunty's The Driver's Guide to Hitting Pedestrians has to be one of the finest single-author collections of bizarro out there.The cover and Prunty's hilarious description sold me on the book right away. Then I read it and that was good too. I make smart decisions.Anwyay, the title story is a wonderful bit of macabre about a contest to see who can injure the most pedestrians. The contest comes complete with an oddball set of rules and a desperate, deranged cast of characters. This story [...]

    Prunty (a man who is happiest while napping in his tennis shoes) deilvers this collection of Bizarro short stories that range from the TRULY bizarre to the truly hysterical (and usually a combo of the two).Among the more memorable are the epic title story, a sort-of take on DEATH RACE 2000 featuring an odd guy who spends most of his life in his van; 'Architecture' deals with a man who decides to build something truly different; 'Napper" is one of the funniest pieces here as Prunty shows off his [...]

    There's a four door canoe floating down the river. One of its doors falls off. How many squirrels does it take to split a log cabin?If that interragatory makes a lick of sense to you, so will Anderson Prunty's DRIVER'S GUIDE TO HITTING PEDESTRIANS. This is a collection of transgressive flash fiction that, to this reviewer, makes little sense. There are glimmers of hope to those slightly less avant garde. By and large expect to be confused by the material that lies within.This kind of crazy needs [...]

    There's a restaurant that just opened up close by my home. Their philosophy is to give the customers something wonderful/delicious but small and it will keep the customers wanting more. This book made me feel this way. Mr. Prunty has one hell of an imagination and I wish that these stories could have been longer/fleshed out more.

    I probably liked the title story the most but I also loved each of the other thoughts that Prunty had written in this quick jaunt. Though, I am at odds, my brain is seeing these weird situations almost pan out. It is like I've dropped acid, but I've never done them before. This book is the region of my brain that never gets let out to exercise, it only gets weirder between the brief glimpses of sunshine through the crack in the closet door. I recommend this title to anyone that would like to exp [...]

    StunningI really didn't know what to expect going in. I mean, I've read bizarre fiction before and it was like this. This was different, though. I find the interlacing of the strange and the emotional to be something of an anomaly in the bizzarro community, and in this book, Prunty manages to get to you. It's not there usual confrontation, though, that one might expect from literature, no. It's roundabout. It hits you from behind or it hits you in your sleep. I was moved. I was also disturbed. T [...]

    I thoroughly enjoyed the title story. As well as the last one and the story about the balloon man. This collection certainly has its gems, which alone make it worth reading. But overall, this book fell short for me. I had high expectations going in, being a g=huge fan of Prunty's other works, but this one just didn't have the same affect. I don't know how to explain it (clearly). But overall, I wanted more from this collection. Still recommended, but not nearly as good as this author's other wor [...]

    A bunch of weird, aimless storiesIt’s a bunch of weird stories. If you like weird stories, you’ll probably like this. If you don’t like weird stories and prefer your stories to have some kind of point, meaning, character development, or overall direction other than being weird, you might not like this.Not for me.

    The movie ends at the Grand Canyon, the guys dousing the old woman in semen before throwing her over the edge. I think it's a comedy.

    This was my first hilarious adventure into the genre of "bizarro" literature! Andersen Prunty's "The Driver's Guide to Hitting Pedestrians" is a collection of short stories about different pain one encounters in life. Some stories I could pick out hidden meanings, others I just laughed and enjoyed the crazy storylines and insane words. Included are stories too bizarre to explain in detail. For a little glimpse, I will say included is a story about a man who has a chainsaw for a mouth, a girl who [...]

    I am on a roll. I am beginning to think that when runs a "sale" on a kindle book - its a signal that the book is not good. I was intriqued by the title of this book of short stories and read enough favorable reviews to pull the trigger and buy this. The best I can say about it - is that it is short. While reading this, I realized how elementary school teachers must feel grading a stack of horribly bad short stories you could tell were written in 15 minutes or less. At least the teacher didn't h [...]

    The Drivers Guide, Chainsaw Mouth, Dog in Orbit and Princess Electricity. are just a few of the pains of life mentioned in this short story pocket guide.I have read a good amount of Prunty's work and have to say this is far from is best work. To name some if is best IMO. The Sorrow King, Morning is Dead. Some stories start out good, but dies out.My favorites: Title Story, Princess Electricity, Teething and Dog in Orbit.

    This was a collection of short stories. Very strange short stories. I loved the worlds that Andersen builds. The short story from which the book gets it's title, Driver's guide to hitting pedestrians was really great. Another story is about a man's teeth leaving his mouth. This was a funny quick book. You never know what to expect from the next story. If your looking for a collection of bizarre, yet fun stories, I'd say give this book a try.

    Title story is written well-enough, but mostly this collection is rather scattered- "oneiric," if I were inclined to be generous. Either way, it's a quick read, and a lot of the stories are reasonably interesting conceptually- just not particularly compelling. YMMV, if you're into dark & disjointed.It does, however, have enough bright spots that other writers should consider it for a browse.

    Overall this book was pretty decent. The short stories kept me reading the book. Some of the stories were better than others. The only reason I gave this book 3 stars was for the few stories I didn't really care for. His writing style reminded me a bit of a scatterbrained 12 year old. I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a little absurdity in their lives.

    An anthology of short stories is usually a pretty safe bet for me; there is a good chance at least one story will be good and make it worth the read. This book seems to be the exception. The stories were short, original, and perfectly forgettable. The title to this book was the best part of the book.

    A very odd collection of stories Some made no sense to me, others were a little weak, but when Prunty gets it right, he gets it right in the most hilariously wrong way. The first and main story was awesome. I really enjoyed it. So much so in fact that I would have loved for it to go on much longer, but brief as it was, it was utterly delicious.

    If Shel Silverstein wrote short, very short, stories for adults this is what they would look like. While I found this collection interesting and thought provoking by the end I was happy to be done with the book. The style is continuous and there's not a single breath of fresh air. Due to this the pieces eventually turn from obscure and intriguing to drab and monotone.

    This book was the literary equivalent of Roger Corman Grindhouse style movie. At times funny and very odd. Even over the top.However, if you do not have a warped spot in your brain this will not be for you.The images and pacing make this material better as an anime.

    Maybe I don't get itIt read like gibberish to me, perhaps I am missing some underlying meanings. Was quick to read and a little satirical, which I enjoy, but very hard to understand the point to most of the stories.

    I so wanted to like this more The first story was Hilarious! Then it was like a never-ending night of weird dream snippets after a bottle of Jagermeister & Red Bull. But I WILL NOT give hope on Mr. Prunty's ability. I will read more of his work.

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