フラワーコミックス [Black Bird, Vol. 13]

フラワーコミックス [Black Bird, Vol. 13]

Black Bird Vol

  • Title: フラワーコミックス [Black Bird, Vol. 13]
  • Author: Kanoko Sakurakouji
  • ISBN: 9784091337894
  • Page: 340
  • Format: Paperback
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      340 Kanoko Sakurakouji
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      Posted by:Kanoko Sakurakouji
      Published :2019-06-07T14:23:33+00:00

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    Reseña completa---bit/2CaAW0g El tomo anterior fue bastante revelador en cuanto a los 8 Grandes, especialmente con Hoki y Zenki, pero en este tomo veremos las razones de porque Hoki le tiene tantísimo cariño a Kyo, y una vez que nos alejamos de los 8 grandes vamos a ver un encuentro entre Misao y Sho que será cardíaco, este tomo tiene muchísimas emociones y fangirleo. Vamos por partes, que me emociono y luego ni yo me entiendo, en el tomo anterior nos quedamos con la aldea Tengu en constan [...]

    20 February 2013I think it's time for this series to wrap up and call it quits. Black Bird, Vol. 13 is a frustrating hot mess of pathetic characters whom I so badly want to konk their heads against the wall. I have hit my limit with Misao and cannot tolerate this dimwit any longer. If not for the Daitengu, I would probably stop reading this series.The betrayal of the last volume is resolved in the most anti-climatic, convenient way. (view spoiler)[It was ludicrous that Kyo magically appeared to [...]

    Hmmmmt to sure about this installment. The climax from volume 12 was EASILY solved and tied up in a pretty bow on the first page. And then the rest of the installment was mostly just Misao's angst and the same worries she always has. Why can no one understand that Kyo wants them around he likes and trusts them?? Why does everyone think they must be of use to Kyo otherwise they should be dead??? I mean seriously that's pretty effed up. Also the cliffhanger to the end of this installment was kinda [...]

    A really emotional story throughout this entire volume. And when I thought that cliffhanger couldn't get any worse - I was wrong.

    This review will be the same for all of them-- excluding book seventeen and eighteen-- as I'm going to briefly review books 1-16I've wanted to read this manga for quite some time, and once I started reading it like a few weeks ago. I couldn't stop. Despite what anyone says, I love this manga. I love the artwork. I love the main character's romance. I love the plot line. And I love all of the characters that make up this manga. There's a lot of people who've said that Hime-sama, the main characte [...]

    ~4/5This one was really good, you guys. It's reaching (reached?) the climax of their problem, and it was really good and exciting and I want the next one.The volume starts with a nice n' heavy make out scene between Misao and Kyo, in which she is thinking about what Sho is doing, and so he distracts her (I can't help myself: I just love the hot scenes between them). Then we see Hoki and Sho fighting, where Sho is mostly just playing tricks on Hoki. Kyo saves Hoki, and they make up. Then we see Z [...]

    I adore this series!!!! Love it so much!! the story is getting so exciting and interesting!!So, since Hoki was trying to get on Sho's side to help Kyo, Sho figured it out and tried to convince Hoki that he was just like him. But before Sho even killed Hoki, he just left and Kyo found Hoki and said that if he wanted to help him, he just needed to be by his side - nothing else. So Zenki woke up and yelled at Hoki that he betrayed them and he was angry - understandably i guess - but still, poor Hok [...]

    I want more scenes of Misao interacting with Hoki, as soon as Kyo pointed out their similarities I was intrigued. They do share that fear of not being useful! And I don't think they're unjustified either, with Misao in particular, every representative of the demon world she's ever met has been after her because of her senka maiden status. Kyo only ever met her in the first place because of his clan's ethically sketchy plan to child groom Misao into marrying Kyo or Sho.This volume just really hig [...]

    I can’t tell if things are winding down with this series or if it’s just moving toward a new conflict. I have two more volumes to read of what has already been released, and I know another volume is coming out soon or has come out recently. I guess I’ll just keep reading and see. It’s nice to know I’m catching up though. In the previous volume, Hoki was on his way to challenge Sho after he tried to take down the Daitengu. Of course, that’s basically a suicide mission so Kyo is pitchi [...]

