To Catch a Prince: To Catch a Prince & The Frog Prince

To Catch a Prince: To Catch a Prince & The Frog Prince

To Catch a Prince To Catch a Prince The Frog Prince Two books in one Stepsisters and best friends Helene Masterson and Alexis Worth could not be different One is preppy one is punky it s a wonder they get along at all But they do agree on something ho

  • Title: To Catch a Prince: To Catch a Prince & The Frog Prince
  • Author: Gillian McKnight
  • ISBN: 9781442431393
  • Page: 197
  • Format: Paperback
  • Two books in one.Stepsisters and best friends Helene Masterson and Alexis Worth could not be different One is preppy, one is punky it s a wonder they get along at all But they do agree on something how much they love royalty When they get the chance to travel to exotic locations like London and Paris, where actual princes live, they know this is their only shot tTwo books in one.Stepsisters and best friends Helene Masterson and Alexis Worth could not be different One is preppy, one is punky it s a wonder they get along at all But they do agree on something how much they love royalty When they get the chance to travel to exotic locations like London and Paris, where actual princes live, they know this is their only shot to become royalty themselves Too bad other, non prince boys keep popping up and trying to ruin everything Will Helene and Alexis give up their tiara wearing dreams for their new ridiculously cute reality Or is it really possible to catch that prince The race is on in this bind up edition of two novels by McKnight To Catch a Prince and The Frog Prince.

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    Super cute teen romance about 2 stepsisters/best friends who spend a summer in London & Then Paris where they have amazing internships & adventures. Not very real life adventures & the teen girls are perfect looking with perfect lives but it made for a fun weekend read

    This book was written for a teen just trying to pass the time without being COMPLETELY bored out of their mind. It wasn't amazing writing, nor was it a very original plot line, but it had just enough of a cliche touch to it to interest me into buying it, that and the fact that it had two books in one (score!). It wasn't awful to read like some school books, but it wasn't a page turner. Only took me a few days to finish because of its huge font and lack of need of thought while reading. If i hadn [...]

    I really enjoyed this book??/ Even though it was so stupid that they would ever think they call fall in love with Prince William and have them fall in love with the children like ok maybe if it was another world and prince william wasn't like 30 and them being 15 lol But their own boys they eventually fall forat was cute.

    I really liked this book. This book was about two stepsisters that are best friends and complete opposites one is preppy and one is punk. But no matter how different they may be they are always there for each other. Theses sisters have some the richest parents in the country and are off to London with their aunt for a little vacation. But what Alexis the preppy sided sister doesn't know is that her sister has a huge crush on prince William. When she finds out though she decides to put her sister [...]

    I am led to believe that these are Gillian McKnight’s first books and I applaud her for it. Completing a book and getting it published is not an easy task.I grew up closer to the “poor” side than the “rich” side of things so this book wasn’t super relatable for me. I couldn’t believe that Alexis could go out and in one afternoon come back with an internship from Vogue. Nor could I comprehend spending lavish amounts of money on nothing at all. The girls decided to fly to Malta to se [...]

    Review posted on Alexa Loves BooksTo Catch a Prince was just as light, fluffy and pleasant a read as I expected it to be - and sometimes, that's the kind of book I really enjoy. Though it was quite an easy read (I finished it in under four hours), I thought that Gillian McKnight did a lovely job enticing me into reading about these two best friends/stepsisters and their adventures over the span of two summers.What drew me into the story was not the plot (although that was pretty fun, especially [...]

    I really liked these books. The plots were interesting and kept me reading and the personalities of the characters were really described really good. This book consisted of two stories. To catch a Prince and The Frog Prince.To catch a Prince- This story is about stepsisters and best friends Alexis Worth and Helene Masterson and its their summer vacation and their going to London. Helene the punky and smart one has a summer internship at a art museum. On the plane ride she admits to Alexis the pr [...]

    First off, this book was way below my reading level. I would say it is really amusing for the pre-teens and early teens. It has that Disney movie vibe of cheesiness, yet still enjoyable. The plot was good enough, I suppose, though I wish there was something less predictable. I read both the books in the series as this book in particular is both of them combined. The adventures Helene and Alexis experience is cute and their relationship is interesting. What I didn't like was their shallowness. Pe [...]