    What is with this trend nowadays of manga series that cannot wrap up gracefully?! Do they all have to spiral down into an unrecognizable mess?There were so many eyeroll-worthy, ridiculously convenient occurances in this volume that I wanted to throw it across the room. Every last twist of intrigue and potential interest raised in the previous installment was hand-waved away with absolutely no consequence. People literally appeared out of thin air to save other people just in the nick of time rea [...]

    'Misao is the bride of prophecy whose blood gives power to the demon who claims her. But most demons want to keep her power for themselves - by eating her! Now Misao is just trying to stay alive'In this volume, the storyline with Hoki came to a close and the storyline with Sho continued. Oh, Sho, you break my heart.For some reason, it didn't feel as though very much happened in this volume, even though there was quite a bit of action. I don't know. The plot didn't move along as much as it could [...]

    ♥ ♥ ♥ HOKI!!! ♥ ♥ ♥Wow things are getting so intense!! I am gobbling up this series! I've been trying to read Claymore alongside this but when I finish a volume, I immediately start the next one, pushing Claymore to the side. I better just pick up the 5th volume of Claymore and force myself to read it otherwise it'll have to wait until I finish volume 16 of this series!Man, poor Sho! I love when the bad guys get humanized and you're forced to pity them and feel sorry for them. That i [...]

    Hoki returns from Sho's side, mortally wounded by him, and tells Kyo and the Eight Daitengu of what he has learned while playing as Sho's aide.One very important detail is that it seems Sho's health is waning and that he may have a fatal flaw that will make him easy to defeat when planned in accordance to one of Sho's attacks.But a monkey wrench has been thrown in their plans when Misao is suddenly trapped inside the shield that Sho had built with no one else with her but Sho himself.However, it [...]

    For some reason this series is losing it's charm I was SO bored reading this volume. Misao is just driving me insane with all her weakness and I-want-to-be-an-angel act. You love Kyo, let it rest at that. I hoped that when Kyo and Misao finally did it something suspenseful and strong would happen but the series is dragging! I think it's time for the author to wrap it up!

    The flow of Sho and Kyo and their relationship is very intriguing. I love how the Japanese love to explore this idea of two people being on opposing sides while wanting the same things and having the same purpose. I don't always agree with Misao's choices but I feel like she does what she can to be true to her history with these two men. I'm a little puzzled why this is the direction of the story but its not necessarily a bad direction eitherTTOM LINE: Sho is the villain and an ally.

    Misao is so stupid sometimes. I understand wanting everything to work out good and everyone getting along, but life isn't like that. She is incredibly naive and puts the entire clan in danger because of it. And in this volume, she make a big mistake- quite the betrayal.We finally end with the battle between Sho and Kyo- and what a cliffhanger!

    Series Review: This series doesn't look like much in the beginning but trust me it soon shows it's true potential. This manga is gripping and thrilling while never losing its romantic side. As always manga is rated for a reason and this is really for older teens and up due to some semi graphic content, however I really recommend giving this manga a try!

    That's That was Who was I don't But she But No Kanoko wouldn't do that to me This is all some sick joke right?I really hope (view spoiler)[ it was her own arm (hide spoiler)] Does that make me morbid or just overly-attached and invested in these books and these characters and this world? ._. *hyperventilates*

    I don't want to like this series anymore. I'm getting tired of seeing different versions of the same story line play out over and over again. That said, I'm still so invested in the series that I can't stop, at least not yet. I want to know what happens!

    The tension between the tengu brothers is reaching its height, and Misao is caught in the crossfire. What will become of the Senka Maiden? Now I'm really anticipating the next volume to see the outcome of Kyo's and Sho's brawl.

    After reading this series any girl might wish she is a senka maiden and a demon might come her way and sweep her from this world Amazing Demon & Human Love Story

    i like kyo's daitengu. we are finally getting to see their personalities. misoa was starting to really bug me and she is barely in this one and when she is she is actually likable.

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