    My mom actually read this book before me and liked it. But when I read it, I had a lot of mixed emotions. The characters were extremely unlikeable. They were too spoiled, too ungrateful and too catty to really like and understand. The book synopsis also pleaded their unbreakable friendship. But in these TWO books, they were probably only friends for 7 chapters collectively. Great friendship, huh?While the premise was fun, I couldn't get into it that much. My favorite characters were probably Sim [...]

    The book "To Catch a Prince" was one of my favorite books that i have read this year! In some parts of this book I think girls (and maybe guys) could possibly connect with the characters and with what is happening to them. The drama of girls, the respectability of having a job, and the importance of relationships of all kinds are some of the things that this book has to offer the youth. My favorite part of the book would have to be when Helen and her sister Alexis realize that Price William is n [...]

    Read this book if you want to pass time and just want to giggle and go 'Aw!' I don't usually go for books with cringey covers but I was bored out of my mind! I picked it up at the library without any second thoughts and read it.I couldn't put it down, to be honest. I HAD to know what happened to the sisters and whether they actually got Prince William (?!) While it isn't an excellent book, I'd recommend it for some light-hearted read. Though if you're completely devoted to the royal family, I do [...]

    This was a really good book! It's about two step-sisters/best friends, Helene Masterson and Alexis Worth. The book takes you through two of their summers. The first in London, England and the second in Paris, France. Alexis and Helene are total opposites. Alexis is very girly, preppy, and glamourous. Helene is artsy, funny, and has a style of her own. They may be opposites, but they couldn't live without each other. During theses girls' summer they have wonderful summer internships, stay in nice [...]

    Basically what you would expect for a young adult novel about two girls trying to track down a prince they don't even know. The version I read was actually two books in one. In the first book, I found it hard to distinguish the two characters due to the writing style, enen though the girls were supposed to be complete opposites. The second book, entitled The Frog Prince, moved along a little better and was more enjoyable than the first.

    I was recommended this book and reading the blurb I was shocked that the author clearly does not know basic history. Paris, where actual princes live which i would expect people to know is wrong. The French do not have a royal family so they cannot have Princes. Has no one ever heard of the French Revolution, you know, where they went around chopping off people's heads. At least Britain does have a royal family with a number of princes but seriously, France?

    From the very beginning, I thought that this book was pretty cheesy. Though, it did have it's moments where it was cute and I actually liked it, but all around, I thought that it was an alright book. There wasn't anything too spectacular about it and nothing that really jumped out at me as amazing.

    To Catch a Prince is a charming story about two sisters that take a trip to England. I love how this story shows that you shouldn't let anything get in the way of family. This story also makes me wish I had a sister to have all kinds of adventures with. It's a bit cliche but I loved it.Project: Puzzle Book

    soo i thought that Gillian McKnight painted Prince William to be a sex fiendd made Helene and Alexis very materialistic. i don't think this book is worth the moneyt it from your local library instead.

    Aimed at 13-15 year old girls, this romance is now dated. (It gives a very negative portrait of pre-marriage Prince William.) It includes a bit of language and a lot of focus on sexual behaviors (though done without explicitness). The plot and characters seem superficial and a bit stereotyped.

    Bleh. To be honest, this book is really implausible. Sixteen-year-olds are not going to walk into the offices of British Vogue and score an internship. Sorry. I'm sure I would have enjoyed this novel more if I were fourteen.

    *not a review*Not exactly the read I was hoping for but still fun. It's cliché and unbelievable. It's cheesy and sometimes you may not like the characters, but ultimately it's a fun read worth checking out if you ever want a light read. Very entertaining.

    Eh. It was entertaining but I don't think it was anything special.Kind of outdated with the girls chasing Prince William and all

    I think the first book was amazing i am on the second book it a two in one book it is a romatic teenage love story for hopeless romantics like me heheheh

    It's actually 2 books in one which I didn't entirely expect. But loved both stories! It's funny. It's adorable! I'll probably go back and read it again. :D

    overal very good two books personally i like the first one better light fun read for the hopeless romantic in all of us

    A cute book for preteens. I love the two main characters. Complete opposites but they found some way to be BFFs.

    This was a cute little light read with a sweet young romance but there's not much else I can say to add to that,

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